The following is an excerpt from Durga Ji's satsang at the Shower of Grace Festival in Malibu, June 10, 1978.
(Reprinted from Divine Times, August 1978)

We sing the song, "Teach Me Devotion."And Maharaj Ji said, "You know why I like that song? Because that's exactly what I want to say to my Guru Maharaj Ji." It's so incredible. Because it's not like, "That's what I want premies to sing to me," It's just like, "That's what I feel for my Guru Maharaj Ji." And when Maharaj Ji gives a little satsang about Shri Maharaj Ji, I can just barely begin to feel that devotion that he has for Guru Maharaj Ji, because it's limitless, it's endless. It's boundless.

Sometimes feel a little devotion for Guru Maharaj Ji, and even though I feel the most beautiful feeling could ever feel, also feel at the same time that's it's so small, it's just, just so small. And yet, to me its the most precious thing I've ever felt in my life - ever. Or that ever could feel. That devotion that be has given me, that he allows me to feel, is just beyond anything. And yet, at the same time I know it's so small. But know by his Grace that that's the right track, that's the experience that be wants us to have, and its so possible to go deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper. It cannot end, You cannot draw a bottom to it.

Sometimes maybe we feel like, "Oh, Maharaj Ji, my devotion is so shallow." But when we are experiencing devotion, real true devotion for Guru Maharaj Ji, isn't it the most amazing, beautiful, graceful, wonderful, divine experience that we could ever feel? And yet, we know that its just: "Please, Guru Maharaj Ji, help me have that devotion for you."

The other night at Navlata's birthday, Maharaj Ji and I were just having a little satsang. And you know, I can never repeat, I can never begin to try and convey the way that Maharaj Ji expresses himself when be speaks of Shri Maharaj Ji. I can't even imagine what that experience must be like, because he is Guru Maharaj Ji, and he knows what his Guru Maharaj Ji is. He knows what his Guru Maharaj Ji has really given him, and is to him. And be wants us to have that same experience. That's all Guru Maharaj Ji wants. Because he knows that it's for us, not for him. Of course, he wants devotion. But, why? Because it's for us, When the experience devotion, we experience everything.

And he was just saying: What I would give to be able to touch his Lotus Feet one more time!

It's like, wow! Here we are, and here Maharaj Ji is. We have him here now. And I don't want to get heavy, but sometimes I feel like it's so serious; it really is. Its so beautiful; it's so light; it's so fantastic; it's so wonderful; its so blissful. And yet, at the same time, we can't just get carried away and go, "Oh, Maharaj Ji is going to take care of everything. I can just space out a little. Yeah, I feel devotion, l feel love for Guru Maharaj Ji. But I want to do this, and I want to do that. I'll still go to satsang. I'll still do service and meditation, but, oh yeah, my life … " We have to see the real depth to this life, to Guru Maharaj Ji, and why he has given us Knowledge.

Maharaj Ji said: For me, what's Knowledge? For me, what is Knowledge? Guru Maharaj Ji is everything, Guru Maharaj Ji is everything!