The Season Of Love
The Season Of Love

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on May 1, 1977.

Dear premies, as you well remember, the first night we talked about Love. We talked about something that was maybe couldn't prove it, couldn't see it, but just could feel it. And I think all of us experienced that, what we were talking about, yesterday. And that's the same thing that's happening here. We are all sitting here, but there's a lot going on inside of us. And that lot that is going inside of us, that's going on, it's true and it's sincere.

Because, in this lifetime, man has many opportunities to do many, many different things. Man has time. Man has his life. A person can do anything that he wants. And you know, that reminds me, I don't want to just sit here and talk about how crazy this world is. But it just seems much more logical to talk about something that is really much more better, much more truthful, much more sincere, and that we are all experiencing.

And that same thing we never ever want that to die. We never ever want that to diminish. We never want that love, that bond, that is established between Guru Maharaj Ji and devotee, to ever, even slightest, take a dip. Never. We want it to stay as tight and as close and as strong as that bond can be. Because, like I was saying, there's so many things a person can do. And he has so many opportunities. But what is the thing, maybe not in vogue, but at least, what is the thing that makes some sense?

And you see, once Ram was very pleased with Hanuman, and so he asked him, said, "Ask me anything that you want. Anything that you like. If you want liberation, I'll give you liberation. Anything you want. You want this whole world, and I'll make you a ruler of the whole world. Anything you want. Ask for it."

And, you know, it's just very sincerely I can see, that people would start to blutter, start to say, "Oh, my God! What is this? This is too, too good to be true! Am I awake? Am I sleeping? I know, I know, I just can't remember it. I dearly want it." But when that occasion arrived for Hanuman, he didn't say, "Yeah, man, I'd like a nice, fancy 747. I'm sick and tired of flying all by myself." Or he didn't say, "You know, just give me a power so that I can do anything in my life. I can do anything, ever, I wanted to."

He humbly asks, not even for liberation. How many people do how many different things in this world to get liberated? And, I mean, there's just many, many different ways that people put it. But it's like, Hanuman asked one simple thing: He said, "I don't want liberation. Because I don't want to be the angel with a halo and plays harp all the rest of its life. I don't want to be, ever. Physically, in this body, there is an experience that I have had with You, serving You, being with You, seeing You, experiencing You, and that is devotion. I don't want liberation, because there is no devotion there." This is, this is mere liberation! You get liberated! You get liberated from the reincarnation or coming and going, you know, into this world, you just plain old flat get liberated. And a lot of people to them that's the highest achievement, the highest goal of the life. But not to Hanuman. He very humbly asked, "All I want is devotion."

Now premies, it sounds very stupid. What is devotion? It sounds very strange that a person would desire all that instead of to desire, "Oh, I want to do this or I want to do that," you know? And this is the same case with me, (and I've been explaining that to you) that in my life, when I received Knowledge, it was like there were two ways to go. And one was to do everything by myself. Make my own effort, try to make my own effort. There was Knowledge right there, and there was my life, there was Knowledge, and I could have made so much effort on my own. And many, very many different efforts I would have to make.

But I decided one thing. Because I explained in Holi festival, that to me, when I received Knowledge, it was like, "Okay. This is the most ultimate thing in your life. This is what you have been wanting. This is what Guru Maharaj Ji, this is what Shri Maharaj Ji has been telling you that, once we have this Knowledge, that we can achieve that highest state. We can achieve that satisfaction of mind. We can achieve whatever we want to achieve in our lifetime. And this is it, man. You're getting it now." And so when finally I did get Knowledge, it was beautiful.

But then, that's half the part of it, of course. There was more to it than just receiving Knowledge. It was practicing Knowledge. And like Mahatma Gurucharnanand Ji once put it, he said it's easy to just jump off a cliff; to cut off you head, than to make that life really in such a parallel so that Knowledge, so that satsang, service, and meditation, becomes every second a part of you. It's hard. It's harder to do that. It's hard to keep that mind away. And it's easy to just completely space out.

And so, to me, that's where the trouble came. Of course before, if you didn't have Knowledge, then it's like: well, if you don't have a car, you don't have to bother about insurance for it. If you don't have a car, you don't have to bother about having a flat. But when you have a car, then that's one thing more you've got to bother about, right? But in our life, we always search and search. And we know that there is something out there that we want very badly. What is it? It's a good question. Where are we going to get it? Yeah, that's a good question. And once we get it, what are we going to do with it? That's the best of the questions.


But, you receive a Knowledge, you receive an inner experience. Beautiful. Completely splendid. But then it becomes so obvious after receiving Knowledge - that's what became to me (and I'm not saying that's what it should be with you), I'm just quoting you my own experience, is that, look: This is not a child's game. This is not a thing that you can just say, "Look, I am going to do it, so I am going to do it!" And start getting into it and be in your head all the time, and try to accomplish

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji and his wife Marolyn aka the Goddess Durga Ji

the goal of your own life.

Well then, more and more obvious it became that my goal, in this life, the purpose of receiving Knowledge, of making the Knowledge work for me, of making the Knowledge practical for me, of becoming a part of this Knowledge, it was all just one thing. And that one thing was to truly surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. Period. Truly surrender to Guru Maharaj Ji. Not by just saying to ourselves: "Surrender."

Because surrender doesn't happen that way. Surrender is an experience, It is not something that you just - all of a sudden when you surrender, a little idiot light comes on and says, "Surrendered. Locked." Like you have an airplane gears. When the landing gear is coming down, it makes all this noise and a red light comes on. And then when it's all the way down, and it's in locked position, the green light goes on and says, "Landing gear down and locked."

That doesn't happen. When we surrender - you have to understand - what is the meaning of surrender? And the meaning of surrender is to give yourself. Okay? I mean, that's just the way we would associate: "Well, completely give yourself to Guru Maharaj Ji. Become one." But one of the questions we have to ask ourselves is that: who do we belong to, to be able to give and take, to have a transaction?

I mean, it's just like when a person goes out in the street, and sells an object to which he has no proof that it belongs to him, he's called a thief. He just sells something that just doesn't belong to him. So first of all, to even find that much out, we have to find out, well, who are we?

Today there is such an association with "us", "we", "I am". You look at it and it sounds like maybe it's not that much of a problem. I mean, it becomes a part of our lives. But if you just sit down for a second and break it up into little pieces: "I"; a very individual association. "For me." You know? And then, what follows it? Tons and tons and tons of unwanted ego. Tons and tons and tons of jealousy. Tons and tons and tons of - of whatever have you - that craziness. In that individuality.

But it's just not the matter that we get up in the morning and say, "Well, where's my toothbrush?" That's just one part of it. But do we realize how complicated it gets down the line? Of course there is hardly any example you can give; "Well, this is my microphone." That's simple and easy, and that's okay to say maybe. "That's my suit." Or, "that's my car." But what is involved in that "my," and that "I"? Have we ever thought about it?

Just a mere association of "I" is fine, because that's what the English language says: When you talk about yourself, you use the word, "I", "me". Somebody else, "You," "them". And so it's like, that's it, you know?

And our problems, most of the problems that we face in our life are our mind - that vacuum - are right under us. Of course the mind has been portrayed in so many different examples, that it's hard to see, it is hard to imagine in a one certain way, "Well, what is mind?"

It is hard. What is mind? To a lot of people mind is this thing with two horns, a tail with an arrow on back of it, red eyes, big teeth - the devil, carrying a little thing, you know, a spear, with three heads on it.

To other people it's total darkness; total pitch blackness. To other people it's a monster. To some people it's this unidentified object that you just cannot relate to.

No, no, premies. Mind is none of that. Mind is very simple. It is the opposite of what you are. It is a vacuum. It is a shadow. It is not an object within itself. It doesn't exist. It is your mere existence, in this world, supported by the different ideals that man has produced himself. That is what mind is. Mind is not a different identity. Mind is not a different thing. In other words, what I'm trying to say, that this whole chase that we are having to have, is a chase from ourselves. It's not like there's a Mister Mind and he stays and he comes and he goes. No. It's us. It is the absence. It's the complete absence.

When we veer off from that path of dedication, from the path of satsang, service, and meditation … You know, if you have not experienced service, then it is hard to experience anything, even when just mere words are said: "Satsang, service, and meditation." When you have not done meditation, it is hard to experience even just a little bit of pleasure that you get from saying "meditation". If you have not ever heard satsang, then it is hard to even say the word "satsang". What does it do? I mean, it's just like, people get into it. You know, some people put on a whole accent trip to say, "sat sang" the right way. And other people have just got to say it, "set saangh," you know?

And it's just different, different trips. Different trips. It's because there's something behind that. Yes, the words are different. Yes the words might be foreign. And they are foreign, in fact. But the fact is that the experience is not foreign. That darshan, that dedication, and that surrender: that is not foreign. Maybe other things, like words and names that we get involved in, that is true. You know? Maybe they are foreign. So it's like really we have to see in our lives, and clearly see, where does our monster exist?

Okay, we can establish that there is a monster, that there is something that we should be aware of. But now we have to find out a way, a system, a method to detect what is it. And you know, you can do anything you want in this world, and you'll only come to one conclusion: the mind is within you, also. But - what is it? It's like, sickness, disease, life, death: they're all there. In every part of snow there is a little bit of heat. And it's just like everything, bound by an energy, bound by a field, in everything, in that whole energy, within inside of all that, there is also something which doesn't have existence. And it only does something, it only affects you, when you veer off. And this is why Guru Maharaj Ji says: "Do satsang, service, and meditation." Because that is the solution.

Listen to satsang. Understand the gist of satsang. Understand the meaning of satsang. Do service. Do satsang and meditation. Do meditation, and by the experience of meditation, then do a bodily function. By your experience inside. Not because somebody told you that you should just do service. Service, work. "What is service?" "Work." "Alright, you go clean the ashram." Or: "You go clean this," or: "You go clean that." It's simply not that way.

It is that experience you have to have, within inside of you,


first, to know that yes, there is something like Guru Maharaj Ji. That there is something where I can focus myself to, where I can have a point to go to, where I can take myself and put it into that point. And then commit an action that will benefit the purpose; the purpose of Guru Maharaj Ji being here, the purpose of this physical body being here, and help other people. That is service.

It's not going around into your mind. Because you know there are a lot of people, and this is what I don't understand: a lot of people say, "What service do you do?" Or, "What kind of service do you do?" Well, what do you mean: "What kind of service do you do?" What is it? A duty? A job? I mean, how can you say, "What kind?" Service is service. There's only one kind of service. And you just cannot put it into those words.

I'm going just a little bit beyond than any terminology is, because we really associate, so far service is concerned, with our terminology: "Oh yeah. My service is to clean the cars. And boy, is it a mess! I'm gonna ask for a transfer." You know? "I don't like it." Because it's a job for you. It's a job. It becomes a physical thing. It becomes - like - a job! And then that whole experience, of service, goes down the drain. Then it's nothing. Then it doesn't mean - you might as well not even do it. Though you might be of extremely qualified person. Though you might be first class at it. Just don't do it! Because it's not coming from in here. It is not benefitting you. And therefore, when it is not benefitting you, it is not going to benefit anybody else.

And so, the service is an experience, premies. And the experience is gotten when you sort-of-like take yourself and put through yourself, and then - do something. Do something in bliss. Do something in, in contact with Guru Maharaj Ji. Do something which is in tune with satsang and meditation. And something that has an experience to it. Because if that doesn't exist, then there is no point. Then you're not doing service. And if you're not doing service, then that doesn't complete the cycle of satsang, service, and meditation. And if it doesn't complete the cycle of satsang, service, and meditation, then you're going nowhere. And that's, just, that's just the case.

And then what is, "listen to satsang"? And I know that a lot of people have really understood my point about satsang. But you know, it's not only an important part, what kind of a satsang is given. That's one part of it, and we talked about that part, and that's just: somebody new, doesn't have any experience in here, gets out there and says, "Uh, howdy doody. Thank you very much. How are you? Have a nice day." And out he goes.

But there's also another part. And the part is to the people who are listening to satsang; what is their experience? What are they? You're sitting there. Are you just taking the satsang, putting it in one ear, and throwing it out the other? And, of course, there's somebody who's doing that here. And for them, who is doing it, this whole thing is just like a big dream It doesn't exist. And it just goes on and comes on and goes out, and that's the end of it. You know? And then you just go out and no difference has been made. While there are people who listen to satsang, that digest the satsang, that really understand.

Look. The thing is, I have given satsang in - well, I only know two languages: English and Hindi. And when I have given satsang in Hindi, people, who don't understand Hindi, haven't understood it. Okay? And when I give satsang in English, people who don't understand English, haven't understood it. Right? (But, you know, of course we have the new facilities of simultaneous translation, and so everybody's understanding what I am saying.)

But the point is, is it the matter of language? No. It's the matter of attaining that gist. I mean, there's probably a lot of people sitting there just waiting for me to make a mistake so they can say, "Huh. How can that be better?" Or, "How could this be better?" No. It's just the gist. What is the essence?

Because satsang is a communication between two people through which one person transfers their experience to you; gives you that feeling that he is maybe having within inside of him; so that you can know that that experience that one person is having is quite possible, that one person's knowledge is quite possible, that you can also come to that point. And that is why satsang is always such an inspiration to premies. That is why satsang is so much needed by premies.

And then of course, we hardly have to say anything for meditation. Meditation is meditation. It's just - you have to do it. And it's so simple, and it's so beautiful, that if we just let ourselves go, and not get into our crazy own head trips about it, it just flows with us.

And so going back to the point: all this is what it takes to really come to a place where we can surrender. And surrender is an experience. And I and Bill, a long, long time ago, talked about this. And I said: "Without surrender, nothing is possible." I mean, you have to look at it this way, and this is the legitimate way of looking at it. This is the way I look at it. And maybe to a lot of people it won't make sense, but: There you are. There's a whole unexplained power: energy. Okay? And there you are in this finite world. Who knows how big we are related to that energy, that power? I'd definitely say we are very finite. And there we are.

And then there is this whole, incredible energy. There's incredible power. There's incredible realization. And we, our dinky little things, in this whole big chart of this whole universe, going to try to make it? I mean, it just doesn't make sense to me. It's just a little bit too much. Because I know in the past times, a lot of people denounced everything. They've tried everything! Every way to do it. It just didn't make it!

And somehow, a very strange thing - this is what I was talking about day before yesterday, the first night - somehow, all of a sudden John meets Jesus, and something they talk about, and out comes John writing, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." There is an experience. There's something that happened. And besides that, there was something that was even surrendered. "Be humble. You have to give." Because remember, just, look at it. You have to fight. You have to always be aware. In this, in this huge, incredible world, just this earth itself, just in your bodily manifestation, in your little bodies, a man has to always be aware of a monster that's going to eat him up any day; that he has never seen and never heard, never touched, doesn't know what it is, what shape it's got, but felt it. And that's your mind. And there it is. It's just chasing you everywhere you go, every single angle you take. And you know. You can feel its presence. You can feel that one second of that

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji dressed as the God Krishna

space out, one second of that completely going away from Knowledge, that you'll just get sucked in. It's just like such a fight. And for every day of our lives.

And who says it has to be day-time? (Well, that's what everybody says, right? "In day-time the monsters don't come out?") But this little monster is so crazy, you gotta watch for him day and night. And not only day and night, even when you're sleeping! Because it'll get you. It'll get you the day, the second, the moment it can find a little crack in it. And which is the odds, your chances? Well, I don't even know how to put it! You know? And only thing I can say, your odds are nothing! It's just, it's very, very hard to make.

And so, when you look at it that way (and that's the way I look at it), it's like, it's an electronic button. Barely you touch it, and there you have done it. You get in an elevator, you touch the wrong button. There's nothing you can do about it. Then you push the right button, and there's just nothing you can do about it. It'll just stop at that floor that you accidentally pushed and it's just a little touch, just a little bitty touch, and that's it. You can't do anything about it, unless you get off on the floor before that and do something, and push other buttons and so on and so forth. But premies, that is the way it is.

But to me, a very perfect, logical thing is: Well, boy, you know, if that's how dangerous it is standing on the dockside, why don't you jump aboard? And that's what we have been talking about. If that is how dangerous it is to stand on this dock, then we might as well not stand on it. Let's go aboard the ship.

One day I was giving satsang, and that example just came into my head. It was like, that's really beautiful. But then you look back at it, and always that has been associated. Always, it has been, "to cross this ocean." And even in the Arti, we talk about this ocean that is completely freaky. And it's just got, and you got everything there.

One of the odds you have - you see, this is how many things you've got, in this ocean, against you: One of them is that you cannot breathe water. You're not a fish, and therefore you're going to drown. How about that? Another one is, there's no food. Salt water doesn't go very good with you. Third, it's sun. Look. These are the things that are actually wrong. This is the thing that would happen if you were to drown. If you stop swimming, there would be something else. If you stop treading water, it would be really something. Secondly, you're going to get thirsty. Okay? Third, you're going to get hungry. Fourth, there are some things in that ocean that don't think about liking you or disliking you, they just like to eat you! And so it's like all that, all those things, are practical; are present. That's the way it is.

One of the things: we are in this world, in this earth, in this life; and the craziness is just so deep. And if we tried to even make ourselves flexible with craziness it doesn't work, because we just can't cope with it. That's one problem. And we've got a second problem: and that problem is that one day, we have to go. We're not always going to stay here. One day, physically, we have to leave. That's one of our problems. Then the third problem is: there is this crazy mind just sitting there like a shark. It's gonna get us!

And the only thing is, the only way, if there is one - and there is one - is just: let Guru Maharaj Ji pick you up, and let him put, let yourself just be to that point so he can take you aboard. And he'll take you, in this safe, beautiful journey, that is completely incredible. That so many people have tried to describe in so many, so many ways. And all Guru Maharaj Ji's saying: "I will do everything for you. You don't have even have to bother about anything. Just sit, relax, and enjoy yourself. This is all you have to do. And I welcome you aboard."

But, you have to make this one little move. And the move is, you have to transfer yourself, your body, which you obviously do by walking, from the dock to the boat. That's one thing Guru Maharaj Ji, or this captain, is not going to do for you. That is something that you will have to do yourself. And once you have done that, then he says, "Welcome aboard! Here it is; all three tons of fun. Anything you want, it's here. Do anything you want. Enjoy yourself. But keep away from those rails. You go too close to those rails, you jump in, and it's a little too hard to stop this boat."

And premies, you know of course there are these incredible stories about these people who have treaded water for days and days and days. Have gone without water, have gone without food. Would you like to do that? And it's just like, yes, maybe it is possible that you can survive a shark attack. Maybe it is possible that you can crash and still survive, but just - that doesn't mean that's what you go around doing! And the chances, I mean, the chances aren't that great. The chances just aren't that splendid.

You can imagine one thing, and I tried to imagine it myself. Because we were coming over to Montreal. And we would be at the runways, and you look out the window, and there would be a 747 coming straight at you! And one thing I tried to imagine: you're sitting in this first class section. And I know, people, who sit in the first class section, they're going wild. They're doing something or the other. Having drinks, or they're talking. Everything is going on. And especially people who are there just for the one purpose of vacation. "Oh, yeah, it'll be really nice. We're finally going back. Man, this has been a crazy flight. And I never want to be on this one. This is crazy. This is absurd. Oh, I'm glad we're finally going back."

And all these things: "Man, I tell you, it's just horrible to waste that time, I'd rather have wasted that time on some nice beach, you know, with sun all over …"

And then, out of the blue, you see these lights coming at you through the fog. And people, people actually saw this other airplane coming right at them. And you can imagine, that one instant, that one moment …

There is this pilot. And this pilot has worked so hard, has learned so much, has flown and flown and flown and flown. And at that moment of his life, he can't even sit down and think about God. He's got to do something about this airplane, otherwise they're going to crash. And you can just imagine that one 747, that KLM 747 coming right at it, and the pilot just must have seen it. And then of course nobody survived. He probably didn't even - if he was a good Christian - he probably didn't even have enough time to do this (crosses himself).


And man's every imagination, man's every expectation: there it was. And that's the way it was. There, his incredible dream, his incredible desires, his incredible everything. There it was, between a lot of styrofoam and a lot of foam and a lot of tin cans, and a lot of fabric, and a lot of fuel, and a lot of burning engines, and a lot of burning bodies, and a lot of blood.

Is that the ultimate goal of this life? And - who can prevent it? I mean, you can just imagine, you know, just thinking, ultimate goal of your life is to get crashed in a 747, No! It's not! The ultimate goal of this life is something else. And, even if you are on Guru Maharaj Ji's boat that doesn't, that doesn't mean that you're never going to crash. You know, that doesn't certify anything. That doesn't guarantee anything. As a matter of fact, there were some premies flying a charter, a propeller charter, little private charter from Denver. And they just about made it to the airport. It was just that they were ten miles off, or seven miles off. And they ran out of fuel.

So it's like, this is what everything is, and this is what we can be. This is what we can be: We can be that piece of metal, a little bit of blood and a little bit of fabric, and a little bit of carpeting, and a little bit of lights and glass and burning engines and fuel. And all of a sudden comes a flying piece of metal and cuts somebody's head off.

Or in our lives we can really be sitting there and just enjoying Guru Maharaj Ji's cruise within our hearts, and just sailing so freely, so beautifully. Enjoying the Knowledge. Enjoying that incredible thing which is inside of us.

So premies, I don't know what - I mean, everybody has got plans. Obviously, everybody has got to go back. As a matter of fact in the charters will be leaving (at seven o'clock the first charter leaves). And people will be going back. All of a sudden, you know, tonight, there are going to be people just disassembling all this stuff and it's going to be all gone. And we're going to go back, talk in our communities: "Oh, it was nice program. Did you see them? Was he there?" "How was he doing?" And just different chats, and chits and chats about different things. And then, yeah, a lot of emphasis on Knowledge. And I hope you have understood something out of this festival.

And, then, everybody is probably just going to wait for the next one. And hopefully we will have, we'll have the next one fined up pretty soon. And it can be just beautiful. And more and more, have everything.

But all I suggest is that between more and more, and between these programs, that you stay intact. Do satsang, service and meditation, and really take in heart what is said. And really try to experience what happens here, because what that experience is, it's not a fake experience, it's a real experience. And you have to let that happen. You have to flow with it. You have to let go for it. Until the next program. Then maybe you will have so much inspiration.

You just look at everything around. As a real report about how is the ship's condition? Well, it's never been better before. And it's in incredible shape. We have so many people who want to become initiators, and there's more and more initiators going to be turned out. There's going to be, hopefully there's going to be an initiator in every ashram, and hopefully there will be an ashram in every community.

So, you just look at it, and it's so beautiful. Because for the first time, the Grace has filled the sails of the ship, completely. There's not one dinky little engine. It's just completely Grace, and it's just sailing it. And it's sailing very powerful. And it's going strong. And there's just no knick-knacks, and there's no knick-knack problems. And it's just really something to just flow with. And everything is just beautiful. All we have to do, within our hearts, is to do that satsang, service, and meditation. And that's it. And that's it! And let Guru Maharaj Ji take us. Make that little, that little transfer from dock, to enter Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

Guru Maharaj Ji's never going to refuse us, to enter His world. That is a given fact. Because anybody can enter Guru Maharaj Ji's world.

And what is Guru Maharaj Ji's world? Maybe, in a way, it has a connotation of being: "Well, you have to have this passport." Or, "It looks like, instead of being round like earth or moon, you know, it looks like this…" No, no, no. Guru Maharaj Ji's world is within everybody. And in everybody's heart. It's just that we don't have access to it, and Guru Maharaj Ji has the key to it. And Guru Maharaj Ji can open that door, open that lock so that we can have access to Guru Maharaj Ji's world. And then be in Guru Maharaj Ji's world constantly.

What does Guru Maharaj Ji's world consist of? Guru Maharaj Ji's world, all it is, is Love. In that Love that we talked about the first night. That Love that is not the same love that a man has for his car, or man has for his wife, or man has for his kids. No. It is completely different kind of love. Completely, completely different kind of love. And it just flows with devotion. And we have to let go. We have to surrender.

And, premies, that's what the air there is in Guru Maharaj Ji's world. That's what you eat, that's what you breathe, that's what you live in, that's what everything is, is Love. And we can be there. We can be in it. We can be, every day of our lives can become that Oneness, no matter what we do in this world.

And as I've said, there's a lot of things that a man has to do. And between that, there's one more thing. Between all these beautiful things that I talk about, there's one more thing. And I talked about it: We've got to have jobs, we've got to have our money situation straightened out. Why? I explained that in Florida. I said, "If I was a premie, just a premie, the only reason why I would work, why I would make money, is not to go about and buy Empire State Building, is not to go out and do this or do that and get into my own trips, but the only reason I would go out and get a job is to be able to come to these programs."

Because hopefully, it would be nice, it would be super nice if there was no charge for anything. And it's just like, there is this big, incredible program. And everybody has to pay so much amount of money to get in. Believe me, this whole program has been budgeted probably perfect. All that money that came is going to go directly into this program, has gone into this program. They might come out a little bit under, if anything, or a little bit over, but that's it. And I just wish, it could be really beautifully arranged where premies could just


come. This is what I talk about. I've talked to this to about a lot of people: that it would be just beautiful if premies could come, pay the minimum, minimum, minimum, minimum there is for anything.

But there's a lot this world has to understand. You know, there's hockey games happen in this stadium. People come, and that's the purpose of this whole stadium. People come and play hockey. People get hurt. People lose their things. Children get lost. Things get lost. People waste, the time is wasted. (Of course, sport is sport, and a lot of people, that's what they look at it, and that's what they think about it. That's their own business). But all I'm saying, that in this life, there is a lot more. But the world still doesn't know it, because we are having to pay an outrageous amount of money for this hall.

And what we talk about here is not hockey. What we talk about here is not about some worldly purpose. We're not even talking for individual benefits! This is completely for one purpose, and that is: so that as brothers and sisters, coming together in this stadium, we can realize that one thing that created us. So that we can become one - one with that Oneness. So that we can become one with that energy. And that is the only purpose! That bliss. So that premies can have their food! So the premies can have darshan, so premies can listen to Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang, and listen to satsang. Just one purpose, you know? Different activities, maybe, but one purpose.

This band, of course, a lot of people would consider it, "Wow, they've got nice groups," or so on and so forth. But there is only one purpose of this band. And that is, not to rock out. The purpose of this band is, not to just do a concert in a way where, there they are, you know, just, doing it to it. But the one purpose is, is to harmonize, and sing the praises of Guru Maharaj Ji. To sing the praises of what this whole path is. And it's a completely different story. But the world still doesn't understand it.

And, maybe the world will never understand it. But at least, we understand it. And if that is where it has to rest, that's beautiful. Wherever it is. And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, hopefully more and more, more and more people will receive Knowledge. Maybe the next time we have a program in Montreal, the stage will be all the way in the back - (well, it is all the'way in the back.) But maybe we'll do it in a different auditorium where more satsang can be made available to the people. And it's just like, it's just growing. And it's going to keep on happening.

But within us, within us, not even within us, just between you and me, let's not break that bond of that love that we have. Because once we do, then it's had it. You know, it's like that string. You can take a string, and you can tie it to little matches - match boxes? And you can work it like a telephone. But if that string ever breaks, and if you tie a knot in it, then it never works. So just - not the matter of "us" and "we" and all that - and there are different things you have to do. Just between you and me. There's you as the individual, and I as an individual. And I am your Guru Maharaj Ji. Just between you and me, we have that bond which is really beautiful. And that is what we have to just - let it go! Let that bond become more and more and more and more and more stronger, because, when are we going to say, "Well, that's good enough for me." No. Just, let that happen, let that flow.

And there is a lot of Grace, premies. There's a lot of things. You know, and there's a lot of feeling. And we are all feeling it the same. Equally. And we just have to let this happen. We cannot - this is just - it's just not the time, you know, it's just not the mood, it's just not the atmosphere of getting into our mind. This is not - doesn't somehow - just doesn't seem right.

This is the atmosphere, this is the time, this is the season of Love. And just, Love has to grow. That connection, that bond, that Oneness, has to be experienced by every devotee. And has to be experienced by Guru Maharaj Ji!

You know, it's just like, a lot of people wonder, why didn't I show up yesterday. But the reason why I didn't show up yesterday was because I was tired. And why I was tired (a lot of people, you know, maybe don't understand this.) "All you were doing was sitting on this chair."

No. That's not what was happening out there. It wasn't the matter of sitting on a chair. There was so much being given, and there was so much being taken. And then, so much being given and so much being taken, that is was good the way it was happening. Because in any other way it would have been too much. It would have been completely too much. And that transaction, there was tons of Love being, being just transferred, just being shared, you know? And you could just feel it. And can you imagine writing invoices for it? It would be outrageous!

So, premies, it's just - now is the time. And let - as I said: "Your mind needs a vacation." Give it one. And it deserves it. It has been working for a very, very long time, too hard. It's been chasing you too close. Just tell it, "Look. Go any place you want. Except - take off, you know? Just - anything you want. Here's all full-paid vacation for you." And premies, you can do it, if you want to. And I don't see any problems. I don't see any faults. I don't see anything that can jeopardize anything.

All I see is just a lot of this happening, and a lot of these, more and more of these festivals, because that's all we need. That's all I need, and that's all you need. And just a lot of Grace, a lot of Devotion, lot of satsang, lot of service, and a lot of meditation, so why should we stop it? Just, let it go. Let it happen, time after time after time after time after time. And let all the premies come and see and listen and realize what everything is all about.

So, this is where you get to the stage where words stop, and the feelings grow, you know? Because, what can you say? This is so much to say, but it's a feeling. It's almost an experience; sitting here and giving you satsang, that you just want to shut up and just experience it! And you know, forget about going through the hassle of talking.

So, maybe that's what we should do. And there'll be more time, premies, and more and more. And I hope, I certainly hope I'll see you again very, very soon.

And until I see you, whatever you do, stay intact, stay in one piece. And, do satsang, service, and meditation. Realize the importance of it. And really become one with it.

So, thank you very much.