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Prem Rawat: The Golden Age magazineYes, it's true. National Headquarters has finally found a new home. During recent weeks, activities at No. 14 Wentworth Avenue, Darlinghurst, Sydney gradually drew to a close as the Magic Carpet taxi truck boys removed, piece by piece, four years' worth of accumulated furniture, files, and bits of paper, and transported them across the harbour to their new location on the second floor of No. 3 North Cliff Street, Milsons Point.

It certainly is an improvement on Wentworth Avenue. Much smaller - but still easily adequate to accommodate the reduced fulltime staff of four and their many parttime helpers - the new NHQ, even in its present half-finished state, has much to recommend it. Light, for one thing, streaming through windows at either end of the suite, through the glass partitions that divide the half- dozen or so offices from one another. It's modern, and quiet, something you could hardly accuse Wentworth Avenue of and looks and feels cleaner than the old place ever did, despite the diligent attempts of generations of paintbrush and ajax-wielding in-service- day premies. There's a view, too - over Luna Park and a Morton Bay fig tree directly across the road, to the harbour.

You walk in to a reception area. Annie Avrimedes will sit there when she begins fulltime service after Easter. Annie, one of the newborn Sydney premies and veteran Golden Age typesetter, will be telephonist, typist, typesetter, clerk and receptionist all in one. Cathy Starrs will probably work in this area too, writing the letters, collating the gazette and dealing with other Communications matters. She's also going to be handling the finances, with the parttime help of Doug Wakefield and Chris Petrou. Dic Cooper, who coordinates NHQ activities full time now that Derek Harper and Terry MacKinnell have jobs "in the world", has the front office. The one next door is set aside for Derek and/or Terry to use whenever they drop in - which is quite often, as they are maintaining their services as national and assistant national coordinator on a part- time volunteer basis. The other fulltime staffer, Colin Little, has his distributions/productions/operations set-up down the corridor, opposite the common-room area. Several piles of Golden Ages adorn the bench in his office one near-casualty of the move, the February Golden Age is finally on its way interstate. Sorry about the delay, everyone!

Prem Rawat: The Golden Age magazineThe Golden Age office is in the corner. With two desks and lots of bench-space, it should provide plenty of room for the growing parttime staff that produce the paper: typesetters Annie and Pauline Philipp, production coordinator Jenny Murphett, editors Michael McDonald and Penny Storey. The art-workers, Tony Lunn and Kerry Gray, have a studio set up in their flat just up the road. Incidentally, the dual editorship is a transition situation - Michael, who has just arrived back from Denver where he has been editing the U.S. Divine Times and And It Is Divine, is soon to take over from Penny, who is rapidly heading towards motherhood and service within the Sydney community.

So if you're ever in Sydney, drop around to see us - we're always ready to share a cup of ecco and some satsang with an interstate for local) caller. Maybe well even be able to find you a little service to do - there's still a few walls to paint, and much of what happens here depends on volunteer parttime assistance. We think you'll like the new NHQ: it's nothing fancy, it just feels like what's needed right now.


Prem Rawat: The Golden Age magazine