Dear Penny,

At long last here I am writing to one of you at NHQ - remarkable I know! Anyway it seems only like yesterday that you were trying hard to pull my leg, if you remember? I delayed in returning the enclosed subscription form, so as to add something in the way of a letter, to say how much premies and I have appreciated the Golden Age throughout this past year, (even with Michael away), and to extend to your staff our congratulations. Now before I go rambling on to pass on what comes down the chute in the form of words, I'd like to convey best wishes from the many that are floating around Sri Lanka - it goes out to those of you at NHQ (who are still valiantly supplying the demand), to all DUO staffs and premies through and across that great vastness called Australia: "May you enjoy as much satsang, service and meditation in the coming year as you would wish for yourself" - all three being highly individualistic pursuits so designed to knit together the entire collective, thus multiplying the returns to the individual by the collective!

Through having had the grace to attend Pacific Guru Puja last year and come to know so many of you, I have easily been able to relate to the happenings in your communities and at NHQ, which the Golden Age has accurately and effectively reflected. I have been watching with a lot of interest the varying hues of the Knowledge colours each time a canvas came out, and have been gaining much through the vision of those of you whose service it is to express the perspectives that the workings of satsang, service and meditation constantly provide, so that as many premies may better figure out how to keep their own ploughshare straight to get the three SSM furrows even. I'd like to say that it has been really helpful in my service to follow the journeys DLM Australia has been making, since each voyage adds to the tally of understanding as to what our journeying is all about.

Talking of journeying brings to mind the often discussed "destination". A little personal incident which took place several years ago, and which flashed across my memory one day, gave me a direct clue to this question: I was in London looking for Regent Street. I had been trying to spot the street sign boards which refused to catch my eye, because they are all placed so high up on the buildings beyond where I ever thought of looking. So I kept asking my way along, and my final guide was a newspaper vendor who was seated on the pavement busily pouring over the latest news himself. I asked my question, and without even a glance at me, back came the answer: "Yawstangroiton't". It was just one rattle of sound with an accent which I needed a Mr. Higgins to interpret for me. But I was sufficiently intrigued to want to work out what he had actually said, and after going over the sounds about half a dozen times, it clicked! Deciphered it reads:

"You're standing right on it."

So whenever Guru Maharaj Ji says: "You have Knowledge … What is there really left to say, except, realise it," I am reminded that as premies we are all right in the street we've been looking for: Knowledge Street. The confusion that seems to arise is because we're not sufficiently adept at handling the loom (service) for the thread (meditation) because we haven't followed the instruction (satsang) sufficiently; so the thread keeps breaking and when the looms are not functioning, no wages get paid. But judging from what the Weaving Master says, the wages are paid in currency notes which come in real sunshine, laughter, happiness, music, gladness, bliss, love, peace and truth - any of which no money can buy. And from the instruction that quite a few premies have been

heard to give, the uniqueness of this particular trade is that the wages come within the three requisites that keeps the thread from breaking, and thus the weaving is a continuous process. One soon discovers that absolutely anything that is required can be woven or manufactured out of this thread, so of what use are insurance policies and pensions! There's no retirement age - Shangri-la! So it's just up to us (all the time) whether we want to loiter in the street or hoist our sails and catch those Trade Winds!

So it was nice sharing a tale. Do give my love to everyone - and wish them all a very prosperous premie year.

Much love,

Jayatri Fernando,
National Co-ordinator, Sri Lanka.

Dear editor of the Golden Age,

Just recently the Melbourne community viewed "Keep on Truckin' " and it was really great, really fantastic and very inspiring: I think the boys did a great job because something that inspires us to understand more is doing great service for Guru Maharaj Ji. Also it was good to see dear Guru Maharaj Ji and hear his satsang and because it is so easy to slip in the practise of Knowledge you realise how much in fact you need him.

Julie also coming along and sharing her understanding is of great value to me because you realise there isn't anything you want from this planet and alongside that you realise you need all the help you can get to remain open and surrendered to the beautiful experience inside. It seems if you're just a little sincere, a little open, Guru Maharaj Ji can help you in the process. That definitely is what has happened to me lately, and I'm really thankful for it. We just have to keep on truckin'.

The Golden Age has been great lately.


A Melbourne premie.