No. 35, January 1977

Talking with Maharaj Ji

By Susan Gregory, from "Light Reading".

Last week when he was in Denver, Guru Maharaj Ji gave me satsang, in response to my telling him that I had had energy channelled into the top of my head by another premie. This phenomenon goes by the name of "opening the 7th chakra," or "conscious transfer," etc.

The first thing Maharaj Ji said was that he hoped if I tell anyone about what he said, that I actually say what he said to me and don't distort it. I hope what is shared here conveys what Maharaj Ji said to me as nearly as possible.

Guru Maharaj Ji said the experience that comes from this so-called transfer or initiation is a "fake" experience in comparision to the real Knowledge. He said it's like the "very cosmic experience of childbirth. It's so high; it's very cosmic - even for the one whose hands are out and catching the baby. But in order to have that cosmic experience every day, you have to have a baby every day! Or premies meditating together - it's very high. They all are concentrated on the same point, so it gets really high. But that high doesn't last. Only Knowledge lasts. There's an experience people get from lying on nails, that makes it worth it for them to do that. There is definitely some experience there. But we're not into that. This premie came to me and said, 'But, Maharaj Ji, it's a real experience. I experienced it.' But it is not an experience of Reality. Knowledge is lasting; it doesn't change or need recharging. Knowledge is the simple, pure experience.

Last night I took the children of Unity School to see the movie, Fantasia. What a fantastic illusion! That whole movie was the imagination of one man's mind! He made the whole thing up, according to his concept! You know, I had so many experiences … and none of them real. Believe me, only this Knowledge is real. If you just do satsang, service and meditation, you will understand this Knowledge.

"If there was a fifth technique, don't you know I would have given it to you? If there was anything more you need to practise this Knowledge, to help you on this path, I would have given it to you. Everything I have, I have given to you. There is nothing else. This other thing is a fake (waving his hand like brushing away a fly). If you trust Guru Maharaj Ji you would know.

"These trips - there is always going to be a trip. Always some premies into trip after trip after trip. I don't have to say their names. What they're doing is a thorn in my road; a thorn in my path. It delays my work. But you don't have to fall into it. You know, I don't think it's most premies; it's just a few. Most premies are practising this Knowledge. They're going right along. So many premies are realising this Knowledge. What I promised them, they are seeing in their lives is really true. And it's so beautiful for them. They are not confused.

They are practising service, satsang and meditation, and everything is really happening for them. But if you don't have faith, if premies don't trust Guru Maharaj Ji, how can I help you?"

Then I said, "Guru Maharaj Ji, what upsets me about myself is that I didn't have faith in you."

Guru Maharaj Ji said, "It doesn't matter about that now. You did the best thing you could have done by coming to me, by coming directly to Guru Maharaj Ji. That's what matters."

"That's why you're here!" I blurted out, just as Guru Maharaj Ji was saying, "That's why I'm here."

He continued, "That's why Guru Maharaj Ji comes in a physical body - to help premies. It used to be premies felt they couldn't see Guru Maharaj Ji. But that has changed now. I am here now, to help premies. Before, when you didn't have Knowledge, you were out on the street, I couldn't do anything for you - my service was to attract you to this Knowledge. Now that you do have Knowledge, my service is to take you through, to guide you, and if you have any problems or questions or difficulties, my service is to help you.

"I am taking charge now. I am here. Everything is really moving so beautifully. Knowledge is being given everywhere. I am working with the organisation. It is here to help premies, and when it cannot, I am here. My door is open."

Then I said, "Guru Maharaj Ji, it's so hard. I came into this thing knowing that I needed meditation; I needed satsang; I didn't have any momentum going for me."

Guru Maharaj Ji said, "It's all right. Just keep practising meditation. It is hard. But it's also easy. Don't get discouraged. You can't tell where you are. And it takes a different amount of time for different premies. It takes longer for some than others. But don't worry about that; it's all right. Just keep making that effort. And it takes right effort! Do what you were told to do. Practise the techniques I gave you.

"You may not think this was a lot for me, but when I received Knowledge, it was a lot for me to realise it. It took all my effort. I had to put everything into it, and keep coming back, again and again. And, finally, I got my mind under control. Now I say to mind, 'You keep your distance, I'll keep mine.' I have no fear of it; it has no power over me."

Then I said to Guru Maharaj Ji, "Sometimes even I have had control over my mind! And then it's wonderful. I've experienced telling mind to follow Holy Name, and when I do remember to give it a direction, it obeys! But, Guru Maharaj Ji, so often I forget."

"It's all right," he said. "Don't worry. When you're experiencing meditation, and you do get your mind under control, just keep a hold of it a little longer than the last time. Then, okay, you'll


The Golden Age

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Malibu, Durga Ji's birthday party, October 1976. forget again. Don't worry. it's all right. Just next time when you get control over mind, hold on a little longer. You forget again. Okay. It's all right. Just hold on a little longer next time. And it goes on like this, on and on, until you increase your time, more and more each time until you have it under control 24 hours a day. And you can do it - you can!

"You know, it's so beautiful, in Malibu, there is a boy who lives there and he has been coming to satsang for so long. He wanted Knowledge so much. And now, finally, he received Knowledge, and it was such an experience for him. All he wants to do now is practise this Knowledge, because he knows, he remembers what it was like before, when he didn't have it. He remembers why wanted this Knowledge so much. And he is such an inspiration to all the other premies. Sometimes I think premies forget how much they wanted Knowledge. They forget why it meant so much to them. But when we see someone who just received Knowledge and is having such a powerful experience, and when we look back and remember how we felt before we received Knowledge, then it is such an inspiration to us to continue practising meditation, so we can have that true experience, so we can have that pure experience, so we can experience the most beautiful thing and realise the aim of our life."

"I guess I was tricked, Guru Maharaj Ji."

"Yeah, you were tricked. Guru Maharaj Ji is here now. Everything is all right."

That's about all there is to say, Guru Maharaj Ji showed me how simple it really is: he is our master - he only wants us to love and follow him. We know we don't know the way, and we know our friends don't know either. The Truth is the Truth. It can't be changed because of some new experience.

We're simple premies. We can accept where we're at and keep on truckin', knowing Guru Maharaj Ji is here, and because of that, everything is all right.