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We All Need Help

We All Need Help - Marolyn Rawat's Speech in Los Angeles on 11th April, 1976 Durga Ji speaks to ashram premies in Los Angeles on 11th April, 1976.

It's really a beautiful opportunity to be able to come here, because I've been feeling like I wanted to come for so long. I could have just dropped by the ashram, or I could have just gone to satsang some night, but somehow it would never happen. Something would always happen and I wouldn't be able to come and talk. But today it really manifested, and I'm really happy that I'm here and I can see that the family Guru Maharaj Ji has here in Los Angeles is really our family.

No matter what city or what country we're in, we're all premies, and that's what really, really unites us. We have an experience in common, and it's so important to make that experience everything, because itis everything. You know and I know how easy it is to become distracted in this world. Here I am in Malibu, or wherever we are, and I'm completely surrounded by premies, Guru Maharaj Ji's always there, and I have Premlata – yet I still find myself getting distracted.

It's just amazing the way mind is, and you can't sit there and try to figure it out, but it's like a sponge that almost absorbs everything that comes its way. It's always ready to get into everything. That's why it's so important that we really, really let this experience of Knowledge be our everything, really let it be our centre. When we're doing meditation, we just feel, "Wow, this is everything," and then when we come out of meditation, we feel that this is where we want to be all the time; but then, an hour later (I don't know if it happens to you but it happens to me), I'm just doing something really crazy or I'm thinking about this or getting into that, and it's like, "Wait a minute Maharaj Ji, bring me back, just let me keep remembering."

I was readinng one of Maharaj Ji's satsangs in the Divine Times and what he said was just so beautiful. I'm sure all of you read it. He was saying that first we must learn and then we remember and then we need to just keep growing; and then grow and mature. And that's like with a baby. First Premlata learns something then she remembers it, then she understands it, and then she gorws and matures in it. This is what we're doing in Knowledge.

I feel we have to constantly gives ourselves satsang. I do, because in my situation I don't get a chance to go to satsang every night, and even though it's wonderful when satsang happens at the residence, sometimes I'm so involved in things that I need to have satsang within myself all the time, because that's the one person I'm always with – myself. We're not always with other premies. If we're fortunate enough to be in an ashram, that's really beautiful but even then sometimes we're still just with ourselves. When mind gets strong (and mind can get very, very, very strong), we really need to be able to get out of it at that moment. It's like being attacked. And if your enemy attacks you, you've got to be able to defend yourself immediately, not let him stab you, and then say, "Oh my gosh, I've been wounded." At that crucial moment, right when I'm getting really upset about something, or when I can just feel my mind coming in, I need to give myself satsang right then. If we're always used to doing that, if we're really doing it, then at that moment, it will be much easier because we've been practising it, because we've been doing it.

Satsang within ourself is like praying to Guru Maharaj Ji all the time. I'm always having to ask Maharaj Ji to please help me learn what he's trying to teach me, because he's always trying to teach me, he's always trying to teach all of us all the time. And we just have to ask him, "Please help me learn what you're trying to teach me, let me see it. And then let me remember it." Because sometimes we learn and then the same thing happens and it's like it didn't really sink in, it's like, why did this happen again, I already experienced this, why did I fail again? If we remember it and understand it, then we really mature, we really grow. And we all are growing.

Sometimes we get impatient. I know sometimes I feel like, "Forget it Maharaj Ji, I'm just hopeless, I'm really hopeless?' I just feel like, "Oh, forget it!" I feel like I shouldn't even bother Maharaj Ji, and I'm not even going to bother him – I'll get over this okay. And then, finally it comes to a point where I just can't stand it any more, so I go to him and say, "Maharaj Ji, I'm really crazy." And he goes, "Yeah, I know." And I say, "I really need you to help me." I'm experiencing this thing or I'm having that problem, or whatever, and Maharaj Ji has just so much love, just so much love. It's like if I were his little girl, he would just say, "It's okay, just keep going." And if Premlata came to me and said, "Mum, I keep falling, I keep falling," I would just say, "It's okay, you're just learning, just keep growing."

All of us are in the same boat. We can't really separate ourselves and say, "Well, I'm this,


or I live in an ashram, or I'm a householder, or I live at the residence." All that just doesn't really mean anything because we all have this Knowledge and that's the what we are really experiencing and that's our common factor, being human beings. We all have to really just understand because we're all growing so beautifully and yet, it's really hard sometimes. It takes a lot of determination, a lot of discipline, and that's the thing we're all are faced with, that discipline.

Sometimes I look at the eastern religions or the eastern ways and they're very, very, very disciplined. Then I look at the way Maharaji Ji's set up our lives, it's nothing compared to the austerities and the strictness that some of these people endure, what they go through. Maharaj Ji's made it very easy to be in this world and practise Knowledge. Yet at the same time, even though he's given us so much we can't just space out and think, "Oh, it's a don't have to do anything, Maharaj Ji will save me, "Oh, I have Knowledge," or "I can just let it ride because it just doesn't work that way. It's something that we really do have to be disciplined in, and really always be making that effort, because then, our love is making that effort, and when we feel that love we know there's really nothing else, that's really all we want to feel, that love that Guru Maharaj Ji is letting us experience.

There's so much unlove in world, there's so much hate, so much mistrust. Even though I feel that Maharaj Ji's really protected me from the world, sometimes we'll see television and I can't even believe what's happening. Yet that that really is happening but it's very hard for me to understand it. I just know for myself, I really need satsang, and if I can't come to satsang every night, or if I can't make a regular scheule where I can have that satsang, then I know I always need to be giving it to myself, plus going to satsang whenever possible, whenever the opportunity comes.
Prem Rawat's wife Durga Ji formerly Marolyn Johnson
Service is another important thing. I don't really have a definite service, you know, and sometimes I feel like, "Gosh, I'm really out of place in this world." Yet I realise that everything I'm doing could be service. Maybe I'm not always in that place to be seeing it as service, but if I'm just giving myself to Guru Maharaj Ji, if I'm realising while I'm doing it, then it can all be service. I once had this idea that service was just hard work, and you had to get down and cook or scrub or clean or something. But really, it can be just changing Premlata's diaper or giving her a bath or taking care of her and feeding her. That's all such beautiful service and I can think, "Well, this can't be service, this is just too beautiful."

But we have to realise that if we're in that place of meditation, if we're dedicating our actions to Guru Maharaj Ji, everything we're doing is service. Service is a manifestation of our love if we really make that effort to meditate. We say it over and over, but it's so true, and it's something we all have to experience. Doing service makes our love grow so that when we see our Perfect Master, when we see Guru Maharaj Ji in his form, that's it. It just all fits into place perfectly.

What I've been experiencing so intensely in the last few weeks is that Maharaj Ji has shown us the treasure that we've come into this world to find, and by his grace, he's allowing us to be able to see this treasure within us, he's revealed this treasure to us. So, what fools are we if we don't always seek to dig into that treasure. Because it's endless, it's just completely unlimited, it's a treasure that gets more beautiful the deeper we go into it. You can think of a treasure with gold and diamonds and beautiful jewels, and think how beautiful that is, but this Knowledge is a treasure that doesn't even compare at all with anything that this world has to offer. And I feel so much like Guru Maharaj Ji's just saying, "Go to the heart of that treasure and you'll fmd the treasure of treasures." And that's the Perfect Master. To me, Guru Maharaj Ji is that treasure of the treasure, but how can we know that Guru Maharaj Ji is the treasure of that treasure unless we dig into the treasure, unless we really experience it?

Ever since Premlata could talk, "Da da" has been her favourite word. I think she can't wait to give satsang.

Well, really, I guess that's all I have to say now, but it's just so incredible. Satsang is such a gift that we have the opportunity to share these words, because in these words a communication takes place and an experience takes place and that's what's so beautiful. If we didn't have each other to experience satsang with, it wouldn't be nearly so beautiful, and that's why Maharaj Ji's given us each other to really just help each other. And we all need help all the time. I know I do, and I'm sure all of us do.

So, I hope to see you all again. We're going on a really wonderful tour pretty soon, to see all the premies in Europe. And it'll always be wonderful to come back here to Los Angeles.

Thank you.