The Pearl Of Truth

Once upon a time, we were born onto the earth. As strangers, we reached out to explore. Rivers, birds, smiles and laughter, the bush at dawn - there were so many beautiful things. But there was sorrow too, and somehow, a feeling of separation. Slowly, we understand we still had something more to learn, some place more to discover. Some of us - so few as yet - found someone who showed us how to go inside to experience a whole new world. The source of all the earthly beauty. Our journey has begun.

"What I realised was that yes,
really I want peace.
I want it and without that I am food without salt,
I am a glass without water,
I am the ocean without fish.
There's no beauty in me.
I am the plant that doesn't have any greenery;
I am the mountain which is bare;
I am the sky that's pale;
I am a man who is not a human being.
And I really realised that I saw that in myself, that I needed a colour, I needed something. I was missing something, there was a missing link. And I also knew something had to be done about it.

- Guru Maharaj Ji

Men travel to gaze upon mountain height and the waves of the sea, broad-flowing rivers and the expanse of the ocean, and pass by themselves, the crowning wonder.

- St. Augustine

When I sit down in the morning and practise meditation, or in the evening, its like this time has been given to me by Guru Maharaj Ji. It's such a precious time, premies, when we have that opportunity to really do meditation. Because Maharaj Ji's given it to us. It's a time when we can really become one with our Lord.

- Durga Ji

The ocean is filled with mercy. Kindness is there. And truth is always there. It is so calm that when a drop mixes with that … such satisfaction of mind, such peace, you can't even think of that. So fantastic.

- Guru Maharaj Ji

I mean if you have nothing to do, just sit down and do meditation. Because that's everything to do. Because that's the one reason you came into this world for.

- Guru Maharaj Ji

Watch carefully the village maidens carrying water vessels.
They fill their vessels by the riverside Then place them on their heads one on the other,
And walk back laughing and chatting to their homes.
But the vessels always stay in perfect balance
Because the maidens keep their attention ever on them.
So let thy mind ever be fixed in Holy Name,
While carrying on the duties of thy day.

- St. Kabir

People think that just meditating on the Word itself is the whole thing. No. That's just a snack. And a snack is not dinner.

- Guru Maharaj Ji

At the ambrosial hour of the early dawn, be ye in communion with the Divine Word, and meditate on His glory.

- Jap Ji

Meditation should be with you always, 24 hours. This is what you have to get to. When you are walking, when you are sitting, when you are doing anything whatsoever - you are always one with it.

- Guru Maharaj Ji

0 Nanak, in the deep silence of the soul, there is a perpetual light with no sunrise and no sunset.

- Guru Nanak

Those who with a clear mind have seen this Truth, those who are wise and ever-watchful, they feel the joy of watchfulness, the joy of the path of the Great.

- The Dhammapadi

I have had my seat on the self-poised one,
I have drunk of the cup of the ineffable. I have found the key of the mystery. I have reached the root of union. Travelling by no track,
I have come to the sorrowless land: Very easily has the mercy of the great Lord come upon me.
They have sung of Him as infinite and unattainable:
But I in my meditations have seen hi:-..without sight.
That is indeed the sorrowless land, And none know the path that leads there:
Only he who is on that path
Has surely transcended all sorrow.

Silence is, what it is. Because what we think is sound, that sound, which is everywhere, which is vibrating everywhere, is silent to what we call silence, because we can't hear it with these ears. It is silent.

- Guru Maharaj Ji


Prem Rawat: The Golden Age magazineReally, in this world, there is something to realise which is much more beautiful, more fantastic than we think. In this Knowledge, wou can get to a point where you open your eyes, and you see nothing but Light. At that time, all you -tear is Music, all you can feel is the Word vibrating, all you can really drink is Nectar. It's so beautiful, because everything that inside our body, all that energy,just comes together completely and fills us up.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

The one Word is the source of all things, and all these things speak of that Word. When a man sees all things as that one Word, refers all things to that one Word, then he can be inwardly stable and rest in peace in God.

- Thomas a Kempis

At first a yogi feels his mind
Is tumbling like a waterfall
In mid course like the Ganges
It flows on slow and gentle
In the end it is a great vast ocean
Where the lights of Son and Mother merge in One.

- Tilopa

There falls the rhythmic beat of life and death:
Rapture wells forth, and all space is radiant with light.
There the Unstruck Music is sounded;
it is the sound of the love of the three worlds.
There millions of lamps of sun and of moon are burning;
There the drum beats, and the lover swings in play.
There love-songs resound, and light rains in showers; and the worshipper is entranced in the taste of the heavenly nectar.
Kabir says: There are the wise man is speechless; for this Truth may never be found in Vedas or in books.
- St. Kabir

You will enter gardens watered by running. streams in which you shall abide forever. That is the Supreme triumph.
- Koran

A man thinks "Oh, I am supposed to be that big; I am not supposed to be that progressive in my meditation. I can't do it. It's impossible for me." Well it sure is for you. Because you don't even want to try it. But if you try it, it is not impossible. It's very easy.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

The point of perfection is just all lighted up and waiting for us. We just go in there, peek our heads in there, and see it. It's just light and light and light and light and light.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

The Lord is found when the mind is happily engaged upon the Word.
- Guru Granth Sahib

You can have the same realisation as much as I have, the same experience of this Knowledge as much as I have.
Guru Maharaj J

Cease never in thine intent; but beat ever more on this cloud of unknowing that is betwixt thee and thy God with a sharp dart of longing love.
- The Cloud of Unknowing

Let us realise that we have within us a most splendid palace built entirely of gold and precious stones; … within this palace dwells the mighty king who has deigned to become your Father, and who is seated on a throne of priceless value - by which I mean your heart.
- St. Teresa


For you there is an advent of the Soul towards the Divine Light, therefore shall your heart and soul in the end attain to union with that Light. With your heart and soul, seek to regain Reality, nay, seek for Reality within your own heart, for Reality, in Truth, is hidden within you. The heart is a dwelling place of that which is the Essence of the universe, within the heart and soul is the very Essence of God. Like the saints, make a journey into yourself; like the lovers of God, cast one glance within you. As a lover, now, in contemplation of the Beloved, be unveiled within and behold the Essence. Form is a veil to you and your heart is a veil. When the veil vanishes, you will become all light.
- Attar

And this Knowledge being natural, being so, so natural, you don't have to used get to it. It's just, let it flow. Just put yourself in the experience; it'll take you right there and there you will be in the experience.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

The perfect Tao is without difficulty "' Follow your nature and accord with the Tao;
Saunter along and stop worrying … If you work on your mind with your mind
How can you avoid an immense confusion…
- Seng-ts'an

But to get to that point, we need one thing, and really bad: and that's the grace. And once the grace is with us, we can be doing anything and have this experience with us. And this is all what we are trying to reach.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

This is how it has to be. Just let ourselves relate into that most holy, fantastic experience that we always wanted. Let that experience just make us vibrate and vibrate and vibrate. Because that's what it does.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

That's the point - you get into it. And stop bothering! Understand?
- Guru Maharaj Ji

Like the empty sky it has no boundaries, Yet it is right in this place, ever profound and clear.
When you seek to know it, you cannot see it.
You cannot take hold of it.
But you cannot lose it.
In not being able to get it, you get it. When you are silent; it speaks.
When you speak, it is silent,
The great gate is wide open to bestow alms,
And no crowd is blocking the way.
- Cheng-tao Ke (34)

Many premies have confusion about the Word. Now they think the Word is something they are going to speak. No, that Word is within inside of us, and we have to concentrate on that vibration coming within inside of us. You don't have to pronounce it. It's already being pronounced. We have to concentrate ourselves in that self-pronounced Word which is vibrating within inside of us. And then, when we do that, that's when the real concentration comes.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

By devotion to the Master, one beholds the Lord.
- Guru Nanak

Realise how much importance there is to it when Guru Maharaj Ji comes and tries to help you through. How small you are compared to the whole universe, and that whole universe compared to something called infinity. We have no idea how big it is and how small it is. And yet in that, we have to scan our way. For a man to try himself, forget it. Just forget it. But, somebody who already knows, all he has to do is say "Listen. Here is the chart. Go with it, and you'll be right there where you want to be".
- Guru Maharaj Ji

Therefore, trust the Physician and drink his remedy in silence and in tranquillity.
- Kahlil Gibran

I am the light of this world, he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.
- Jesus

In this whole life there is no one can give any credit to except my Guru Maharaj Ji, because he has taken me away from all the confusion and put me into such a beautiful spot.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

Guru Maharaj Ji is that rhythm that's beating constantly, showing us the way. We have to get into that rhythm and stay in it. But because we're young in in this Knowledge, it's like teaching a baby to clap. You say "Come on baby," and you teach the baby. The baby may kind of do it, but then, because it can't concenrate fully enough, it fades away. But slowly, the baby learns to clap to the rhythm.

There is a rhythm that's always going. Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us that rhythm, and we can stay with it. It's really something we can do. And we do it right now. It's so beautiful that he's shown us this and that he is that rhythm himself, and he's here now for us.
- Durga Ji

We just have to concentrate, and everything happens automatically.
- Guru Maharaj Ji

Better than a thousand words is one single Word that gives peace.
- The Dhammapada

My pleasure is to see the flower sow, grow and bloom. So do it. The Grace is always with you everything is with you. Just bloom.
- Guru Maharaj Ji