Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1975INTERNATIONAL



During January, Guru Maharaj Ji made a tour of South America, seeing most of the premies there for the first time.

The tour got off to a successful start with a program in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although the premie community in Brazil is small, the program was well organised and beautifully executed. About 300 premies and 300 aspirants from Sao Paulo and the small centres in Rio and Salvador heard Maharaj Ji give satsang about premies' responsibility in realising Knowledge.

Next stop was Buenos Aires, Argentina. Guru Maharaj Ji enjoyed this city a great deal. The program was attended by about 1,200 people, including 230 premies from Uruguay, 30 from Paraguay, and premies from the Brazilian centres of Cordoba and Mara de Plata. Durga Ji gave satsang first, expressing the importance of recognising and appreciating Guru Maharaj Ji, and of being in tune with his directions. When Guru Maharaj Ji gave satsang it seemed as though he was speaking to every person in the audience - guest, aspirant or premie. Some premies who attended had received Knowledge in the Mission's early days and disappeared, but came to see Guru Maharaj Ji on receiving a letter about the program. Maharaj Ji spoke for a long time, giving the premies such a positive boost that after the program there was dancing in the streets. Michael Dettmers described the Argentinian premies as "people who are very close to the heart".

200 premies from Mendoza, in Western Argentina, played host to 300 of their Chilean brothers and sisters, as well as to 100 premies who travelled over from Buenos Aires. Guru Maharaj Ji gave very touching satsang explaining the importance of Knowledge, and how satsang, service, meditation and darshan are all part of the practice of Knowledge. He seemed to be aiming at the Chilean premies who don't have the opportunity to operate as openly as Divine Light Mission does in other countries.

The following day, Guru Maharaj Ji held a special recording session with the Heavenly Choir and the Band of Love, premies from Buenos Aires. Maharaj Ji really enjoyed the Argentinian group and their Spanish devotional songs.


Meanwhile, Guru Maharaj Ji's brother, Raja Ji, has been touring in North America. He is addressing both premie and public audiences there in preparation for Maharaj Ji's North American tour this coming Spring (that's our Autumn

In Los Angeles, The public program was full to capacity with 150 guests and 450 premies attending. The premie program was powerful. Everyone's satsang was right in synch with the others, and Raja Ji's words hit their target in many premies' hearts.

In Atlanta, Raja Ji gave sang about the importance of love in our lives to premies from Georgia and Alabama.