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Recently The Golden Age has had requests for a Letters to the Editor page. So we've decided to print excerpts of a letter from a premie in Yatala Prison, Adelaide in the hope it will inspire others to contribute news, ideas and satsang.

Dear Editor,

Jai Satchitanand. Having read The Golden Age and your appeal for premies to communicate, I thought I'd start the ball rolling with my contribution of our activities here in Yatala Labour Prison. I am one of the five inmates here who have received Knowledge which we have been practising for six months. We have formal satsang every Saturday afternoon for two hours when premies come in from the Adelaide community. Informal satsang is all the time anywhere in the prison where inmates are well aware of DLM

Last week we had a record attendance with twenty inmates attending and six Adelaide premies. The atmosphere was so high, really blissful. It's enough to inspire us all through the week.

The prison authorities are very happy with the whole program and are assisting us in every possible way. With some luck we will be starting hatha yoga courses twice a week for our WWA program. We have in the making a creativity project where we are pooling ideas together in regard to hobby work (art, marble craft, string craft, etc.) to keep us occupied in our spare time.

Divine Light Mission is indeed flowering here at Yatala and such beautiful flowers they are. It seems as though Guru Maharaj Ji is looking over the walls every now and again and just fulfilling our requirements. Such is his Grace and we all love him so very much for bringing us from darkness into light - his Light.

There was a lot of scepticism on behalf of the authorities some ten months ago when premies were asked to write or visit us. The blissful state we were left in after being subjected to satsang elevated us so much, we were so high on pure feeling that everyone was sure we were going for a weekly joint, and afterwards we were searched by the officers. But what they didn't realise was the high, that beautiful high was an inner state of peace and premies were bringing it in every week and leaving it with us to share with our fellow inmates. After we received Knowledge, it was just too much for them. We were happy, smiling, laughing; we were peaceful, loving and understanding and they were dumbfounded.

Mahatma Padarthanand raised the roof with his loving kindness and words of wisdom - do service, satsang and meditation. We started off by serving breakfast to all the inmates every morning and greeting them with a happy smile. A formal satsang was launched by Ray Gunning every lunch time (12 to 1) in the compound area and a shed was provided for this. Leaflets. newsletters and books were cloth-bound and placed in the prison library. Pictures and photographs of Guru Maharaj Ji were everywhere.

We would love to hear from anyone in this family of love. Write to us, satsang, suggestions, support, a photo of yourself, of Guru Maharaj Ji. Tell us what you are doing.

In His Love
Daryle Snelling

If you want to write to all the premies in Yatala, care of Daryle, the address is:-

Box 53, G.P.O. Adelaide. S.A. 5001

Please avoid any disparaging remarks about prisons, as mail is often checked by the prison authorities.

Premie visits to Yatala Labour Prison in South Australia resulted in five prisoners receiving Knowledge earlier this year.

After Mahatma Padarthanand commented on the ideal, almost ashram-like environment Yatala became known as The Ashram on the Hill.




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