The Golden Age



Darshan inspires and opens us up to the seemingly endless vision of service. With the advantages of such a refreshment of consciousness and the gathering together of the national and regional staffs of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Sri Lanka, Tuesday is spent in conference in the Hans Heysen Room of the Boulevard Hotel. Bob Mishler, Michael Dettmers, Marino Amico and Derek Harper give a broad perspective of the task before us.

L to R, Derek Harper, Michael Dettmers and Bob Mishler Below are excerpts from Bob Mishler's satsang:

"And so really it takes a lot of effort. And there's no way we can minimise the importance of that effort. In fact it's an essential thing for a disciple on this path to be able to sustain effort. It's a constant challenge just to be alive. And if we don't make the effort to meet the challenge of being alive we'll slip right back into that death walk that we see happening to people all around us all the time.

It takes a great deal of effort to be awake and aware and to be conscious of who we are and what our purpose is. And it's relatively easy to get distracted by being given a specific task and then losing the overall perspective of who we're re serving. Obviously the effort has to be balanced in the way that a human being has to be balanced.

We have to see that there isn't one aspect of our life that is spiritual and there's another aspect which is worldly…. It's very, very easy to delude yourself into thinking that you're a devotee, rather than being devoted.

And over the past couple of years Guru Maharaj Ji has done just about everything to break down every conception about what is the outward model of behaviour for being a devotee, to the point where you're not going to be able to just look at someone and copy them and become a devotee. That by being very quiet and solemn during your meal that that's going to make you very spiritual.

If you cling to any type of conceptualisation of what devotion is, all you're doing is thinking about being a devotee rather than devoting your life. And that's the difference between thinking about doing meditation, and meditating. And the only way to get beyond the conceptual level on the path of Knowledge is through direct experience.

Direct experience is not facilitated by fragmentation of our being when the thing that we're supposed to be realising is the totality of being. We have a tendency to reinforce all this fragmentation of our being when we see that one aspect of our life is spiritual and another aspect of our life is worldly and so on.

For someone who has this Knowledge, everything in this incredible creation becomes a spiritual experience. We're living in a material world, it's true. We're housed in a material body and it's a vehicle for our perception. Yet if we identify with that physical body it becomes the limits of our perception contained within that body.

So we need to have the focus in our life to be able to do whatever we're doing perfectly. But at the same time we can't become rigid and conceptual as a result of that focus. It has to be applied with understanding so that we're aware of how and what we are doing fits into the overall plan. Which revolve-simply around one factor, and that is for each one of this whole world is just a set. It's just a stage, and everyone in it is just a prop, and there is one thing happening. And that is that you are becoming aware about the Truth through your own perception. the only way that you can do that is to follow the instructions that you've been given.

Guru Maharaj Ji gives you Knowledge for the purpose of experiencing Truth and obtaining liberation and gives you directions as to how to realise it, and you don't follow those instructions that he's given you, how can you expect to end up at the place of Truth and liberation

Service is a connection, a connection to agya. And each and every one of us has to take the full responsibility for our own actions, to be able to do them perfectly. If you're going to be a housemother, you're going to be perfect housemother. If you're going to be a nation:- director, you're going to be a perfect one. And the way that you're going to be perfect by making constant effort because you're never going to be perfect in that sense. So that is only going to give you something to keep reaching for.

The thing that's important is the fact that we have opened that door to the limitless


No.24, November, 1975

perception that leads to liberation in this life. And it's up us to continue. Then by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace he'll bring along everyone who is supposed to come. That's not your responsibility. If he tells to do some service that is aimed at doing propagation, then he's using us as a channel to bring those who are supposed to come along. But you're not doing that, he's doing that through us. The service for us isn't so that we can go out and save the world. It's occupational therapy to keep us from going crazy, to keep us moving along the path.

It doesn't really matter whether you get WWA going so fantastically in Adelaide or you plant fruit trees all over Australia. If you don't realise Truth, what is it going to mean? Because everybody has got a good idea about how to serve humanity. In fact there are four billion people in the world today who all have ideas about it. That's precisely the problem. There are a lot of ideas about what to do with this world, but the only solution has nothing to do with any ideas.

It has to do with leaving ideas behind, and entering upon this path of perfection. So you begin to understand, if we're going to follow this path of perfection, the necessity of having a network of communications that allows us all to know the instructions of Guru Maharaj Ji. Of being under the protection of his agya, the shelter of his instructions. And that's why we created this international organisation. Because that's what he told us to do. Because that's what he wants to provide for all the premies."


If you could pick out a feeling to sum up the first Pacific Guru Puja, it would be one individuals and communities alike realising and joining themselves to a greater consciousness of a family unfettered by nations and cultures. If you could pick out a unique sensation, it would be the flow of time from the Capitol Theatre to the Opera House, which seemed to reflect the stretch of awareness from the first days in Australia up until now. If you could hold onto a beautiful truth, it would be all our efforts to catch planes, organise festivals and attend programs realised as unimportant alongside of the river of his Grace which awaits on the other side of the mountain. It happens all the time.


'Mahatma' PadarthanandBefore his departure for Hans Jayanti and an undisclosed future in propagation, Mahatma Padarthanand Ji returned to Sydney for the Pacific Guru Puja and a series of post-festival programs at William Street. Both he and Julie Collet, OT saw Guru Maharaj Ji personally at the Boulevard Hotel and Julie was given agya to do Knowledge reviews. For over two years, Mahatma Ji has served Australia with inspiration and love, and there is no way to express what a beautiful channel of Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace he has been for us. There's no gift that's a suitable farewell present except our best wishes and love, and the hope that some day in the play of this cosmic game that the same old Mahatma and his same old Australian friends may meet again. Jai Satchitanand and bon voyage, Mahatma Ji.