Pacific Guru Puja 1975 Sunday Fair
Pacific Guru Puja 1975 Sunday Fair

The early risers of the following day step into the wonder of the Sunday Fair, held at the Sydney Showground. The mock Tudor facade of the Horticultural Pavilion looks down on green fields and premies encircling a small pond leapt by a concrete rainbow called a bridge. By the garden wall a stage is set up, bands play, puppets cavort, an Aboriginal dancer evokes the mystery of dreamland in the midst of a feeling too real to be true.

The Cafe de Paris does a roaring trade in gelato ice-cream (especially to the security team), skateboarders cut swathes through the crowds on the private streets, Mr. Boggs the chimpanzee imitates the social graces of human beings. The meal queue grows longer. It rains, but no-one cares. Everybody waits for darshan.


Pacific Guru Puja 1975 Sunday Fair Darshan Line

Three o'clock comes, Maharaj Ji steps into the Rothman's Theatre. Rainbow Music steps into song. The queue moves. Darshan begins, to be described later that night by Durga Ji as "very mellow".


Prem Rawat aka Maharaji at Giving Darshan Pacific Guru Puja (Guru Worship) in 1975
Pacific Guru Puja 1975 Sunday Fair