The Golden Age



Pacific Guru Puja at the Sydney Opera House in 1975

If the Capitol Theatre is the crow, then the Opera House is the swan, made more beautiful by the company of truth. Set like sails or folded like a lotus above the waters of Sydney Harbour, the Opera House opens its Concert Hall for the last darshan program of the festival.

Upon a red and silver stage backed by a picture of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj Ji and suspended discs of rainbow-faceted perspex, One Foundation lays down the beat for four thousand clapping hands and enriches the pauses between speakers - Faith Healy, New Zealand national director, Mahatma Padarthanand, and Bob Mishler, international director of the Mission.

Maharaj Ji arrives in his Krishna costume and we all join voices in a shout of praise. Guru Maharaj Ji launches right into the story of the princess who lost her pearl necklace, with hilariously graphic descriptions of "the king, the general and a good part of the army diving in and out of the dirty water", mistaking a reflection of life for the real thing.

He talks more about festivals, thanks everyone for the Pacific Guru Puja. He mentions the upcoming Hans Jayanti in Orlando, Florida, and points out that it is possible that next year's Hans Jayanti could happen in Australia, if we keep developing, keep on growing as a community. In short, "keep on truckin'".

The mind is worked on both in words and spirit as Maharaj Ji explains that it is "the mind's grace" that has created the situation of the world today. And once again it is the mind's grace which takes us away from meditation, but Maharaj Ji points out that it is the loser who fights really hard to survive.

He gives the example of driving his motor home over a mountain pass near Denver in first gear, foot to the floor all the way, but once you reach the divide, the top, you can coast almost all the way to California. Same way with the mind - realising God has its drawbacks only if you stop on the upgrade. It is the effort of his premies that makes Maharaj Ji happy, as as he sees, around the world. communities coming together to realise Knowledge.

The night draws to a beautiful close with arti, Maharaj Ji wearing his crown and Durga Ji swaying to the music Premlata in her arms.

Pacific Guru Puja at the Sydney Opera House in 1975