After serving Australia with love and attention for over two years, Mahatma Padarthanand Ji has embarked on a Pacific tour. His travels will encompass

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan … returning to Australia … ing Festival before leaving for Hans Jayanti in Florida and an undisclosed future in other countries. As … a replacement remains a mystery.

Mahatma PadarthanandMahatma Ji's constant example of love and devotion has been a great inspiration to us all, combined with those of play and a heart wide open to giving and receiving love. His farewell satsang at William Street in Sydney typifies the insight and practicality of all his words to us.

The music of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" provided the opening cue for Mahatma Ji's first few lines,

"What is the door of heaven? Can you please tell me, because I want to go there …"

He then went on to explain that, for many practical people, heaven had become a fantasy word, dry and non-factual, surrounded by useless ideas and concepts. These people had tried to exemplify their physical heaven in Australia by creating Surfers' Paradise, Mahatma Ji said. And those who believe in heaven so often do so from blind faith - they picture it somewhere over the clouds where relatives will come to pick them up, say hello, and arrange a party. They think charitable work is their ticket, gaining them entrance to heaven "not in this life, but after death".

However, Mahatma Ji pointed out, this idea runs contrary to the teachings of the Masters who say that the "Kingdom of heaven is within". He supported his biblical evidence with quotations from the Bhagavad Gita describing self-effulgent light as the supreme abode within the heart of every human being. Mahatma ji said that some people realise that they have to be innocent like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven but at the same time wish to misuse their mind and intellect.

He went on to explain that, to enter the kingdom of heaven, we also had to be born again into the Spirit and the Word of God, which is unspeakable.

"That's the key of the door. But that's the question again - who will give this key? So on this real spiritual level, not on fantasy level or blind faith level, the kingdom of heaven is within. And first of all we need to be humble and innocent like a child. And then we shall have to be born again. And for that we need someone … To be born physically, we need mother and father. Similarly, to be born again we need living Perfect Master. He can give that key".

Mahatma Ji further explained the need for searching for searching for heaven in the right place. He reminded us of Guru Maharaj Ji

festival that the kingdom of heaven is here and now; that not only was he saying it but millions are experiencing heaven at Guru Maharaj Ji's feet.

"They are in heaven already. They don't think, they don't wish, they don't imagine, they don't desire to go in heaven because they are already in heaven … When we meditate sincerely, we find ourselves there".

His satsang turned more towards his premie audience as he elaborated on the "mad elephant mind" and the need for personal discrimination and effort.

"This is not child's play. This is not joke and fun. This is not any trip. We have to sacrifice. We have to keep aside so many of our crazy trips … For this soul trip we need strength.

We can't put knowledge in our

we have to go at our own speed with the help of the beautiful family environment provided by Maharaji.

"Having this Knowledge we have to understand that we have more responsibility for ourselves and at the same time we have responsibilityy for our brothers and sisters. If we are not clear about this Knowledge, how are we going to make it clear to anyone else

Mahatma Ji then pointed out that the greatest obstacle to propagation is our own laziness. He illustrated this point with an hilarious tale about three drunken travellers who came to rest open-mouthed under a berry tree. Fruit falls off continually and hits them on the face, but never lands in their mouth and they are too lazy to move themselves to catch berries. After a while, one becomes angry and complains to the others that they are too lazy to pick up berries and put them in his mouth. Then another complains that there are flies around his mouth and no-one has been selfless enough to brush them away. The third one grumbles that the other two are the laziest because neither have removed the dog that has been kissing his mouth.

"So my dear brothers and sisters, having this Knowledge, coming under that tree which is full of heavenly fruits, if we are too lazy, too intoxicated, we can't even pick up that fruit. We can point at each other, we can criticise, but we have to understand that no-one is perfect here. We have to be sensible. Then by the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji, we can distribute that fruit."