NO 23     SEPTEMBER 1975

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 1975It's You

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Guru Puja Celebration in Caracas, Venezuela on July 25th, 1975.

Dear Premies,

This is the last night of this function, and I really hope that all the premies, and even the non-premies who are here, have understood and realised something. Because, like Marolyn was saying, we come into this life, we take our first breath, and if we really look at it, before we even realise that we have come into our last part, we are gone. We come into this world not necessarily to go away, but we do go away. And we come for a certain purpose. This purpose has to be accomplished.

It's like, we have been sent here, and we are a special gang. Our mission is to destroy, to abolish, this crazy thing called mind, this crazy thing called confusion. We are here to abolish the crazy thing which is inside of us, which is like a parasite - this mind.

So every individual really notices that, yes, we have to get rid of this parasite. They really feel that they have some mission in this world to accomplish, so they want to go to somebody who is an expert in demolition, who is an expert in just dynamiting the whole thing. And we search.

Because we are very interested in this, we go and read scriptures. Now, I don't have anything against scriptures, but the thing is, let me give you an example of what scriptures are. Before Ram came, there was the Ramayana. Before Christ came, there was the Bible. This is a very strange thing. Because Christ came in the Middle East, and Ram came in India. But before they even came, their history was there. It was a scripture, but nobody understood it. Really, if you look at it, only those people who realised the Knowledge in that lifetime were really able to understand what the Perfect Masters said, not other people.

Believe me, at the time of Christ there were learned people. There were people who probably owned, in their library, a copy of the Bible. Believe me, at the time of Ram, there were very, very learned people who, in their library, owned a copy of the Ramayana. Okay? Full stop. Question mark comes, "Did that do them any good?"

It is something that I don't have to point out. It is something that we can sit down and think about and try to realise. Did that really do any good? No. The only good it did was to caution people about something, but people mistook it, and they called He who came - the Lord, Christ -the anti-Christ, the one that they were supposed to run away from.

Another example I give which will really make it more clear for all the premies, is that, when you are driving on a freeway, they have these big signs that say, "Malibu", or they say, "Pacific Coast Highway", or they say, "Santa Monica". So, I start from Malibu, and my destination is Santa Monica. I am driving on this big three lane highway where everybody is going really fast, and there are cops all around.

Then, all of a sudden, I look up, and it says, "Santa Monica", and it has an arrow. My destination is Santa Monica, and it's got an arrow pointing down towards the road. I say, "Great. That wasn't too far." And I stop right under that sign. I mean, if I am lucky, probably nobody is gonna come behind and smash into the car. That's only if I am lucky.

So nobody does, and I stand there. According to the sign, I am in Santa Monica. But am I? No. I wait a little while, and here comes two bright flashing red lights, a siren, and a cop gets out. He says, "Get out of this highway! What are you doin?!" He takes you, gives you a nice, huge ticket and there you are!

We have driven cars on highways, but we have never done that. Why not? I mean, that's what it says. It has an arrow, and it says, "Santa Monica". It has a big, huge arrow, and it points right down. But we know that that points out that if you want to go to Santa Monica, you should be in that lane, not that that is Santa Monica.

But, premies, have we ever thought that that's exactly the way we are with the scriptures? Scriptures say, "Realise God. Realise your Lord. Realise the One." The Gita says, "Go to the feet of Perfect Master of the time," not of the past. Because you see, we need a doctor of our time, we need a ruler of our time, and we need a Perfect Master of our time. There have been great doctors, but now they have passed away, and the best we can do is to build a statue of them in the middle of an intersection. Every time we go through there, we look at him, and that's about it. There have been great leaders, gone away, and the best we can do is to celebrate some day for them, or build a big statue of them, and that's about it. Because they are no good to us.

A doctor who is already dead cannot do us any good; the ruler who is dead cannot do us any good. Okay? And I'll leave the third thing for your own consideration, because I have given you two examples. There are three things that we need in our lifetime, and the third one is something that you have got to understand.

You see, we can never tie down the Lord, the perfect thing, and expect him to do something. I'll give you three examples of three popular Perfect Masters: Christ, Ram, and Krishna. Here is Krishna, who is supposed to be the Perfect Master, and he's supposed to tell people to love each other. He is supposed to tell them, "Look, everything is okay. Realise the Knowledge, because you are here for some purpose." But he goes down into the battlefield, and you know what he tells Arjun? "Fight." I mean, he tells him one thing, "Fight."

We would never understand that if that ever happened, if the Perfect Master came and he said, "Fight!" We would say, "What do you mean?" And that's exactly what Arjun did. He said, "I am not gonna fight. These people are very respectable to me. I have loved these people. They have taught me how to fight. How can I use the same technique that they have taught me against them?"

Krishna gave him satsang that compiles into about this thick of a book, and it is one of the widest read books in India. In it, he tells Arjun, he convinces him in every manner, "Arjun, I am the Lord, and I command you to fight." That's what he said, something that's totally opposite of what we would expect.

Another example is of Ram's time. Ram loved everybody. He was supposed to be a person who obeyed every law, every practice that mankind had made. Sita, his wife, was stolen by Ravana, who is the villain of that particular scripture. When she comes back, everything is okay, but then,

NO 23     SEPTEMBER 1975
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji with his wife Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson then known as Durga Ji  at a dude ranch in 1974

all of a sudden, this question arises, "Well, maybe she is not pure anymore."

So Ram says, "Okay, we will test her." I mean, it's a documented fact. People might not believe it, but it is a documented fact that he said, "Okay, we will test her by fire. We will put her on this fire, and if she is pure, nothing will happen to her. If she isn't pure, she'll burn."

Well, that's exactly what they did. They put her on the fire, and she didn't burn. Ram said, "Great, that should convince everybody." Ram did this in the same kingdom where he taught love, where he taught the practice of however crazy a person might be, however much of a sinner a person might be, love him, accept him, because if you take someone that's already thrown away, and throw him away again, that is no good. If a person falls down, you are not supposed to take him and throw him down again. You are supposed to help him get up.

This very same guy, this very same Master, because of one person, he doubted. Ram left Sita, his wife to the fire test. Then after a little while, he realised that that was not the right thing to do. So he chased her, ran after her, and said, "Oh,forgive me. This was all a little bit cuckoo. It's okay." But, you know what she probably said? "Forget it." Because she never came back.

Christ, the Lord, who made all natural laws, who made it so that when a person was put to death, he was supposed to be dead, after he died, he came back again. He came back for a certain reason.

You see, these examples prove that the Lord is Almighty, he is All Perfect. He can come in any form, any way, any time, any second, he wants to. We cannot say, "Well, that is the time he is gonna come," because if we can limit him, then it's a little bit funny. Because then he is limited. Then where is his perfectness?

Every time, a Perfect Master has shown us that he is unlimited. He can do anything he wants to do. Be crucified, be dead, and still be able to come back.

So, premies, besides all the prophecies of this world, one thing we have to realise is that he is always with us. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. So where does he come, and where does he go, a Lord who is All Perfect? You see, you can never take a lamp into darkness. Tell me, how can you? If that light can go into darkness, then what kind of a light is it? If you take the lamp into darkness, it'll chase the darkness into light. That is one of its qualities.

Same thing with the Perfect Master. Wherever he goes, wherever he is, that is his dwelling. That's where he is, that's where he lives, that's where he stays. But because of our crazy mind, we always contradict ourselves by saying, "Lord is going to come," "he is omnipresent." If he is omnipresent, then where is he going to come from? That means he is not omnipresent. Or if he is, then he is always here. That is what we have to realise, that form of him that is omnipresent!

Okay, for people who believe that he is going to come, let me tell you an advantage you have if you realise him as omnipresent. Say what happens is that today is the twenty-fifth of July, 1975. And, on the twenty-fifth, we leave our body. Okay? And we go to the place that we are supposed to go to. On the twenty-sixth, the very next day, the Lord comes into this world. You see, we did everything in our lifetime to go to the Lord, to be one with the Lord, to see the Lord. But we miss him by twelve hours. By the time we get there, he is down here. You see?

But if we realise him as omnipresent, then it would not matter, because we would never miss him. Even if he comes here, he is there for us. And if we are here, he is here for us.

There are two things you can do. You can have a ring, and you can wear a ring. You can have a ring, and you can put it under your pillow and forget about it. But, if you wear the ring, then whenever, wherever you go, it's always right there. You see? This is why a lot of people wear their rings all the time. They make it a practice, because every time they take it off and put it on the sink, they forget it there. Or when they take it off and put it under their pillow they forget it there. So they make it a habit to always keep it on their fingers.

Well, that's something very worldly. How about something that we are here for - to experience the Lord, to experience that love, to experience that Truth? How about putting it on so it's always with you? So wherever you go, it doesn't follow you, it's not in front of you, but it's always with you, and it's you!

Marolyn was giving satsang, and she said that we can be like Guru Maharaj Ji. And this is one difference between

NO 23     SEPTEMBER 1975

Guru Maharaj Ji and everything else. We can speak like a monkey, we can imitate the sound of a donkey, or hiss like a snake. But, premies, by doing that, we don't become a monkey. By doing that, we don't become a donkey. By doing that, we don't become a snake.

Prem Rawat (Maharaji) Dressed As Krishna 1975 So realise, understand. Because you see, we have to be one with something. Like I was saying yesterday, we don't want to be related to God at all. That's an extremely bad thing, to be related to God. Suppose somebody sits down and says, "Oh God, I want to be your brother." But one thing we know is that we are not his brother, because we want to be his brother.

But God tries us out, and he says, "Okay. I'll accept you as my brother." And us being as imperfect as we are, we really blow it one day. So he says, "Get outa here. Forget it." And there we are. We are all by ourselves again.

But you see, the trick behind it is, if we become one with God, become one with the Truth, then we cannot be separated, because we are the Truth, we are that vibration, we are that love, we are that everything that we want to be. So, premies, realise it.

Some people think that they can get hold of it by chanting. Some people think by going to a holy river and diving in it, they can do it. Some people think that by taking ashes and putting them over their body, that's the answer. Or by having long hair and long beards, that that is the answer.

But let me tell you what Kabirdas thinks of this. He thinks that by diving in the holy river, you cannot be liberated. The reason why you cannot be liberated is because fish stay in that holy water all the time, and they never ever get liberated. So what's so special about you that you dive in and get liberated? He thinks that peacocks have very long hairs. They never get liberated by having them. What's so special about man that if he has long hair he will get liberated? He says that the woman who cooks all day long in the fire and gets ash all over her body, she never gets liberated. So what's so special about you?

But, he says, the people who realise this Holy Word, who become one with that vibration, always get liberated, always get to the point that they want to be.

Tell me, premies, when you want to take a taxi, what do you do? You put your hand up, the taxi driver pulls over, and he stops. So what do you do? Do you tell him to lead your way, and you will run after the taxicab? Or do you tell him to follow you? That you will run in front of the taxicab, and he should follow you? Or do you sit down in it? You sit down in it. You go inside of it, so that wherever the taxi goes, you go. And that's exactly what you have got to do. You've got to become one, so that wherever that perfection goes, you'll go, so that you can always be in that vibration.

Many people think by charity we can be liberated. They think, "We give things, and that's a very good thing." Well, it is. I don't say that that's a bad thing. I sometimes give things away. But not because I think I am going to get liberated by it.

I'll tell you a story about exactly what happens to people who think, "Oh, if we give away things, then that's the answer; that's the solution." Maybe there are some people here who believe that, and some who don't. But let me tell you, there are a lot, a lot of people who do, who really believe that. I can tell you about three billion in one country who do. Not million, billion, in one country who believe that. That's their solution.

This story I used to tell a long time ago. There was this rich man, and he was very, very mean. He thought, "I have earned this money out of my own sweat, and I shouldn't give it away." But one time he came to the point where he gave two cents to a little kid. Another time he gave five cents to this old man.

Then it came the time for him, and he had to leave his body. He said, "Well, I am supposed to go to heaven, because I have done everything good." He goes to heaven, and he knocks on the door. God's secretary comes, opens the door up, and says, "Yeah. What do you want?" He says, "I want to enter heaven."

The secretary thinks, "This guy must be a kook, because he just comes and knocks on the door and says, "I want to enter heaven." What does he think this is, some kinda joke?" But he says, "Why don't you wait. I'll ask God."

So he goes back, and he says, "God, there is somebody at the door. He knocked, and I opened it up, and the guy said he wants to enter heaven." God himself was very amazed, because this was very unusual. This didn't happen every day. So he said, "Well, let's see what happens. Let him in."

The guy came in, and God said, "Well, have you done anything good that you should deserve to be in heaven?" The guy scratched his head, and scratched his head, and scratched his head. Finally, he says, "Yeah. One time I gave two cents to a little kid." So God said, "Well … Anything else?" The guy scratched his head again, again, and again, and he said, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I gave five cents to this old man." God said, "Well, anything else?" And the man said, "No."

God was sort of in a funny position, because the man had given some money in charity, which was good. But it wasn't good enough for him to enter heaven. So he didn't know what to do. He sat down and thought and thought and thought, and he couldn't figure it out. Then he turned around to his secretary, and said, "Well, what do you suggest we should do with this person?" The secretary said, "God, why don't you give him seven cents and tell him to go to hell?"

And this is what he did. He gave him seven cents and said, "Go back."

Really, we have to understand that whatever we do in this world is very physical. And our Lord, that perfectness, is infinite. It's not very physical. So it's like standing on this stage and trying to touch that ceiling. It's awfully hard to do that, because it's so high. But here we are in this world, and this is exactly what we are trying to do. We are here on this world, in this very physical level, trying to touch by our own hand something which is totally infinite. Well, let me tell you something, it doesn't work.

So, premies, realise what this Truth is, what this Knowledge is. I am here to tell every premie who has realised this Knowledge to do meditation, satsang and service. Because that brings love. That puts you in the taxicab itself, so that you can go wherever the taxicab goes.

And I am here for the people who have not realised this Knowledge, to tell them, "Please do." Because this is the reason why we are in this world. Just realise and understand.

I hope that I get an opportunity to come back to Latin America very soon. Actually, it's not very bad; it's not a very long flight to come here. And, I have heard about a lot of places that are really beautiful in this part of the world. We have been planning for the last few days, reading a few books about the whole of Latin America, and it's really beautiful. So, I hope someday we will be able to come and instead of having only this festival, and having only premies assemble here, we will have everybody come. Premies and non-premies. We'll have everybody listen to satsang; have everybody experience just a part of this bliss which is satsang; let everybody know that perfectness can be attained in this lifetime. It's here, and it is for us. It is for nobody else, but it's all for us. -

This is what I've been trying to say in the last two days, that it's for us. It's like a person who is very, very hungry, and he comes into this village. The people find out about him, and the chief of the village prepares this huge, huge, huge meal - everything, every dish that it is possible to prepare. He invites the guy over, and he says, "Here it is." But the guy just sits down and looks around, his mouth is watering, but he doesn't eat.

The chief asks him, "Why aren't you eating?" He says, "Well, I am just waiting for the other people to come." The chief says, "But, this is all for you. For you alone." The man answers, "Oh. I didn't realise that." Then he looks around, 360 degrees, and it's all food. He doesn't know what to think of it. You know? And the chief says, "No, no. Go ahead, eat, it's all for you." Well, it comes to the point where the man can't even believe that it's offered.

It's like that superman example, where this guy goes into this town, and he looks for a superman comic. He looks, and he looks, and he looks. He goes to every bookstore, and he can't find a superman comic. Then he starts visiting every shop, but he can't find a comic. He goes to every house in the town, looking for this superman comic, and he can't find it.

So he gets very frustrated. He is very, very tired. He doesn't know what to do, but he needs this superman comic. Then he goes into his hotel, and he is so mad, he is so frustrated, that he

NO 23     SEPTEMBER 1975

says, "Coo, I'd like to just do anything." He just gets to that point. He is sitting in this hotel, chewing his fingernails off, and he is just very mad.

All of a sudden, he hears a knock on his door. He says, "Oh, brother. Who is here to disturb me now?" He opens up the door, looks straight, and there is nobody there. Then he looks down, and there is this little bitty kid, just really a cute, beautiful, humble, little child standing there with something under his t-shirt.

The guy is so frustrated, he says, Whadda you want? Why did you have to pick on me for? Leave me alone, forget about it!" The kid just looks up with his beautiful, wide eyes and says, "You want a superman comic, mister?" The guy says, "Forget it, man. What do you gotta tease me for?" And the kid says, "But I got it."

The guy just gets very furious at him and says, "Don't tease me; don't pick on me!" Then the kid opens his t-shirt up and takes out this beautiful, beautful superman comic. And it just blows the guy's mind, just tears him apart.

This is exactly what happens. We are looking and looking for this Knowledge; we search everywhere. Then we can't find that peace; we can't find that thing. So we give up and we are very frustrated from this life. Then the Perfect Master comes and says, "Do you want it? We got it!" And you say, "Forget it, man. What are you talkin' about? There is no peace in this world." But before you know, the Perfect Master pulls it out of his shirt, hands it to you, and what can you say?

It's exactly like that hungry man, when he finds out that the whole dish is for him. I know it's too good to believe, but it's all for us. Because we all experience that Knowledge individually.

So understand, and give satsang to people. Give satsang to each other, give satsang to non-premies, and encourage them. Because you see, maybe I have been graced to experience this Knowledge all the time, and graced to have this agya to continue giving this Knowledge to people. It's so beautiful; it's just very blissful. I have got every grace, I have got everything, and to some people, I am their Perfect Master; I am their Lord. But still, premies are my hands. Every time I have to do something, I have to go through premies.

One poet says, "What is Guru Maharaj Ji's world? What is the Perfect Master's world? His premies. His devotees are his world. He lives with them, he plays with them, he comes for them, and it's them. That's his world."

Premies have the strength to help me reveal this Knowledge to everybody, to this whole world. I am not saying it's just a big, phony idea of mind, or I am somebody crazy that imagines this whole world can have Knowledge. It is true! Everybody can. Because this is what everybody is looking for; this is what everybody needs. Everybody is thirsty, everybody needs water, and that's what we are going to do: we are going to give them all water.

But before we can even approach them and tell them that they need water, you have to go and tell them about this water. This is what premies' functions are, to tell people about this most precious water, this most beautiful water.

So, premies, realise and understand. You have the power to do it. So, do it. Just go out and tell people about this Knowledge. And if you can, and if in that time the whole Mission in this part of the country can grow so much, maybe we can have a Hans Jayanti here. It's not an impossibility. It is very, very possible.

I mean, look, at one time, I had never heard of South America. When I first came to England, I didn't know Canada even existed. All I knew was there was London and America. That was it. And now I do not even know the names of some of these places. I know they exist, but I don't even know the name of them, and still there is prachar there. It's because of the premies that it has been manifested, that it's been made possible. This is why I say, it's very, very possible that everybody in this world can have Knowledge. We just have to be in it; we have to be there.

So thank you very much, and now you are probably going back to your places, back to your ashrams. So understand and develop. Because my pleasure is to see the flower that I sow, grow and bloom. So, do it. The grace is always with you. Just bloom. Gracias.