NO 23     SEPTEMBER 1975

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's wife Durga Ji With Baby Daughter 1975 He's here for us

Satsang given by Durga Ji in Caracas, Venezuela at the Guru Puja Festival July 25, 1975.

Dear Premies,

It's just such grace to be here right now, such grace to be able to be together. And it's such grace to be able to give satsang. To have this experience and not be able to sing the glories of it is too painful. It's so beautiful that Maharaj Ji has given us this tongue to be able to speak of the beauty that we're experiencing inside.

Today, we had darshan, and every time I see a darshan line like this, it's just so incredible. It's so beautiful because Guru Maharaj Ji is here, and we're realising who Guru Maharaj Ji is. Then to be able to touch his feet is such a gift. I know so many of you really experienced what a gift this is.

We have this Guru Puja Festival, and there is Guru Maharaj Ji, there is our Guru. Guru is the one who shows us. That's all Guru means. Guru is the one who shows us what we've been looking for. When we experience that thing, how can we ever thank this man, this person, this Perfect Master, this Guru, enough? We can't.

Some premies asked Guru Maharaj Ji, "Maharaj Ji, how can we ever thank you for this Knowledge?" Maharaj Ji said, "That's not why you're here. You're not here to thank me. Because you can't. You can't thank me. It's impossible." There's nothing we can do to really thank Maharaj Ji enough. So when we receive this Knowledge, it's our duty to meditate on this Knowledge, and that's fulfilling our purpose. That's our thanks.

It's so beautiful to see all the different faces, all the different colours, all the different places that premies are from. This Knowledge is just like the sun, like water, which is common to all the people of the world. It doesn't matter what colour we are, what we look like, where we're from, water is common for us all. And we need it. In the same way, we need this Knowledge, we need to know this experience. Because in knowing it, we're really fulfilled.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the one who takes a piece of land and sows all kinds of flowers into it. He takes a field, what we call this world, and sows so many different kinds of flowers, so many, many different kinds: orchids, gardenias, daisies, roses, maybe even wildflowers that just grow in the mountains. But to just grow, what is the purpose? So this person who came and planted the seed comes along and picks that flower, and he holds it very dear to him. He looks at that flower and says, "You are very, very beautiful, and I love you very much. I want to wear you as my garland."

He takes all the roses, all the gardenias, all the orchids, all the daisies, all the flowers which we are. We are his flowers, and each one of us is very precious to Guru Maharaj Ji. He takes us, and he sews us together; he makes us one garland. So instead of being just a separate flower, not knowing its purpose, when we receive Knowledge, we become a garland. Then we're no longer just a separate identity, a personality. We're no longer just a person with a name. We're now a garland. We're now one thing. In that way, we become extra beautiful.

When Guru Maharaj Ji picks you, that's it. When Guru Maharaj Ji picks you to be his premie, to be his flower, to be his lover, to be on that garland that he himself wears, there's no greater gift. When we experience this, it's really too much. It's like, "Oh, my Lord, what can we do? I wanted everything in this world. I wanted everything and so I kept searching, searching, searching, searching. Then when I received Knowledge, you gave me everything. Because you gave me yourself."

When Guru Maharaj Ji gives us himself, he gives us everything. Then this whole world really means nothing. We can still live in this world, we can still experience this world, but once we've received Knowledge, we've received the most precious thing. And therefore, the whole world is ours, because we have everything. We have Guru Maharaj Ji.

So many premies say, "Oh, if I could only be like Mahatma Ji," or, "If I could only be like this premie," or, "If I could only be like Durga Ji." This is really nothing, because we are all just flowers. Really our aim is to just be in meditation, to be in this vibration all the time. Not to leave it, but to be in this vibration, to be in this meditation. Then we are one with our Guru Maharaj Ji, and that's where we want to be. So the greatest devotee is Guru Maharaj Ji. We can just pray that Maharaj Ji makes us be like himself, because Guru Maharaj Ji is always in meditation. Guru Maharaj Ji is meditation. In the Bible, it says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Many, many people read this scripture, and yet they don't really understand that that Word is God, and that Jesus Christ, of whom the scriptures speak so much, was the Word made flesh. That's why so many people loved Him. That's why so many people followed Him. Because He was giving an experience. That's why, today, the world still looks at Jesus Christ. He wasn't just an ordinary man. He was the Word made flesh in body. But He also said, "I will come again, and you will not know Me as you know Me now. But I will be here when you need Me. When you call out for Me, I will be there."

Guru Maharaj Ji has shown us this Word. And we realise that only that being who knows that Word, who is that Word, can show us that. No one else can. So by meditating on this Knowledge, we realise that Guru Maharaj Ji is this Word, he is this Knowledge, he is this meditation. That's why his darshan becomes so precious, and why his Knowledge becomes precious.

Guru Maharaj Ji is the greatest devotee. And that's what our example should be. Because, you know, this world is full of so many different things, premies. There are so many distractions to take us away. Yet, whenever we go away, we feel the separation. We feel the pain. But, when we remember this Holy Word, this Holy Name, we're home. It's always there. That's why this is really the sweet Holy Name, our sweet home. Because this is where we came from, this is what is now, and this is where we will always be.

So many people are afraid of death. But really, you can't blame the human race for being afraid of deah because it's something that just kind of lurks in the future. We don't understand death, so many of us don't even want to think about it. It's unknown and man fears what he doesn't know. Knowledge is such a gift, because we realise that when death comes, if we're meditating in this Holy Name, there's nothing to fear. Because we go to our home. It's like we're rain-

NO 23     SEPTEMBER 1975

drops falling. When we're in the raindrop form, we really think we're just a raindrop. We see all the other raindrops falling, and we think, "Oh, I'm just a raindrop. That's all I am. I'm very separate." We get very attached to just being a raindrop, but we think, "Oh, what happens when I cease to be a raindrop? What happens? I'm finished. I'm no more. I'm nothing."

It's a very scary feeling. Prem Rawat aka Maharaji with his wife Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson then known as Durga Ji  at a dude ranch in 1974

But what Guru Maharaj Ji does is he shows us that we're really the ocean. We're really the whole sea, and somehow we were taken out by Grace to become a raindrop, only to realise hat we really are the ocean. Then when we fall into the ocean, there's nothing to be afraid of. We become one with what we really are.

So, it's really a gift, premies, to be in the form of raindrops, to be in the form of a human body, and realise our source, realise our Father. And that is Guru Maharaj Ji.

Guru Maharaj Ji has said many times, and especially recently, that we really aren't of this world. This world is not our home. We're here for a time, we're born, we take our first breath, and we keep breathing, we keep living, we keep experiencing this world, and then we die. That's something we all have in common. We have a beginning and an end in this physical form. But that doesn't mean what we truly are has a beginning and has an end. Because it doesn't. It's infinite.

When we realise that infinite thing is within us, and that we can concentrate on it through this meditation, then we realise that we really aren't this body.

We are something so, so fantastic, so beautiful. We realise that Guru Maharaj Ji, out of his mercy, has come in a raindrop form, in a body, to say, "Hey, all of you, I'm here to show you something. Something very beautiful. So you don't have to be afraid anymore."

Really, that's all we could ever hope for, that's all we could ever, ever even dream of. Yet we know that's why we're here. We aren't just here to go in this world, experience all the different things of the world, and then just die, just finish. So this is a very precious time. This is the perfect time, because Guru Maharaj Ji is here now. He's here for you, he's here for me, he's here for us.

I feel a part of you, I feel one with you, and I hope that you feel one with me. Because, premies, we really are one. Maybe you think, "Oh, I'm just so far away. I'm sitting way back in the audience." But you're sitting right here, too. We really are one. Maharaj Ji has just taken one flower and said, "See how much I love you that I have taken this flower, and I am wearing it all the time?" He's just saying that he loves his children. He loves all the human race. Because all the human race is his family, his children.

So many times man has had the chance to realise Knowledge. We don't know how long we've waited to have this experience. And so, when we have this Knowledge, it's not something like, "Well, tomorrow I'll do meditation," or, "Tomorrow I'll do service," or, "Tomorrow I'll give satsang." It's now. It really is now that we have to realise, because now is when we experience Knowledge. We can only realise Knowledge now. We can't realise it tomorrow, and we can't realise it yesterday. Yesterday is past; it's gone. You can't experience yesterday. And you can't experience the future. It's not really even there. Only right now is here.

Holy Name is always right now. So we have to know that source, that vibration that is creating our lives, that vibration that is vibrating this whole creation, that thing that is home for us. Through all the ages, there have been Perfect Masters that have come and tried to say, "People! Awake! You're sleeping. Awake, awake! Be awake now. Because you really want to be awake now. You don't want to be sleeping now. You want to be awake." So we receive Knowledge, and we can stay awake and experience God all the time.

You know, even though we don't speak the language here, we don't speak Spanish, I know one thing in Spanish is "Via con Dios." I don't know if they say it here, but I think it means "Go with God." Or, "Adios." I think it means something like "Be with God." All these different languages that people use talk about being with God. I remember hearing that "Goodbye" used to be "God be with you." Somehow it got changed over the years to "Goodbye." Always people were saying, "Be in that vibration," "Be with God," "Be one with God," Be one with your Creator." That's what "Jai Satchitanand" means. Jai Satchitanand shouldn't be something that's just like, "Hey, how are ya? Hi. Jai Satchitanand. Jai." Jai Sat Chit Anand. Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss.

That's what this Knowledge is. It's Truth. It's being awake, being conscious all the time. And when we are in Truth, when we are conscious of Truth, we are in bliss. Because that is Truth. Truth is bliss. So premies, we should always say to each other, "Jai Satchitanand." And help each other to realise Knowledge. When you see a picture of Guru Maharaj Ji, just don't look at Guru Maharaj Ji, then go on your way, get into the mind, and think and think, and do all these things. Let it be a reminder to be in meditation.

When you look at another premie, when you look at anything, let it be a reminder to be in meditation. Jai Satchitanand should not be lost. The meaning of it should not be lost. It should be something that we greet each other with, because we're in a very special family. We're in the family of Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss.

It's like, Maharaj Ji always says, "Premies, I hope you're realising this Knowledge." Sometimes premies laugh, and think, "Ohoo… I can't realise Knowledge. It's just too great. It's too gigantic. It's too vast." But, it's very possible. It's very practical; it's very easy. Even though sometimes our minds make it hard to realise Knowledge, it's really the easiest thing - if we let it be the easiest thing. Because it's just with every breath I hat we realise this Knowledge.

So when Maharaj Ji says, "Premies, I hope you are realising this Knowledge," just realise Knowledge right at that second. Realise Knowledge. Then we're one with him, because Guru Maharaj Ji is always realising Knowledge. Guru Maharaj Ji is realised.

When you look at something, you say, "This is real, you know". You realise it. Guru Maharaj Ji has realised Knowledge. He's made it real. He's made it complete. He is that perfect vibration, and he has come to show us.

So premies, what we have to do is meditation. Be in meditation and then satsang will just naturally flow out of us, because it's something that we have to share with this whole world.

The South American flowers, the South American premies, are beautiful. The premies everywhere in this world are beautiful. And we know that what makes us very beautiful is this Knowledge. That's something that we always have to remember, where that source of love is coming from.

Premies, I'm just so happy. And I know you are, too. I know this is your dream come true. When darshan was happening today, it was just so, so very beautiful to see and to share the beautiful love that was taking place, that is taking place. Guru Maharaj Ji has given us the way to always be in that. It's not something that we can just sometimes be in, like everything else in this world. It's something that we can always be in.

Maharaj Ji has said this Knowledge is so perfect. But it's not something that you sometimes are in and you're sometimes out of. We can always be in that vibration. If the drummer is playing a drum, and you want to be in synch with that beat, you have to just concentrate and listen to that beat, then start getting with it. When you're with it, after a while, you just really get with it. It becomes you. You start becoming one with it. Maharaj Ji is always in that perfect place. And if we do meditation, we can also be in that perfect place with him.