NO. 22 JULY-AUGUST, 1975


'Mahatma' Padarthanand in Mosman Town Hall, Sydney, Australia William Street, Sydney - heart of the car salesroom come-on and entrance to the cosmopolitan chaos of Kings Cross. On the second and third floors above the Datsun salesroom and the Elasto elastic company, premies are busy painting, cleaning and decorating the new satsang hall and offices of DLM Sydney. By some sweet twist of fate, the building overlooks Riley Street, site of the humble origins of Divine Light Mission in Australia. The national headquarters, which remain in Wentworth Avenue, are outshone by the growing splendour of the new regional hall. The former Parole Board offices make way for Mission Brown carpet, ricepaper shades and pink lights, Nevada Sand walls and a Signal Red handrail which points the way up flights of stairs (there's also a lift) to the living-room cosiness of the company of truth.

Before you can say mellow, the first week of satsang caters for our "special guest speaker", Mahatma Padarthanand Ji, whose inspiring words are the highlight of the local Guru Puja celebrations, which feature an abundance of food, films and music. Mahatma Ji's satsang emphasises the importance of making Guru Puja (Guru worship) a day-to-day event, of seeing every day as a special occasion because we are alive and fortunate enough to know the source of our lives. "Work is worship", he declares again, and points out the opportunity before us to serve Guru Maharaj Ji by working on the new building and making it a suitable home for the premie family.