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As you know, Guru Maharaj Ji is coming to Australia in October. We have been given the dates 17th, 18th and 19th, and by a minor miracle we were able to book the Sydney Opera House for the evening program on October 19, so we are hoping Guru Maharaj Ji will be able to extend his visit by one day. Without going into too much detail at this early stage, it appears that the total bill (excluding our own charter fares, food and accommodation) for Maharaj Ji's visit will be about $15,000.

This is made up of eight or so return air fares to the United States ($10,000), accommodation for three nights ($1,500), hire of the Opera House ($2,500), hire of a hall for the Saturday night premie program and other incidentals, flowers, equipment, etc. (at least $1,000). This figure of $15,000 may seem slightly extravagant to the casual observer, but when we consider that over 1,500 premies and interested people will see Maharaj Ji, it works out at $10 per person. This is a lot cheaper than going to America for the Millennium festival in 1973 which cost us over $400 each.

What we are hoping is that each premie who comes to the program will do his or her part towards paying for this event. After all, the Mission is financed entirely by donations from its members and is dependent on its members to pay for the activities it undertakes on behalf of us all. As Darshan day draws closer and we arrange the charters and accommodation, we will be asking for registration fees and contributions to cover the expenses. The registration fee will be $10 and a rare opportunity to serve Maharaj Ji by providing his travel, giving him a place to stay, and arranging a program for him where we once again benefit by his presence. By working together, we come to greet Maharaj Ji as a guest in our own homeland. By sharing the load, we share the love. See you at His Feet.

Julie Collet, Mahatma On Training OVERSEAS SUBSCRIPTIONS

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The training course for western Mahatmas only applies to U.S. premies at the moment, until it is fully established. The only premie outside of the United States who has been accepted by Guru Maharaj Ji for Mahatma training is Julie Collet, who is now an O.T. (On Training)