NO. 21 JUNE, 1975

Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaj Ji in 1975 on ride-on mowerWE NEED US

Life's events come in waves. They sweep over us, have their effect, and are gone. It sometimes seems that Guru Maharaj Ji's directions follow a similar pattern. The first big wave of energy was DUO, breaking down national barriers and garlanding us together in an international "exemplary alternative", for all mankind to see the emerging possibility of world peace. The next wave to wash clear our heads was World Welfare Association, the social service agency, to draw love from our hearts and share it with our brothers and sisters. Then broke the wave of the Active Membership Program, a way to express our faith, our love and our dedication.

They swept over us, had their effect, but are they gone? The names and ideas change but isn't the goal the same? To make that goal crystal clear, Maharaj Ji has said for 1975 what he has been proposing to us all along, that "now my major Agya actually to all of you is to devote as much energy as possible in doing prachar". Propagation is the continual wave which sweeps us on to fulfilment.


Propagating Knowledge is more than people receiving Knowledge. It encompasses creating the environment in which people can practise Knowledge and live harmoniously. It means setting up a global community called DUO, which radiates love and togetherness. When the community is strong, propagation is strong. That strength comes through serving each other according to Guru Maharaj Ji's direction. So an international community is forming, containing the lines of communication from the Perfect Master through to the DUO agencies, which in turn open up possibilities of service for all of us. To serve with Soul Foods, Divine Sales, Hansagraphics and so on; to see the community grow and expand through service.


Maharaj Ji once described WWA as a snowplough, clearing the way for Divine Light Mission, showing the world that love can be given without thought of reward, that Knowledge grows the ability to give as well as the capacity for personal peace. When we reach out to others in a practical, humanitarian way, we create a profound impression of the benefits of Knowledge. And throughout the Australian centres, WWA now works alongside many agencies helping to ease human suffering.


AMP provides the physical, financial and mental basis for propagation. Without each other's support, we cannot channel our resources effectively in service to Guru Maharaj Ji. In fact, without brothers' and sisters' individual efforts, there would be no resources at all. Love moves through our time and energy, and moves most effectively when our dedication is constant.


Propagation means to grow and spread. It means first of all growing the seed of love within our own hearts. The first person you tell about Knowledge is yourself, through meditation. Then we express love through service and satsang. We serve Maharaj Ji because we need to, we owe it to our higher selves. We search for more and more ways to grow and spread, through film, through books, through programs, through helping hands. When we attune ourselves to love, then we can begin to harmonise with each other. And when this orchestra finishes warming up, the actual music is something beautiful.

It you have any suggestions or want any information on propagation, please see your local DUO ofllce or write to national headquarters, 14 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney 2010.

DUO"DUO will be the backbone. We
must start operating on the same
systems throughout the world. This
is the perfect time to start,
Everthing must be stabilised.
I want to make it perfect,"
Guru Maharaj Ji - November 1973

WWA"He can be married, non-married, I
mean, in that World Welfare Association
tell you the truth, 70 year old
can work. It's for every premie,
that they can come forward
and they can experience service."
Guru Maharaj Ji - October 1974

AMPSo premies, now is the time when
we have to just do it, because if we
want the whole world to realise
Knowledge then I just don't want it
to be on a piece of paper.
I want it to be practical,"
Guru Maharaj Ji - October 1974