NO. 21 JUNE, 1975

Keep On Truckin'

Mahatma Gurucharnanand Mahatma Gurucharnanand, Maharaj Ji's first disciple to come to the west and 25-year veteran of the Holy Name, recently spent almost six weeks in and around Vancouver. Mahatma Ji was given agya by Guru Maharaj Ji to receive treatment for an old back injury as well as to recover from a recent injury acquired at Holi festival in Miami. However, rest for Mahatma Ji did not stop him from holding several Knowledge sessions, giving satsang every night, cooking incredible Indian feasts for premies and their families, and managing to write some satsang essays whenever he sat down.

Programs were also held in Victoria, Matsqui Prison, Nelson, Edmonton, Calgary, and nearby Bellingham, Wash. Mahatma Ji gave ten Knowledge sessions throughout this "Mini-tour". One notable session found Mahatma Ji being the vehicle of liberation for sixteen prisoners in Matsqui and one of their living-unit officers.

Mahatma Ji kept us on the edge of our seats over and over and over again with story after story about past masters and their devotees. Every single night found us hearing at least one new tale. It became clear that they were the same stories being told with the names and times changing. Meanwhile here we are, devotees of the present Perfect Master, living the stories we have heard. Mahatma Ji taught us to love others and only judge ourselves, and to watch out for laziness and criticism. He pointed us towards patience and tolerance with ourselves and others. He stressed the importance of service on this devotional path and how love becomes true when some sacrifice is involved.

Mahatma Ji continued to "rest" in Vancouver day after day - getting his treatments and giving us ours. By Maharaj Ji's Grace, his physical condition improved greatly as did our spiritual condition. Many new people saw the light of God for the first time and many older premies saw it again with new vigour and understanding.

Mahatma Ji eventually flew to Denver and with a hug for each of twenty premies at the Vancouver airport and these final words of wisdom, "Put your life on the line and keep on truckin'!", he was off to warm the hearts of brothers and sisters elsewhere in this vast family of ours. any souls to Guru Maharaj Ji, Through Mahatma Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji is making a garland of fifteen African countries, and each day the Dark continent comes closer to being a Continent of Light.