NO. 21 JUNE, 1975


Everything's OK
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji in 1975

Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang Tokyo - Hotel Okura - Thursday 5th June 1975.

Well, dear premies, I'm certainly glad that you people have got to have darshan. There is nothing much to say and we were just passing by and we had no intention to stop in Japan or Hong Kong. I just planned to go to India and we didn't even figure out if we were going to come back or not. I mean we didn't plan anything, we didn't plan any route or anything, we just were there and then we decided to leave and we left and so finally we came to Hong Kong and then we're here in Japan. It's really so beautiful, because when I was here before, you know, there were not so many premies and now you have developed yourself. So many people have been able to understand what this Knowledge is, and in Hong Kong, you know, there was nothing at one point, and now it has grown so much, and so it's like this Knowledge is so beautiful and this is what everybody has to understand.

That we have received something very very beautiful and understand that there is something that we are here for, there is something that we have to understand, and to merge with something and to be one with something is our purpose.

And when everyone of us understands that, I mean not only the premies just sitting in this hall, and just you and me, but everyone in this world. I mean everyone understands that that's when really it is going to be really really beautiful, and our whole aim is to spread this beautiful beautiful Knowledge to everyone, to tell everybody that, listen, there is something so beautiful. And that, listen, you know it is what we have been searching for, it doesn't matter if you think you have, or you haven't, because a person can be deluded like this in this world. He can go to some place and say well maybe I don't want this and then there might be a certain reason why he says he doesn't want this, but in his heart he knows that he wants this. It might just be a price tag, he says I can't afford this you know, and that's the same way with Knowledge. Some people think they just can't have it. The reason why they can't have it is because they don't know if the Perfect Master is here or not. They don't know if somebody is going to come along and open up the doors to this Knowledge to them or not, and so they just say well it's just too expensive to look around and, I mean, there are so many people in this world involved in doing something, and they say well we can't believe this you know, and this is too much, this is too expensive for us.

But then when premies come along and say listen it is not, it's a home delivery these days, it can be delivered to your home, just ask for it, send the coupon, and it will be there before you know. And to them it's so hard to comprehend, because they could never understand.

It's like saying, listen, just fill up a coupon for one dollar and you might get a 747. And they don't know what's happening and somebody knocks at the door and you look outside and there's a 747 on the trailer with the wings flapped up and it's all there, you know. And you almost like to close the door and shut your eyes and run away from there. I mean what's wrong with it, you filled out the coupon for it, you wanted it, and now it's here, but because it's here, the excitement and everything is so much, you just close your eyes and say "Oh my God and you just run away. And this is how exactly the world is. When you knock at the door and say you wanted this Knowledge and here it is, and that's what people do, "Oh my God!", they run away from it, and this is too much, this is too much at one time, but it's really beautiful because people understanding know this is just what we need, and at this time it's very beautiful.

So just try to understand you know, and see this, and see for yourself what this Knowledge is, and when you people can, then automatically you will be able to tell others what this Knowledge is, when you are clear, you will be able to clear other people and it's really, really beautiful. I was at Calcutta Airport, and there was a couple of sisters that had gone from here to India. It was really a coincidence because I was up and there was the international terminal, and they saw me, they just walked past by me, and it was like I couldn't believe that they were there and they didn't believe that I was there, you know, and this is what happens sometimes. But you know the fact is that you have to realise, that no, it's O.K., and this is the only purpose that Guru Maharaj Ji is in the world, to assure people that, listen, everything's O.K., everything's fine. So try to understand and realise, because you know, this Knowledge is here, it's for you, it's for us to experience, because there's the bliss and the Truth and the consciousness, there's everything there. So I hope you can progress and come to a point, you know, maybe where thousands and thousands of other people who are ignorant will be able to know it one time, and then maybe we can arrange a program where so many people can come and listen to satsang and really, really understand what we're trying to tell them. Thank you very much.

NO. 21 JUNE, 1975


Durga Ji (Marolyn Rawat nee Johnson) Wife Of Prem Rawat (Maharaji) in Tokyo 1975
Durga Ji's Satsang Tokyo - Okura Hotel - Thursday 5th June 1975.

Dear premies, it's really something tonight you know, we were very tired from the trip that we've had to India, and so we went shopping a little today, and we came up to the room and we both fell asleep, in fact all three of us just conked out, and I guess John and Eileen and Bob were trying to get a hold of us and wake us up, but we were so tired, you know, we were so sleepy, and then all of a sudden the phone rang and it was 8 o'clock and it was time to go. We were really looking forward to this program but we were just so tired, we were putting on our clothes and we were just so sleepy. And it's like in this world Maharaj Ji's given us something so that we can be awake, and the rest of the world without Knowledge is really sleeping. We walked down the streets of Tokyo and there's so many people in the streets, so many people doing so many different things, and it's such a gift to be able to realise that Maharaj Ji's given each one of us something very special, that lets us be awake, and be conscious of our consciousness, to be aware that we really are alive. (Maharaj Ji asks Durga Ji if he should take Premlata, and Durga Ji gives him the baby).

If you are walking down the streets of Tokyo, and you look at all the people there and you realise I have something special, I have something that's been given to me by Guru Maharaj Ji, and that's this Knowledge. And you look at different people walking and you think what is going on in their minds, what is going on in their heads, and you know that they're thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking of something, no matter what it is. They have no freedom from thinking, there's always something going on. If you are in a crowd of a thousand people, at each moment you can just turn off that thinking, and be in meditation, and that's so beautiful, that liberation, right here in this body. This mind will always constantly want to take energy and be thinking of its own, but with Knowledge, we can completely drop that and be in a state of bliss, be in a state of joy, without the worrying that the mind can take us through.

And so it's very important, premies, to not take this gift that Maharaj Ji's given us and not use it. The important thing is to take this gift and to use it. It's like if you're very, very cold and Maharaj Ji comes along and gives you a beautiful warm coat, the object is to wear it, to use it, to make use of it, and it will help you. But to take the coat and then just lie it aside, it's nothing. So it's really very wonderful, premies, that we're even here, and that Maharaj Ji came, that we didn't sleep through the whole thing, because really we've been looking forward to coming to Japan for a very long time. And so it's very important now that all of us do meditation and that all of us go and give satsang to everyone. It's not just something we have to keep to ourselves, it's something that we have to share with everyone, and there are many people in Tokyo that need Knowledge. I'm sure you're aware of that, and so now I think the most beautiful thing is to have darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji, I think we're going to have a darshan line, so everyone can receive darshan … thank you.