Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

2   Love & Joy

"Without hesitation, without fear for his reputation, he is making sure that everyone gets a chance to hear about Knowledge. And he is telling us too that we must propagate. If we obeyed him a hundreth so well as he is obeying, we would turn this continent upside down. We should discover such strength in ourselves that would overcome all obstacles. And really propagation is the only way to make our communities stronger: it's the whole reason for our organisation. What we anticipate in Australia for the rest of this year is a thorough development of introductory satsang programs and pre-Knowledge courses, backed up by a whole range of new literature. The WWA activities have cleared the way for this splendidly, just as Maharaj Ji said they would."

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
3   Double Wedding

They were all four, decorated so beautifully. Bob Mishler and I were the fathers of the brides, so we sat next to the two couples, flanking their either side. So, we also participated in the ceremony on stage.

That was three days ago and we're still high. The day before the wedding Maharaj Ji gave a beautiful sock-it-to-them satsang in Hindi about how every devotee was now being given the chance to see who is true and who is not.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
4   Sri Hans Yog Sadhana Kendra

Bihar is the most highly premie populated state in India and also one of the poorest, most undeveloped regions. Consequently, most of the premies are simple people who have received little or no education and exist on a subsistence level.

Sri Hans Yog Sadhana Kendra is an example of what can be achieved through the experience of Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge. What has been done so far in such a short time in such a desolate place has aroused the interest of all the local inhabitants. If things continue in this way it is bound to capture world-wide interest. Meanwhile the premies continue merrily in their service.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

6   Keep On Going

"And then the second thing was trying to think of God in different ways. Trying to reach God in different ways, that is, besides the religions. Like, practising different rituals and things. That didn't do us any good.

Then there was one more thing left, and that is all these scriptures. They didn't do a thing for us …"

"This life is so beautiful. But the way we have placed it is almost in checkmate. There is just one move and if you are not careful that's gonna be it. There is only one way out of it, if somebody comes and pulls us out of that situation. And there is only one person who can really do it. And that's Guru Maharaj Ji."

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

9   Active Membership Program

"And there's definitely something to experience with this Knowledge. And when you completely give yourself, Maharaji fills you up with his love so that you can completely give that love out again. And that giving comes through commitment and dedication with everything you have." Durga Ji
When we begin to express the love that has been shown to us, we desire to serve throughout every level of our lives. The Active Membership Program has been introduced to help us help ourselves to channel our resources effectively in Maharaji's mission for world peace.
For further information please contact your local DUO Office or National Headquarters at 14 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney 2010.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
10   Time To Realise

We have to understand that all of us are travellers on this path of devotion. We have to understand our duty, to increase our inner strength, to walk along. Not to look left and right, so much confusion. We have to look always on target. And that target is commandment of Master. That target is the Lotus Feet of Master. And when we have that target in front of us, we are going to hit that goal. But if there is no proper concentration, we can't hit that target.

We need stability. We need sincerity, so that we can make it. Since we have received this Knowledge, we have been trying to do something: satsang, service and meditation. But after doing for some months, or for some years, we are realising now that this is not path of emotion, this not path of enthusiasm, this is not path of excitement, this is path of devotion. This is path of stability.