No. 19 APRIL, 1975

Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaji and his wife Durga Ji arrive in Sydney in 1975 NATIONAL
Power Of Love

Planted deep within the heart, the seed of love grows in search of the sun. And when that light is found, a beautiful flower blossoms.

In the film Power of Love, that meeting between seed and sun is captured as Guru Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji open up the Australian premie community to the limitless possibilities of love. In a mellow, photographic style tempered with technical virtuosity, Shri Hans Film recreates the soft atmosphere of Darshan which belies love's power. Maharaj Ji is strong and forceful, but my fear melts in his smile.

The film opens with Maharaj Ji's satsang in Sydney, his own hand movements splendidly illustrating his words. He talks about returning to the source, and camera one view dissolves into the eye of camera two as they follow the arc of Maharaj Ji's arm tracing the journey back to our original home. We feel as if he's taken us there. Throughout the film, clever camerawork illuminates his actions, and lends some of the immediacy of darshan to a two-dimensional memory. But it's four dimensions we're dealing in as love pervades every scene and portrait.

The power of love explodes into action as Maharaj Ji takes a red speedboat around a bay in New Zealand; love complements love as premies place their devotion at their Master's feet. Behind the film the music of Power of Love and Words of Love echoes the lyrical innocence of a small child handing Maharaj Ji a flower and receiving a cosmic thank you; of Durga Ji slicing her cake while Maharaj Ji sings Happy BirthdayAnd then Durga Ji, with the story of a man and his boat, illustrates how the power of love can transform our lives:

" … somehow the way that this man was speaking, and the things that he said, hit very deep within your heart. And he said, 'I can take you across the river,' and at that point you are not really sure what is across the river, so it comes to a matter of trusting him".

Stills from the film 'Power Of Love'