No. 17 JANUARY, 1975



DUO Adelaide, premie counselling circle
DUO Adelaide, Sales DUO Adelaide, John MacGregor
DUO Adelaide, Neville Ackland

DUO in South Australia has shown remarkable growth in the last month or two. Apart from many organisational changes, which are secondary, there developed a high community feeling. Many more premies are plugging into various services than ever before now. Two major catalysts to this excellent situation have been fortnightly community meetings, at which everyone discusses and decides upon various points to do with the running of the Mission, and WWA-inspired counselling sessions. These latter are regularly held for the benefit of individuals and small groups who desire to experience love and understanding contact. But the most successful of all was a mass session attended by sixty premies at the ashram the Sunday recently. All counselling is done on a mutual help basis, not a helper-and-helped situation.

WWA, under the expert guidance of Graham Swift, is developing well. Such activities as playing sport in a reformatory and chess at a mental home, a relief concert for Darwin, serving Christmas and New Year dinner for 100 pensioners, and a WWA camp are stimulating people into this very acceptable form of service.

Players, under Barbie Woolley (late of Darwin), are now at last synthesised into a permanent troupe performing in satsang, and soon for WWA too.

Ruth Carter edits our gestetnered newsletter, there is a mechanics garage (though it is operating for premies only at present), a publications library, an electronics workroom, and Ben Warner has an art household complete with screen-printing press and photographic darkroom.

Divine Sales, run by the energetic Keith Brewster and a full-time staff of four is expanding and improving rapidly. The main shop is stocked largely with quality auction-bought goods which sell well, and jumbling still attracts a few brave souls. Also another smaller shop has been started. This comprises a profitable dry-cleaning agency and is soon also to be stocked with premie-made handicrafts and trinkets.

In the Adelaide hills there are three small premie farms and a whole foods shop ("Sno-Drops") run by the hardworking Marshall clan. Also from the beautiful little shop is run a successful food co-op which embraces most premie households.

To ease the unemployment situation Neville Ackland has taken out a contract with the Blue Army which supplies him with plentiful cleaning jobs, which premies do for lucrative contract rates.

Country propagation is now limited to Whyalla, which receives fortnightly visits, and where about eight people await Knowledge.

Three important projects for the next quarter are the establishment of a WWA household which can cope with emergency accommodation, the commencement of a day-care centre for the little saints currently being born at the rate of one every thirty days, and Neville's long-awaited coffee lounge /restaurant, which should fill a sad gap in Adelaide's night-life.

With an almost uniquely high practising rate amongst premies (90%), the high level of enthusiasm now experienced by all, and the Grace of Guru Maharaj Ji manifesting increasingly clearly via DUO, things are feeling very nice in this community.