NO. 16 DECEMBER 1974

Power Of Love Ross Hannaford and Geoff Bridgeford in 1974

With the Godfliks program under their belts, the Shri Hans film crew launched straight into The Power of Love, a satsang film of Guru Maharaj Ji's and Durga Ji's visit to Australia and New Zealand. The title song, Power of Love, plays over the informal darshan shots, including some beautiful scenes from a boat cruise in Haiku Bay, Auckland. Written by Geoff Bridgeford, it was recorded recently during an all-night session at TCS studios in Melbourne. Geoff sang the lead vocal with Kim and Lindsay Field doing the main harmonies. Joe Creighton also sang harmonies and played bass, while Ross Hannaford put down the main guitar track. The power of love manifested for the studio engineer, who offered to record a couple of songs in his own time.

The film is in colour and will probably run for 25 to 30 minutes, featuring such unique footage as Durga birthday party at the Koala Motor Inn, Sydney. At the moment the film is being edited at the Gable Summertime studios in Melbourne by Kevin Andrianakis and Greg Dee. The location sound was recorded by Chris Day, the photography by Greg Dee, Kevin Andrianakis, Malcolm Davey and Chris Oliver. They hope to have the first print ready around the Christmas/ New Year period.

It's been a good year for Shri Hans Australia, with Metamorphosis, Dreaming We're Awake, The Sweet Bliss of Ray Millygoon, I Must Have That Man, Dubbo Dan and now The Power of Love, plus the migration of Satsang Cinema's Malcolm Davey to International Headquarters in Denver.