NO. 15   NOVEMBER 1974

'It's an evolution'
Excerpts from Bob Mishler's satsang at the national DUO Conference, Melbourne, October 30, 1974.

Bob Mishler, President of Divine Light Mission, 1974 One thing, that Guru Maharaj Ji explained to me was that plenty of places don't have anything going for them at all. But Knowledge is spreading very rapidly. In some situations the Mission isn't even allowed to be in the country, we're politically ostracised, we're persecuted by religious groups, we're constantly under pressure from unstable enemies where just making ends meet is a difficult business, and the cost of propagational tools like newspapers and magazines is prohibitive. Yet Knowledge is propagating much faster than in other parts of the world.

Why is that? Maharaj Ji said that in those places people are really gung-ho, they don't have everything else to get into so they get into Knowledge. They really get into coming together as a family because everything around them is so bad.

They virtually have no organisation except for that which takes place spontaneously when you have to work undeground. And co-operation is not secondary to you, is not a luxury to you; it is absolutely essential for your continued existence.

Actually, co-operation is always necessary for your continued existence, it's just a question of how aware of it you are. And in a situation where the Mission has no recognition, and there can be a knock on your door and you disappear in the night, then you begin to recognise the importance of that. In Chile the General Secretary was arrested and carted off one night. Nobody saw him again for a month. He was taken away to a prison camp and tortured with electric shock. During that period they weren't really able to get any information from him that could justify them purging Divine Light Mission in the way they had intended to. But that didn't stop them from arresting another two or three hundred members of the Mission and keeping them locked up for several days, then seizing all the Divine Light Mission property, expelling the leaders from Chile and releasing the others convincing them that if they engaged in further propagational activities they wouldn't get off so lightly. But Knowledge is spreading very rapidly. This is a country where you can't even speak about the high cost of consumer products on a bus without fear of being arrested by the secret service. People are still coming from Santiago to Buenos Aires to receive Knowledge.

In countries where we have everything going for us, in the sense that politically we don't have any problems; and we have no restriction on our mobility; our economy is strong and it's quite easy for us to earn a lot of money; it's easy for us to obtain the propagational tools that we need; these sorts of advantages have to be really understood because there are about five or six countries throughout the world that really have a lot of advantages. To not only do propagation in your own countries but eventually become so strong that you can subsidise propagation on a global basis.

And among these countries are Australia and New Zealand, because you have very strong economies, you have a strong people, you have all of the opportunities available to you. So it's important for you to understand how broad these opportunities are for you. When we talk about the world situation, all the western countries are going through a lot of problems but still you've got it so good in Australia that you just have to remember that. In comparison to the rest of the world, Australia is in really fine shape. Wages are high, maybe prices are too, but collective living cuts the pinch out of inflation and still you get the benefit of the higher income, and that's more money that can be directed into propagation.

There's no way we're going to help third and fourth world nations come to coping with their physical existence and thereby coming to a point of recognising the purpose of their existence until we have done extensive work right within our own area, within the communities around us.

Organisation is essential when people come together to do something. And organisation comes from the word "organism", the same root. To understand it properly, you have to understand that it's the larger form of a body. In a body, in an organism, all the different parts have to work together, have to be co-ordinated. This human body is a good example of that. All of the systems of the human body have to be absolutely tuned to each other; you know, the heart doesn't try to do the work of the liver, nor does the circulatory system interfere with the respiratory system. They all work together and they all compensate for one another. If one particular set of organs is under stress, the others compensate accordingly.

And in the same way, in order to work in this organisation, we're not going to be able to do it unless all the different parts recognise their duties and recognise the importance of co-ordinating their efforts with the whole.

It's really helpful to do as much as you possibly can to see that information is conveyed as intact and with as much understanding as it was conveyed to you, to the people you're responsible for. This is really important. You've got to take a lot of care to make sure that people understand what they're being told to do.

Maharaj Ji once told me it's one thing to order someone to do something, and maybe he'll do it, but it's a whole different thing if he understands why he's doing it, how what he's doing fits into the context of a much larger plan.

No service is any more significant or more important than any other. The point is to make that connection with service because service is the connection with Guru Maharaj Ji's agya.

We have to begin to see ourselves organisationally as just a framework for a movement, and this movement is the movement from one era to the next. It's an actual shift in human consciousness and that change in human consciousness is called the Divine Light movement. And those of us who are making that leap, it's not like we can get to the edge and hang there. You've got to make that jump. You've got to make that leap of consciousness yourself. If you don't do it, there's no way you're going to fool anybody. You're not going to be able to go out and say all the right words to everyone, because there's a feeling that gets conveyed as well. That feeling comes in an expression of clarity and understanding.

As a premie community we have to cope with the same problems the world is trying to cope with and what we can do is apply the awareness we have to bring that sensitivity to solve those problems. We can do it in a smooth, transitional way.

We're not going to get off into any Utopian dreams, we're actually going to do it. We have to do it in a transitional sense, we have to evolve out of the systems that exist in this world. This isn't a revolution, this is an evolution. As an evolution we've got to use everything that is available to us, all around us, but we use it with a greater awareness of the potentiality that lies within the same tools everybody else has.

Ultimately the form of government in this world is of not being governed, but of being servants. Being in tune with reality and being servants of that life-force which is giving life to all of us. And the natural law of the harmony of the universe will prevail. In that sense, law enforcement will be meditation. Because meditation is that thing which will keep us in harmony with the law of God, and everyone will take the responsibility for maintaining their meditation. It will be a form of conscious anarchy. It's not only possible, it's inevitable.

But we're not at that stage yet. In this transitional period, if you can see somebody's shortcomings then you have a responsibility to compensate for them. So this is where we can all fit in together really well because we can all help one another.