Prem Rawat's wife, Marolyn nee Johnson then known as Durga Mata Ji and Mahatma Padarthanand

Durga Ji, Paramount Theatre, Denver, October, 12, 1974

I'm really really glad that we got to have this program. Really glad. We were waiting too. It was just this is the perfect time to have it. There's something really important to be said now and I understand that Maharaj Ji made it this night instead of the other two nights. And it's because of the message that Maharaj Ji was giving you tonight. It's really important now to realise that we are really a family. Different from any other group, organisation, anything, we're a family. And we have something to do, a purpose, we have a goal. Look at all the other organisations in the world, and some of them are seemingly doing good and some of them are seemingly doing nothing, but really they're all doing nothing, they're all going round in circles. They don't really have a goal, but we do. And Maharaj Ji has shown us that goal and like he said, it's not in 1975 or 1976, it's right now.

It's important to get strong, to get really strong now. And this family has a father and a mother and many many beautiful children. And these children, everyone of them, have to be strong, not just some of them. Because it won't work that way. It just won't work. This is the opportunity for everyone, and Maharaj Ji's plan is so perfect. It's like, Perfect Master can come and just go boom, OK, everyone has Knowledge. But that's just not the way it's going to be this time. Maharaj Ji's letting you do it. And you can't even understand it, it's just too beautiful, to be able to have that opportunity that he's given you, to go out and bring this Knowledge, bring this peace, bring this love to every human being in this world. And really make a complete family of this world.

And that involves completely giving yourself, completely. Not just kind of giving yourself, or giving a little sometimes. Because then you'll never experience what you are here to experience. And there's definitely something to experience with this Knowledge. And when you completely give yourself Maharaj Ji completely fills you up again with his love so that you completely give that love out again. And that giving comes through commitment and dedication, with everything you have. And when you're giving every thing you have you are experiencing exactly what you are supposed to be experiencing. It's like when we breathe, if we didn't give all that breath out, how

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would we be filled again? And it feels so good to get that full breath, but only to give it back out again. And Maharaj Ji will completely keep filling us up and so Maharaj Ji is like the well. Maharaj Ji is the well, an endless well, an infinite well, but we have the opportunity to go out and bring that water to the world that is dying of thirst. And that's such a beautiful opportunity to have, to be able to do that.

And so it's each one of you, you know. Premies sometimes say, well I can do this much, but it'll still keep going, the Mission will go along. But Maharaj Ji is making it so it's you, it's really you. And you can do it by his grace. He'll completely let you do it, that grace is there. But also your effort needs to be put into it. And when we put this effort forth then everything can happen. But premies sometimes have a way of saying, well, Guru Maharaj Ji's grace will do everything. You know Maharaj Ji's grace is everything. But if we're sitting down, you can't just say, by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace I'll walk. You stand up, you move, and you know that. And so there are some premies that are completely dedicating themselves, but there are other premies who are kind of - just kind of.

But really you are losing if that's the case, because it's really when you totally totally give of everything that you totally totally gain. And I know you've all heard the saying that it is in giving that you receive, and it's really true. And it's really what you have to experience and that experience alone will convince you.

That's why people of the world think, what is this Mission, what is Guru Maharaj Ji, what are all these people doing, and you know they just don't understand. No one can understand till they experience it and they know that this whole world is just going nowhere, that really we are the only hope in this world. But it's up to you to bring it about, it's up to everyone of you to bring it about and do it. Because Maharaj Ji has given it to you and he knows what he's doing by giving it to you .

And so it's time that we all just realised what our purpose is, what your real purpose is in this world, and it's not just to take it easy, to sit back, there's really something to be done. And it's such grace that you have the opportunity to do it. It's really Maharaj Ji's love. So I think most everyone understands that it's time to really get strong because, I don't know what the future holds for us but I know that we must really get strong now. I know this probably sounds like a reinforcement of what Maharaj Ji said but it's just so important and so … this is the way we really tie, the way you tie yourself to his feet, and it can never be broken if you completely prostrate everything at his feet and just say, keep me there.

And I know when I was struggling along, after I received Knowledge, I heard people talk about, oh I only want to be devoted, I just want to be devoted, I just want to be a devotee, and I didn't even understand what that meant. And slowly slowly you start understanding that that's really where it's at, just to be a devotee, and it was like, oh never let me go Maharaj Ji, never let me go, never leave me. But it's like we have to hold onto him. He's holding onto us but he also gives us the choice to let go at any time, any one of us can just let go and turn our back on Maharaj Ji. So it's so important to bind yourself so close that nothing can shake you, nothing can distract you, nothing can pull you away, because that's the only thing you should be attached to.

Maharaj Ji has shown you what he wants you to do and so now this is what we must do and it should be very very clear that this is what he wants. And I know each one of you in your heart really really wants this, I know it, and sometimes it's a little difficult, things get in the way. But not unless you let them. You can let them distract you, let them lure you, let them make you think that something else is important, or you should give your energy into something else; there's nothing that you should give your energy to but what Maharaj Ji has set out. And then everything will be taken care of perfectly. And the satisfaction and the contentment and the fulfillment that comes from doing what you're to do, what your goal on this earth is for, is complete. You know that this is what you are here for.

Even if the rest of the world wonders, what are we doing, this is all just a bunch of baloney, they're crazy, they don't understand what we're doing. But we'll make them understand, we'll show them that we really have something to share with them and bring to them. And so I think this is basically what I wanted to say, just that we're really so glad that we're here and seeing all of you. Because it is just such a beautiful feeling to be with premies, just so beautiful. It's nice to be together isn't it. It's really nice. We should do this more often. So now is the time to really tie everything in together and unite. I think you understand that. So, blessings to all of you.

Bholie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai