NO. 15   NOVEMBER 1974

Assorted rabbits, devils, yogis, Martians and gorillas assembled with one love in common to celebrate Durga Ji's 25th birthday. The Koala Motor Inn hummed and rocked as the two bands, Harbinger and Band of Angels, had a crowd of ??? premies and friends dancing in fancy dress ???. The cake was near the front of the stage; everything awaited the guest of honour.

The back entrance to the hall was a long, concrete passageway. On a pre-arranged signal, a premie ran onto the stage and waved everyone into silence. This was Maharaj Ji's surprise to Durga Ji. As they stepped from behind the curtains, the crowd erupted into cheers, cries of "Surprise!" and a resounding chorus of "Happy Birthday To You". Durga Ji smiled and laughed. She began to cut the cake and placed a slice in Maharaj Ji's mouth. Roses and streamers fell at their feet. The Angels launched into "Holy Name" and after the first buzz and rush of excitement had subdued to a loving concentration on the divine pair, Durga Ji explained her reluctance to go out that evening,

"I was really tired and I couldn't figure out why I was so tired and I remembered we turned the clocks up two hours or back two hours. I said "Oh, you don't want to go out, do you?" and they all said "Yes, yes, let's go out" and I said "I'm really tired". "That's OK, we don't care, let's go out". I was yawning in the car and I was almost ready to fall asleep. They said "We're going to go underground" and I went "Oh brother, I'm not going to make it".

But this is really wonderful, this is really beautiful. Thank you very much and tomorrow Maharaj Ji and I will both give satsang and we'll celebrate again because actually my birthday's tomorrow, too. It's today here and it's tomorrow in the States. So, it's two birthdays. Thank you very much."

They left to cries of "We love you" and Maharaj Ji's exhortation to Mahatma Padarthanand Ji to give satsang.

The birthday cake was distributed as prashad and after a few songs from Harbinger, Mahatma Ji gave satsang about satsang: how it was the first gathering-point for us all, and that along with service and meditation if led us to the climax, darshan. And after darshan? More satsang. The road goes ever on. Smiling with delight, Mahatma Ji explained that by Maharaj Ji's amazing Grace he was able to be in fancy dress 24 hours a day. The foxes and bears and angels cheered, and the tired but blissful premies danced and sang into the night, so happy for the first glimpse of their Lord and Lady in Australia.

Marolyn Rawat's 25th birthday party in Sydney 1974