In this issue we also take a look at regional DUO activities in Sydney, and in further issues we hope publish DUO news from other states.


Soul Foods serves the premie community in the form of a distribution centre. Food is bought from the markets in large quantities, thus eliminating retail costs. This means a saving of about 30% on most items. Soul Foods has adopted the before-meal's grace of a Rudolph Steiner school as their motto:

Its not the bread that feeds us
What feeds us in the bread
Is God's eternal Word
His Spirit and His Light

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Gregg Sherwood

"In Sydney, Divine United Organisation is gradually establishing a firm foundation of community service contacts to provide the premie population with an ever-increasing means of service. As Service Director, I could see that street propagation and public programs couldn't provide enough reliable constant service for the premie community. DUO is solving this problem. Because of the community based service, DUO will provide as much as we are able to give to those who need love. Already some of the DUO functions happening on a regular basis are aid programs for the Wayside Chapel in Outreach - a tender loving care program for pensioners, migrants etc. to help them with chores, counselling, and Soup Patrol - a once-a-week service to down and out people in the Kings Cross area. The Sydney Home Nursing Service's mobile staff follow up lower income hospital discharges. DUO assists them by helping home patients cope with some of their neglected domestic chores. We arc also running a musical appreciation program in conjunction with the Robin Hood Committee's creative arts appreciation program. Every weekend a few premie musicians go with acoustic instruments to either Parramatta or Long Bay penitentiaries, where prisoners learn and understand music in a practical way. DUO also has many programs in sight in the immediate future, with underprivileged kindergartens, hospitals, old age homes, and so on.


The Players are the theatrical source of entertainment and inspiration at Sunday satsang programs, and also participate in public concerts and social service programs.

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The Sewing Room provides many requirements such as cushions and curtains for ashrams. At the moment, most of its time is taken up in the production of shoulder-bags for Divine Sales. As more premies acquire sewing machines, the Sewing Room hopes to introduce a range of clothes into their services.

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The natural therapeutic clinic offers a Saturday afternoon of massage and spinal adjustment to the premie community.


Harbinger is the local Sydney band, which provides soft-rock and acoustic music for public programs, as well as performing in social service concerts arranged by other charities.

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The Taxi Truck service is a commercial offshoot from Divine Sales, which it serves as a source of revenue and sometimes jumble. Furniture removalists are much in demand in the Sydney area, and the taxi truckers have a constant supply of work.

… you're a little child, a very very little child … and if a person can be that humble and yes I am a little child and I need direction, then it's like everything will be so beautiful.
- Guru Maharaj Ji