A Dedicated Life

From Premies, London 1974

Milky Cole has been with Maharaj Ji for the last four months. Just back from the Los Angeles Divine Residence, Premies asked him if Maharaj Ji had a message for the premies there. The reply was simple, "Meditate - just meditate."

Then we asked what it had been like to be with the Lord so long. The answer follows:

Having just spent every single day with Maharaj Ji over the last four months has just blown my mind. When I first got to America, Maharaj Ji was getting married, and since then I've been through so many changes. And these changes just indicate one thing; that the way of life that Maharaj Ji has requested us to live - a clean, pure and dedicated life of satsang service and meditation - is truly the way to live. Guru Maharaj Ji's Wedding in Denver, with Milky Cole at right

The whole world is like a game of snakes and ladders. And on number 98 it's far out but on 99 there's a snake. Just throw one more throw and you're onto 100 - home - but if you do it wrong and you go onto 99, you go all the way down, right down to number one. And you've got to start all over again man.

Right now, every devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji is on 98; and satsang, service and meditation is the throw which will put you onto 100 - completely united with the highest consciousness. But if you make the mistake of diving deep into the world, of getting involved in mind; that is the throw which puts you on the snake's head.

I can really see that the same changes are happening here that I have been through; and I know that this is the greatest time, the most fantastic time, for us in this country. And once these particular changes have been completed, the Mission will really be a mission of devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji, who are not wanting to be Hindu saints, or freaky Indian saddhus, but just themselves, just young people of a new world that's being created.

Like Guru Maharaj Ji said "I'm a 20th century Guru and I'll do it in a 20th century way. If anybody figures out I'm going to do it any other way, then they'll be mistaken.

Somebody said to me the other day it's as if there's been a collar around us all the time, which has really been binding us down, and I said to the person, "Imagine a young tree when it's first planted."

First of all it has a big stake tied to the side of it to give it strength. In the same way, the heaviness and repression that seemed to exist in this mission at first was really a crutch to hold us up. What I see happening now is that this crutch is disappearing, and our own natural lifestyle is actually manifesting now. And before this year's out, no-one will need a crutch to lean on. Now, by Maharaj Ji's grace, I don't have to force myself to do meditation or satsang because these are both part of my life.

And right now is the time to dive deep into meditation - not into the change, into the confusion of what's happening. Holy Name is the cause of everything that exists - the change as well, of course - in this universe, so if you are involved in Holy Name, you won't get affected. Devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji have given their lives to him and devotees notice and experience change more profoundly than anyone else.

But if they are doing meditation, then the change won't affect them in any way. If a person is doing meditation now, he'll know the change to be actually the new world manifesting itself day by day by Guru Maharaj Ji's grace.

A lot of premies find it hard to adjust to the fact that they don't see Guru Maharaj Ji much anymore. It seems like we've got to be more adult.

Right. I mean, we are adults. And not only that. If we're having union inside, then we don't need union outside. It's far out to see Guru Maharaj Ji. Of course it is - I mean it is. But we've got to understand that it's a big world and Mahraj Ji can't be everywhere at once.

Right now he has a wife, he's living a family life and he's getting this whole thing ready to approach the world in a different way. And another thing is that Maharaj Ji really wants us to do meditation and realise him inside.

If Maharaj Ji's physical presence was the way to liberation, then he'd have sent 60 of him so that one could be in each country or he would have put one of him in every premie's house.

Perhaps you could say something about what Maharaj Ji has been doing.

Right now he's into this very incredible hobby - he's buying these electronic kits and he's made an oscilloscope and a stereo pre-amp. At the moment he's making a 28 inch colour television with a digital clock in it. He sits there and he gets all these transistors and gets them all together and they work, every time! This 28 inch television is really something.

He also taught me to swim, which was very interesting, and we've been going out to the beach And one thing Maharaj Ji really liked to do was to go out for picnics.

Maharaj Ji's just leading a very beautiful quiet life. He spends less time with the premies, and more with Durga Ji. But he's going on a world tour - maybe at the end of August - which may include India, South America, Japan and Australia. And Maharaj Ji has said that if he does go to India, he'll probably call in here for maybe 7 or 10 days.

So one thing everyone should try to understand, is that is that if what was going on here was really drastic, desperate, Maharaj Ji would come. But Maharaj Ji knows that this is the nicest change anyone has experienced so far. Now the Mission itself is developing, and the premies are developing naturally as human beings.

Can you tell us anything else?

One thing Maharaj Ji is especially keen on getting started is social activities like swimming, tennis, football and yoga clubs.

Another really far out thing I did was go to macrobiotic cooking lessons with Durga Ji. But people said I was being too fussy about food, so I asked Maharaj Ji, and he said, "Well, it's like this. God put certain foods on this planet for you, but man has put a lot of others. You're choosing God's food. That's not being discriminate, that's not being fussy, that's just being wise."