NO. 15   OCTOBER 1974


Prem Rawat's (aka Guru Maharaj Ji) wife kissing his feet in 1974 Darshan

As part of his fourth World Peace Tour, Guru Maharaj Ji pays a visit to the Pacific, at last! Recently the news came through from Bob Mishler, President of DUO International, that Guru Maharaj Ji will be travelling to Auckland, New Zealnd, on October 22 and giving a premie darshan program on the 24th. New Zealand itself is relatively young in the divine community and the small premie population of 200 will undoubtedly benefit from close darshan.

On October 25, Guru Maharaj Ji flies to Sydney, Australia, where he will give a premie program on the 26th, followed by another program in Melbourne on October 29. Australian premies will be travelling thousands of miles from centres such as Perth, Darwin and Cairns, to catch this rare glimpse of Guru Maharaj Ji, whose visit is scheduled to finish on October 30.

When the Perfect Master arrives in Sydney, it will be two years since his first visit to Australia, when he was greeted by about seventy premies. Travelling with him will be his wife Durga Ji, his travelling companion Bihari Singh Ji, two American brothers, and Bob and Eileen Mishler, who have just completed a tour of Europe, where they viewed the progress of DUO internationalisation.

After a long period of waiting, the Australian premies see this short visit as an amazing opportunity to realise another magical aspect on the path of Knowledge: darshan, the presence of the Perfect Master.

"I love them, they love me"

- Guru Maharaj Ji