August 31 - September 12, 1974
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Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji So dear premies,

We have assembled here because I think yesterday I said people who wanted Holy Breath could come today. But really, before we start going and do any satsang, or before I start giving Holy Breath to premies, I think it's really important to understand the purpose, the meaning, of what all this is, because many times many premies are talking about service. Many times I am talking about service; many times Mahatmas are talking about service. And I believe many premies are doing service, but after all, what does it mean?

I can go into a school and learn for maybe three or four years how to become a doctor, and I become a doctor, I come out, and all I do is buy a house for myself, and a farm, and live there. And never practise it. In a matter of maybe five, six, seven, eight years, if somebody calls me and says, "Well, I have this problem," or "We have this problem," I'll say, "Sorry, buddy, but I haven't been practising."

But on the other hand, there can be an apprentice who has never gone to a school. Who started off with a doctor, and he just learned it, just picked it up from practical experience, from just working for the doctor, doing several things. Sometimes picking up the thermometers, sometimes giving the shots, or seeing how they are given, sometimes bringing the tablets over, sometimes distributing the tablets, and all these things, very little things. And probably doesn't even get paid for that sometimes - very very little. But, when they all add up, at one point he can be such a good doctor that he can beat some doctors that have gone to school. Because he has more practical experience than those other doctors have.

In the same way, this is what service can bring us. Anybody can receive Knowledge, and sit in his home, try to meditate. He'll probably understand something for a little while, but then there is a little touch, there is a little feeling, there is a little communication. And he won't have it, for some time he'll just end up not doing meditation, the next thing he knows he's getting confused, and then next thing he knows, he doesn't want anything anymore. And it's like, he doesn't care about Knowledge, he doesn't care for anything. And then many times premies see that and they get all confused, and they come to me and say, "Guru Maharaj Ji, how come this Knowledge is so important for these people, and how come that guy received Knowledge and it isn't important for him? He doesn't like it anymore."

I'll tell you one thing; there are premies, well, they have not received Knowledge, but they have been doing service. And sometimes they're around me, and I see them, and it's like, they seem to be completely blissed out, except, they are pretty recognisable, because you can see bliss on half of their face, and half is still searching for Knowledge.


Once a person has received Knowledge, and he is doing service, he is in touch. He is doing service for Guru Maharaj Ji. Because this is for whom we are doing service. Then that experience just grows and grows and grows. And the same way, this is the whole meaning - this is the whole meaning for premies. Why am I telling premies to do service?

That's the whole reason, so that they can understand, they can come in more touch, they can realise.

Because see, neither can I, neither can any scripture, and neither any born saint, has been able to describe that little thing that we each look for. Now, I cannot call it bliss, either. Because it's a little more than bliss. It's just something that, when it comes between a devotee and Guru Maharaj Ji, it's just like a glue. It takes him and sticks him right together, it's such a glue that once it's there, they cannot be separated.

Really I don't know what it is, because, never tried to put it in words, neither can I put it in words. Because it's something that's within inside of us. And it flows from within inside of us. It's more than love. It's almost like a combination of love and bliss. And that flows from a devotee to Guru Maharaj Ji. When that is communicated, and that is by service, by doing meditation.

Because really what I am telling you is something that I have experienced. And many people look towards me, because they think I have gained some experience. I know this Knowledge, I have become perfect in this Knowledge. Well tell you what - you can also become perfect in this Knowledge. It's no big deal. And you can realise this Knowledge as well as I have. There is a stone in India. And it's a very valuable stone, it's a very precious stone. Because if you take that stone and touch it to an iron bar, the iron will turn gold. But a saint says that there is a great difference, there is a great difference between that stone and Guru Maharaj Ji. Because that stone only turns the iron into gold. But if it is for Guru Maharaj Ji, he can turn the other guy just as he is

That means not just make him gold, but also put him to a certain point where he's also like Guru Maharaj Ji. Because this Knowledge is within all of us. We have to realise it. And many people think, "Oh, there different ways to realise this," but there really are just one. Because that's the way it works. There may be fifteen different ways to see the sun, you know, but they come to one point that you have to see it through your eyes. Otherwise if you don't have eyes, forget it. You might have eighty different ways, and you still won't be able to see it. It all comes to one point that you have to have eyes to see the sun.

Whatever I am telling you to do, it's out of my experience. If I hadn't experienced this, I would not say it to you. Because I don't talk about a lot things. Because I have not experienced them. But Knowledge is the most important. Why do I say it? Why do I say you should do service? Because you must realise something. You can come to the same point as I am. But never try to shoot for that point, because you will never end up there, if you try to aim for it. Just do it, and next thing you know, you are already there.


It's like, I can sit on a steering wheel and try to concentrate, "Oh, I have to go. Oh, I have to go Pacific Palisades, oh I have to go to Pacific Palisades oh I have to go to Pacific Palisades," and maybe the next thing I know I am hitting a car. Because my concentration, - I'm driving, - but my concentration is completely gone that I have to go to Pacific Palisades. Now, it's not wrong, because that's where I'm going. But that takes away that concentration which can make me proceed successfully to my destination. And when that's taken away, when all that concentration is put into one point, where you are going, then you will never be able to reach. Because you should think that and put that in your background, think how to reach there, and to drive carefully. Because maybe, I am thinking about Pacific Palisades, maybe I end up in a hospital. I might get smashed by some car, because all I am thinking is, "Pacific Palisades, Pacific Palisades, Pacific Palisades." There is a car coming, or there is a stoplight, and I might just mess it up, you know, end up in a hospital instead of Pacific Palisades.

August 31 - September 12, 1974
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But, if I take Pacific Palisades as my destination, and put it in the background, and drive, - and I can be thinking about ten different things, you know, ten different things, and it's fine. Listening to the music, and talking, and opening the window sometimes, getting the fresh air, talking about pollution, just talking about all this, and still proceeding to one destination. And we successfully reach there.

Because see, I have not taken all my concentration and put it into Pacific Palisades. Neither have I taken all my concentration and put it into what's going on around me. I have taken all that concentration, at least half of it, and put it to my safe driving. And I drive safely. I am able to reach there.

And this is how it works. If you ever want to receive perfectness, and if you have, "Perfectness, perfectness," on your mind, forget it. Means, just forget it. It'll never get there. But take that perfectness as your destination keep it in your background, and start thinking of a way how to get to that point. And before you know it, before you know it, that's where you end up. Right there.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji MIND TAKES AN ALIBI

And really, I understand that many premies are getting confused. Why they are getting confused? "Oh, Because we don't think Divine Light Mission is running properly," "Oh, because we saw this happening the other day." I'll tell you one thing; that's just an excuse. That's just an alibi - for your mind. Because it's got nothing to do with you. Peace is not going to come out of Divine Light Mission, understand? Peace is inside you. You gotta realise it inside you, not in Divine Light Mission. You don't go to a desk in headquarters and say, "Can I have some peace, please?" Peace is inside of you. Understand? And when people really say this, really, I just feel like saying, "Look, mister, you don't have to come here making excuses of confusion." Because it's really mind that confuses a person. Because mind takes an alibi. Okay, if it is that way, it's going to change. Sun doesn't stay the same way as it is. It moves. Earth moves. The whole nature moves. A human being moves. Well, if something is not at a good situation, it'll also move. If it's in a bad situation it's going to move to good. That's how it always works.

And really, try to understand, try to realise one thing at least. And remember this, that you have no idea, you have no idea, how many tricks the mind can play on you. They are countless, they are completely countless. It's such an enemy of a human being. It's always mean. It attacks you at a point where you are weak. If a human being has just received Knowledge or has received Knowledge a little while ago and he feels weak about something, right then and there mind comes. And he says, "Oh! I think I must do this. Yeah. I feel strongly" - now where is the feeling from?

He doesn't know where the feeling is. Can be from mind, or it can be from within inside of him. But, "Oh, I feel strongly that I should do this." But look; first make sure, first really really make sure that that feeling that is coming inside of you is from where you want it - not from your mind. And it's really hard to tell, too. But if you are meditating, if you are trying to realise this perfect Knowledge more and more, it's no big deal. Not at all.

Because you know, when I received Knowledge, even before I received Knowledge, I was kind of guessing what the Knowledge is. I guessed it a lot. Because I used to listen to Shri Maharaj Ji's satsang, and they just used to be very very long, and many many examples, and they were really, really beautiful, because they were explained so clearly - by every example, and everything. There were a lot of stories that were told. And I just loved stories at that time. And this is how I actually got into satsang. And then, more and more started coming into me, and I used to imagine what Knowledge is a lot. I was thinking, "Maybe something like this, or something like this, or something," -- because I hadn't seen much of the world anyway at that time.

I used to think to go from Delhi, or from Dehra Dun to Delhi, was an international place -- Delhi is somewhere in west, or something like that. Because we would just go from school to the house, and residence back to the school. That's it. And so, according to my concepts, I used to imagine what Knowledge is. And there was also one point when at that imagination, at the point of imagination, there was such a point of the mind where it was trying to convince me that this is it. Maybe I used to think a Knowledge is an apple. And there would be something inside of me which said, "This is it You said it. You said it right! This Knowledge is an apple!" Because that point was a little weak in me. Because I was still guessing. I hadn't reached to the conclusion. And at time it would be such a convincing thing, and I used to sometimes feel pretty happy about it. Said, "Oh, yeah. I found out what Knowledge is." And be pretty proud of it.

But then, when I received Knowledge, it was something, it was some experience. Because all these things that I had been convinced about, for about at least a year this was going on with me, something had been convinced in me, "Oh, you said it right - this is it. There is just no way out of it, you know, this is it. You said it." And then I realised that they're all wrong,

As a mattter of fact, there was one point where I had to go to Shri Maharaj Ji and ask Him that, "How come, when I was so convinced about these things, that, Knowledge is like an apple, Knowledge is like this, the knowledge is like this, they proved to be all wrong?"

And this is what He said, as I just told you a little while ago, that, "You have no idea how many tricks this mind can play on you. And when. You have no idea. You can be going in a car, fine, it'll attack you, and there you go."

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji THE RADAR CONTROL MAN

That is why, this is where really the importance of Guru Maharaj Ji comes. If the sky is clear, if the sky is really beautiful, and a pilot is just going through -- he probably doesn't need anybody. The visibility is probably a hundred miles. He can see that there are no planes coming, it's beautiful, and he can go. But, if it's clouded, it is overcast, raining, and there are all these airplanes in the sky, above the clouds and in the clouds and all that, he needs a radar, and he needs a radar control-man bad. Really he needs him.

Because they can see where all the activity is going on, thunderstorms, and all these things, where they are going on, and where that airplane is. And they can give him exact vectors (course direction of aircraft) to get him out of there - just beautifully. I mean, when I was flying in the tour, from Denver, it was just so beautiful. We took off from Kansas, and it was really overcast and we had to go, and the next thing we know it was right in the clouds. And I looked around and all you can see is the wingtips, and two little lights flashing. And that's it. No ground, nothing. I was flying the plane for a little while, and I see my meters, and I am taking a turn.

It was like, I am thinking I am flying straight. Because I had no perception of where the earth is, where the sky is, nothing. And Bill took the radio, he called the radar control, and switched on the autopilot, put it right on it, sit back, and relax. And he gives you vectors, just turn that little knob, go like that, go like that, next thing you know you are right out of Kansas, going right into Canada.

But that's where you need Guru Maharaj Ji. Because that's what Guru Maharaj Ji is. He's sitting in a radar control. And he can be anywhere, you can be anywhere and he can be anywhere, and he just gives you vectors.

Because you don't know. And he just gives you vectors till you're out. And just beautifully gliding along. And that's the necessity of Guru Maharaj Ji.

And I think I have given you a pretty good example. Because I have experienced sometimes, it really gets rough and everything like that. When you are coming to Denver on the radarscope they'll clear you right through. They can give you such good vectors, they can clear you right through two hills.

It's just fantastic. How do we know which is our feeling of mind and which is a feeling of what's really strong in us, what's really beautiful in us. But if you can't judge it, that means, start taking vectors from Guru Maharaj Ji. And until you are all cleared up, everything is fine, you just fly along that path. And that's just really beautiful.

And that is the example of agya. You see, that's why agya is important. That airplane is obeying an agya of the radar control. And if he doesn't he might as well forget it. And that's just a reason, you know, why sometimes people get so lost without agya, without those vectors. Because they don't know where they are going. And they are still proceedingg - they are proceeding full throttle. And they don't even know where they are going.

This is a life, not a play. And to take big chances like that with this life, I think it's very dangerous. Just really really dangerous. Because, if you lose it once, you don't know if you are going to get it again or not. And what we have here - some people say, "Oh, we want to enjoy this life." I'll tell you, there is a magnificent way to enjoy this life, beautiful way to enjoy this life. Because then you can understand.

If anything is a mystery, you can never enjoy it. Because you are worried about, "What is it? What is it?

What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? If something is a mystery, you can never enjoy it, you know. But if something is not a mystery, it's something completely revealed, then you can enjoy it perfectly. Then you know what you are doing. If I put you into my Bora

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and say, "Drive it," you won't like it at all, because you, don't know where to shift and which switches to play along with, and where does thing happen from, and and where does the steering up and down - means, you don't know anything like that. But I know. It's fine for me. Just race it race it race it - it's okay.

And it's like, if I put you in a cockpit and say, "Fly," I'll tell you, you'll be scared. But if you know, like the captain knows, it's a pleasure to fly, it's a beauty to fly.

And so premies, I have told this now, and I know it. This is not new. Not at all. I probably told you a long time ago, whatever I am telling you right now. Maybe examples are a little bit new, maybe they are not. But it's up to you to understand, to realise this Knowledge.


Look - perfection is something that we are going to. Understand? Perfection is not coming to us - we are going to perfection. Keep that in your head. Some people think, "Oh, just sit back and relax", and perfection is going to dump on you. No. We are going to perfection. And if we arc proceeding towards perfection, we have a way to go, and we should watch out where we step. Because the most important part, it's the most important place. It's our life's desire, wish, longing, to be there, to be where the perfection is. And once you are there, I can't explain, it's all gone. Because there are no more desires, no more wishes, no more wills -- you are just one with it. And it's beautiful.

So now if somebody knows how to sing a song, maybe they might sing a song for you. You might be bored with these satsangs.

And really, you know, we should all get together and wake up people. Tell them there is something like Knowledge, and that they need it. And this what everybody has been looking for.

Thank you.


On meeting a true Guru, doubt is dispelled, and the wandering of the mind restrained. Ecstatic sounds are heard, it raineth nectar, and the heart becometh happy.
- Guru Nanak

Know God thyself and cause others to know Him, then shall thou become a partner in Heaven.
- Saint Kabir

I meditate on the infinite Name, and attain the supreme light.
- Guru Nanak

The Word of God became man that you also may learn from a man how a man becomes a God.
- Clement of Alexandria

God is the boundless Light and the contemplation is the endeavour to fix the eye of the heart on the very ray of the unencompassed Light, and so to pass into the Light.
- Pope Gregory the Great

Bow down thine ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply thine heart unto my knowledge. For it is a pleasant thing if thou keep them within thee
- Proverbs 22: 17, 18

God is the Lord which has showed us light.
- Psalms 119: 29

Men travel to gaze upon mountain heights and the waves of the sea, broad-flowing rivers and the expanse of the ocean, and pass by themselves, the crowning wonder.
- Saint Augustine

It would be just as easy for a man who loves God to give away the whole world as to give away an egg.
- Master Eckhart

The Lord hath directed my mouth by His Word: and He hath opened my heart by His Light: and He hath caused to dwell in me His deathless life; and gave me that I might speak the fruit of His Peace.
- Forgotten Book of Eden