August 3 - 16, 1974
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That Beautiful Light

GURU MAHARAJ JI'S FINAL ADDRESS AT GURU PUJA '74, COPENHAGEN, JULY 4 Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in Denver in 1974

Dear premies,

Well, this is the last day of this program, this function, and all we can pray is that trillions and billions of functions like this are held. Because we have the essence of bliss and we all need it, and we need it bad.

So premies, it's like the band was playing a nice song - I really like it - "I can see clearly now the rain is gone". Rain and those clouds came in our lives and they took away the sun, that beautiful light and the blue sky, which we always wanted, which we always need. And now by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace and by that Knowledge, all the clouds have dissipated, and there is nothing but bliss, blue sky and the sun just shining upon us. Really there is nothing more to say, I mean it's so blissful.

It's the truth, consciousness and bliss that we have just merged into now, and I tell you - I am sitting here and giving you Satsang, but it's only so that those people who have not yet received this Knowledge can be benefited by it. But for premies, all that can be said is just, nothing. Just look at them.

To the world, it looks so foolish you wouldn't believe it. I mean there are these twenty thousand, thirty thousand, fifty thousand premies, they all come from all that distance, they sit down and Guru Maharaj Ji comes and he sits down and all they do is they look at each other. But they wouldn't know how beautiful it is to even do that, because we have gone back, we are in that bliss, which we always wanted, which was like just what we needed.

It's like, it's so fantastic, I mean it's so hard to describe what Grace has done and what Grace can do. How many premies are there who understand this point that we are alive right now, we are sitting in this hall right now, we are listening to Satsang right now, and it's all because of Grace, the Grace of that infinite energy, that infinite ocean of mercy. All we can do is just take our sailboat and put it in the ocean and just go like this and say, "OK, our sails are up, just take us away." And that's what Grace is, just takes us to the land of life, the land of bliss, where we always want to be.

What is IT?

You know, I'm kind of sad to say this, I'm kind of sorry to say this, but it will be very difficult for this world until they realise this Knowledge to understand who we really are. And there are many people - and as a matter of fact press people - who want to know: and I mean you can't blame them, that's their job - they want to know what's going on. That's the major question in America: what's going on, what is it? I mean, what is IT? That IT that has done so much - brought all the premies together … what is that IT? But unfortunately that IT is IT and it's IT and that's IT so … what can we say, because that's IT?

As I was trying to explain to you yesterday, if we can discover the value of zero, we have discovered everything. Because zero comes before one. Actually the real count begins from zero, one, two, three and continues. And really what we are doing is we are missing one figure, and that's zero, which we think is nothing.

But if we can understand, if we can realise, the value of zero … Because there is something, it's like, zero, one, two, three, and behind that zero is nothing. And if we can enter into that nothing, go back from our millions and trillions, right back into one. And that from one go back into that zero which has no beginning to it. No other word, no other figure comes before zero, and if we can merge into that, then you will know where you will be … that beautiful peace. But it's like, so hard to describe, what peace means. I mean peace has become such a strange thing, such a strange thing.

Do you know what people think peace is? They are driving in a desert and it's hot, I mean it's hot. And they switch on their air conditioning and they say, "O God, it's so beautiful." I mean, to some people that air conditioning is peace. To other people in America - it's something different. It's like this: these guys are going along and they really get hot: and the commercial they are listening to is going very silently, and then suddenly the music starts coming and what is it? A guy bopping on a beer can, and so they drink cold beer and they think that is peace. To people the meaning of peace has become so different, because they are trying to relate peace to the physical world, to the physical aspect of it, and the thing is peace doesn't start from the physical aspect of it, peace starts inside of us.

Live Like the Lotus

And if we can realise that Knowledge inside then it doesn't matter who we are, what we are doing, because then we become like a lotus. Now lotus is born in dirty water. It's a very beautiful, extremely beautiful, flower and the colour of it is just fantastic. And it grows in dirty water - I mean filthy dirty water - but it never adapts, it never adapts itself to that dirty water. And if the level of the water rises up, the lotus flower will also go up, up, up, it will never, never adapt itself to that dirty water, and this is how we have to be. Well, the thing is, we wouldn't have to be like this but we have made this world too dirty for ourselves and that's why. Now the only way to really live in this world is to live like the lotus. Be beautiful.

Now I, I guess there are many premies, many people who are not premies, who are saying "Oh yeah, he is talking, he is talking all right, but what is the use of his shouting 'live beautiful', 'peace', and all that stuff?" The thing is there is a use to it, because I can reveal you that Knowledge. That Knowledge is available in this century, in this year, in this month.

It's being given to us free, the only cost is love. And if somebody can give love for it he can have this Knowledge by all means. And not the love that we go around giving to a car, waxing it up, rising daily in the morning and waxing it up. Not that physical kind of love, but that love which is in a human being, which is pure love, and that's the only cost of this Knowledge.

And premies, I can challenge you one thing, I can challenge all the intellectuals of this world tha they can create anything they like, but if they are looking for a solution to control what they have created, to dissipate it, to dissolve it, to finally bring peace in this world - I challenge everybody that there is only one way, and that is this Knowledge nothing else, nothing else can bring it.

And people might be saying, "Yeuch! He is saying nonsense - how does he know?" Well I tell you there might be - with all due respect of course, there might be people here who are 60 years old, who are 30 years old, who have never flown an airplane before, I mean sat in a cockpit. But I have. In that sense I have that Knowledge and that experience in the same way I have that aiplane experience.

I mean have you ever thought that there may have been a guy, one man, who felt thirsty - and what did he do? He didn't go in a pub and drink beer or Coca Cola because they weren't there then. What did he do? He drank water. Did anybody ever think of this? How did we know about water, ho just come to know about water, how did w drinking water? Because that person who (I knew that is the solution. Because his practcal experience told him so.

Still I tell you one thing, you can be thirsty

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August 3 - 16, 1974


and you can drink Fanta, or, you can drink Coca Cola, drink anything you like, but water is water. There is nothing like it. You just drink it and this is like … there is Coca Cola, there are all these things, but still water is water. From so many centuries it has been here, but still that water is water.

In the same way, those people who realised Khis nowledge wanted peace at that time, and from that time till now, it's exactly the same. Because this Knowledge is within inside of us. This Knowledge is revealed - it's not given.

I mean I don't go like this and say, "Wait a minute, what was I wearing yesterday? I must have put the Knowledge in there": and then I send somebody and he gets my suit and I say, "Hey, there's the Knowledge, Yeah I found it", and then throw a bunch of it and say, "Yeah, you got Knowledge." It's not like that. It's a procedure where this Knowledge is revealed to you, where you actually get in the bliss. And premies do meditation, realise this Knowledge more and more, and it's like - listen - same Knowledge, same talking about that bliss. For us talking about that is a codeword but as for oher people, it doesn't mean anything.

That Superman Story

And it's like that Superman story that I gave in satsang in Houson in Millenium. Maybe some people have heard it - maybe some people haven't. But the hing is there was this man who came into, say, Copenhagen, and he was searching for a Superman comic and he couldn't find it. And he went from store to store to store to store and he couldn't find a Superman comic. So he got all frustrated, he went back to his hotel suite, and he slammed the door, he sat in there and said, "Uuuuh! I can't find a Superman comic."

He's sitting there all frustrated, ready to smack all the windows out, throw the furniture out, hang himself - I mean he's so frustrated. And there's this tic, tic, ic on the door, a cute little noise. He opens this door, and there's this little boy standing there, really cute.

And he looks up at him, and he says, "Sorry to disturb you but I thought you were looking for a Superman comic." The man goes "Yea! Yea! But I was looking and I couldn't find one in the whole of Copenhagen. Get out of here, just get outta here, will yah." And, the boy says, "Well, I got one. He smiles, gives a smile, turns around, lifts his shirt like this, takes the comic out turns back around and says, "Here it is." Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in Copenhagen, Denmark 1974

Can you imagine what that man is gonna be like? I mean that comic that he was searching for all over Copenhagen, and he could not find - he was ready to commit suicide, he was ready to smash all the windows out of the suite, he was ready to throw all the furniture out of the suite - I mean that person got so so frustrated about it and there it is. And a little child just came right up to his door, knocked, and said, "Do you want it? Free?" That's all he needed!

So premies, this is the story here. People have been looking for peace, maybe they didn't call it peace, they called it the Word, maybe they didn't call it the Word, they called it God, maybe they didn't call it God, they called it something else. But they were looking for peace.

And they are so frustrated - I mean there are people who have committed suicide because they couldn't find peace. And there they are, all frustrated. Here we are, knocking from one door to another saying, "Do you want that peace, do you want that Knowledge?" And the guy says "Yaaahh! No. Get outta here, just get outta here!"

Understand, try to realise. This is something that you need. I mean, the thing is if we are all bad, if we are as bad as people think we are, that means we are something. And even if we are bad, and if we are even really, really bad, then we got to have some good in us. Because if there is no good we cannot be all bad. The thing is we have to be good. That's how we became bad. First good came, and then came bad. So, maybe we have something for you here. And if you like, try it - you'll like it. And if you don't, forget it. Just forget the whole story.

It's OK. We are not going to take a red hot thing saying: "This person has hereby, on the date of so-and-so, received Knowledge by such-and-such Mahatma at the Guru Puja function in Copenhagen." We are not going to stamp you with that. So that when you go somewhere else they say "Aawww! We can't accept you. You were at Guru Puja". No. It's nothing like that. We give you Knowledge, we reveal you Knowledge. If you like it, you take it, try it, get blissed out: if you don't like it, forget it. And it's as simple as that.

And really premies, there are so many people who have come here who want to receive Knowledge. And from that number some people maybe don't understand what I am talking about. I'll really give you an average of how it happens. Supposedly 100 people come who are non-premies. From that 100, 25 don't understand what I am saying - that leaves 75. Then from that, 25 understand what I am saying but they are not interested in it. Leaves 50. And from that 50, 25 are not too sure if they should receive the Knowledge or not, because maybe their parents will get very angry, maybe their relatives will get very angry: and of those 25 who go in the Knowledge session, so many have so many confusions that most of them get kicked out, probably only one is left. So that's from that 100 - only one or two persons receive Knowledge.

For Those Who Understand

You know, I'll give you a story and this should explain pretty much what I am trying to say.

Once there was this farmer, and he was walking in the desert. And he saw this big shiny thing - walked over, picked it up, saw it and threw it away. "Ali, it's a piece of glass. It's a big, big, big piece of glass", he said.

Then came a jeweller. And he saw that big shiny thing and he just jumped for joy. He ran as fast as he could. He took that diamond and he kissed it and kissed it and kissed it, and he kept it. Same thing, same place, both human beings, same century. They walked maybe 15 minutes earlier or later than each other. But for one it was a piece of glass, and for one it was a diamond.

This is what I am trying to say. That some people who have really big brains just don't want to understand: for them this is a piece of glass. But for those other people who know, who understand, who want to understand, for them it's a diamond.

So now premies, we are going to have Arti. And I understand that premies who have come from all different places, from Europe and so on, are going to go back. But there is only one thing - remember this. You should do meditation, Satsang and service because that is very, very, important.

As a matter of fact, there were some English premies and some other premies that I couldn't meet with today. And I think they understand why not. It's not because I am mad at them or angry at them. But it's just been a busy day.

And those premies, the same message goes for those premies too: that they should try to do as much meditation as possible. Because this life has been given to us first of all. This life has been Graced to us first of all, and then second - it's like a diamond ring: first a band is made. And maybe it looks pretty. But when the diamond is put on that band - wow, that's it, it just looks beautiful.

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August 3 - 16, 1974
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That Beautiful Light

continued from page 7

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji And this is what life is. There is this body that has been Graced to us, that has been given to us, but it's just a band, just an empty band. And when this Knowledge is Graced on it - oh, it's just marvellous.

And I would also like to thank the premies who have co-operated in making this program, this function, successful. But really - again it's Grace. That's also something to understand. But anyway, they have put their physical effort in it.

And I understand there are going to be many more programs, because really you know we are a big family. And I don't think anybody should have any objection if a family meets together. And that's what we are.

If some people are having any objection, maybe they are a little cuckoo. Because we are a big family and we say that, I mean we say that out loud. This is what we are. We meet together, so we can enjoy that thing that has been given to us, that thread which has sewn us together, this Knowledge.

When you go back, try to do as much propagation as possible. I understand there are some countries which premies have problems in, but it's like, we come and we go - but remember, we have to come back again. And why do we have to come back again? To go. And this is how the procedure is.

But when we come to these functions and listen, to Satsang, and realise much more of this Knowledge, then we come, but we don't go. We go a lot higher, we go somewhere else, which is a lot higher, and each day we take a higher step to a much more beautiful place.

And so premies, do a lot of meditation, a lot of satsang, a lot of service, so that you can really become strong and so that we can give this whole world peace and make this whole world a family.

Blessings to all the premies, thank you very much.

(Guru Maharaj Ji then speaks in Hindi to some Indian premies from Leicester, Britain, and tells them to speak about the Knowledge when they get back home.)

Well, I guess this is it. And, ah, I guess we'll see you later all right.

Just do meditation and let everybody know that you have realised it. And let everybody know that you are in truth, consciousness and bliss. OK Premies, everybody now should go and just really get blissed out and my blessings to all the premies.