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August 3 - 16, 1974

Denver Delight

July 17, 1974.

Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaj Ji in Denver in 1974 Guru Maharaj Ji is in town to pursue the next stage of his Mission to spread Divine Light: thorough internationalisation of the organisation. Suddenly someone remembers that it is three years ago today that Guru Maharaj Ji first arrived in the United States of America.

There is an historic symmetry in the anniversary. Three years ago Guru Maharaj Ji arrived with the practical Knowledge which dispels darkness, three years ago America had reached an all-time low in illumination. The war against the Vietnamese people was still being ferociously waged, the most successful criminal of the century was busy engineering his second Presidential victory, and the vast corruption of office which is sy--ibolised by the Watergate Break-in had only just begun to surface in the public consciousness. Into this morass stepped the Perfect Master with the astounding claim that we were all looking in the wrong direction for our solutions. Internal peace can solve any problem dreamed up by the mind of man (and there is no other sort), and internal peace can generate any amount of selfless energy in response to the world's continuing crises. So this third anniversary of Guru Maharaj Ji's American advent provided a retrospect on our "progress" since then, and a beautiful excuse for a loving celebration.

At very short notice the tawdry decor of Denver's Hilton Ballroom is undergoing an amazing transformation. Five hundred premies are attending the program, and most of them seem to be working on the stage, the P.A. and the decorations. At last everyone is satisfied and music and Satsang begin. Slides of Guru Maharai Ji's early American tours give a perspective on the present. Now-solemnly-attired corporation executives appear on the screen as bewhiskered freaks; posters and parades shriek out "The Lord of the Universe is Here!" stunning and bemusing the public; all the different faces of America are captured on these pictures, and throughout these kaleidoscopic changes there is Guru Maharaj Ji smiling compassionately on all our antics.

Finally Maharaj Ji himself and Durga Mata Ji arrive during Mahatma Rajeshwar's inspiring Satsang. It is the cue for a general collapse into his mirthful lila. A little girl makes her way up to Maharaj Ji and presents him with a soft drink container. But he is wise to this one (as to all else!) and he casually points it at Mahatma Rajeshwar and pulls the tab. An enormous coiled snake springs out and envelops the Mahatma in the middle of his Satsang. When order is somewhat restored, Guru Maharaj Ji himself takes the microphone.

Many people have questions and confusions, he says. But the remedy is with us all the time. Small questions have big answers and big questions have small answers. The answer to all our big questions is small. Do meditation, and follow agya. The Perfect Master is like someone standing high enough to see over the walls of a maze. And the devotee in the maze of this world has only to listen keenly enough to hear the instructions "keep right", "take the left", "now straight ahead", and follow them. It doesn't require thought, in fact we think too much. And Mahatmas we should appreciate properly. They are Guru Maharaj Ji's microphones, although they too, like all devotees, exist and function by virtue of Grace

At the end of his Satsang, Maharaj Ji watches an incredible skit in which Mother Maya and her three gunic sons, Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, attempt to distract a premie from meditating. The hilarious conclusion is Maharaj Ji's own shouted intervention "Hey, leave him alone! Let him be". No premie ever had a better opportunity to banish mind than that actor!

Finally, almost at midnight, Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji leave. Three years have passed since the thirteen old Satguru touched down in Los Angeles. Although it wouldn't have seemed possible to us then, he has his love and power have grown in those three years, embracing every sort of waif and linking every type of peace idealist. And this is still only the beginning of the beginning.