August 3 - 16, 1974
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The joyous events of Guru Puja '74, Copenhagen, stunned the Golden Age reporter to such an extent that he could only write back, "On July 4, 1974, the Lord of the Universe danced before my eyss and since then I have been unable to know, believe, do or think anything. Love to everybody in Sydney." However, we managed to extract one Australian premie, Igorl Jacoby, from his festive samadhi long enough to gain his impressions of life in Copenhagen.

I arrived on June 25. Satsang had completely packed the large tent with 400 people. About 100 premies had been preparing for the festival for weeks. Most were from England with skills in electronics, carpentry and so on. Mahatma Ashokanand was in charge or all the accomodaion and was a constant source of inspiration for everyone. He was to he seen riding a motor bike, driving a car, in his never-tiring organisation of security, accomodation and stage. His dedication was to be rewarded later, as he was constantly at Maharaj Ji's side.

The next morning I was put into constant service. No time to think. All night security and so on. Freezing nights, sunburnt days. Midnight sun. Everything ran smoothly. In the end, everything came together in the nick of time. Tents were being pitched as people arrived and the stage was just completed on the first day of Guru Puja.

People stayed up for a week, doing service without going to bed. Everyone who was immersed in service got special, incredible darshan. It was funny … if your mind looked at it superficially, nothing was together, but actually it all worked out just right, loot spot on. The people setting things up were so aim, it was beautiful to work with them. There There was a great spirit of friendship.

Things began to build up. Mahatma Gyan Yoganand Ji arrived two days before the festival and blew everbody's mind with Saint Tulsidas stories. Gitanand Ji arrived and hugged everyone. People were coming in hundreds then in thousands to the Green Camp, the festival campsite.

copen02 (159K) On July 1, Soul Rush arrived. Dozens of buses, trucks, oars, etc., brightly painted, full of blissed-out premies. About ninety percent of Ashram premies from England and other countries came.

About half an hour after Soul Rush arrived, security was briefed that Maharaj Ji was coming. Suddenly I saw a great cloud of dust coming, caused by thousands of people bunched together. Maharaj Ji drove right past me and almost ran over my foot! I'll never forget It. There he was, driving a jeep, with a look of incredible concentration on his face as he drove through all the premies crowding to see him. We all saw him for only a second, but that glimpse is indelibly printed in my mind. I was shown that if you are and have been doing service, seeing Maharaj Ji one second is better than doing nothing and seeing him for hours.

That night at about 2 a.m., I was doing security in the same spot as that afternoon. A car headed towards me out of the night. Just before it got to me, dust flew and Maharaj Ji did a wheely. Another incredible glimpse of him hunched intently over the wheel, completely in control. We all chased the car until it disappeared. From behind, lights appeared and Maharaj Ji and Raja Ji sped through us, playing games. The lights disappeared again, at the other end of the campsite. Then the same car came back. We all pranamed flat on the ground only to find that Bob Mishler was driving without Maharaj Ji. A Divine Trick!

While I was doing security at the Forum, where the programs were held, Mahatma Padarthanand walked in, saying over and over again, "Guru Maharaj Ji Lila, Guru Maharaj Ji Lila …" Raja Ji was always checking on security, putting arms around shoulders and patting backs.

The Forum was packed and hundreds were turned away. Salutations was playing when Guru Maharaj Ji arrived. He was physically closer to the premies than at Millennium. Those who have seen and heard Guru Maharaj Ji know what it's like to be there when he is giving Satsang. His voice sounds as if it comes from inside you, it's not a worldly voice.

When Durga Mata Ji gave Satsang, all the premies cried.

On the morning of July 3, I was taken to do security at a hotel where Guru Maharaj Ji was giving darshan to the ashram premies of each country. I was in the room while Guru Maharaj Ji gave darshan, from a wicker chair with Durga Ji next to him. He told everyone to do service, satsang and especially meditation. He said that if he examined premies while they were meditating, that is, took away their blankets, he would find one tearing up little bits of paper, one pulling his hair, another asleep, and so on. People asked such questions as "In the ashram, should we be serious or funny?" Guru Maharaj Ji said that if we meditate, there is no need to ask such questions.

The next morning was time for darshan at the campsite. Mahatmas Krishnasukanand and Rajeshwar gave Satsang. Then Guru Maharaj Ji arrived. We all lined up to kiss his feet, put our foreheads on his feet and receive Holy Breath. It took hours. All that time, a rock band was next to Guru Maharaj Ji, playing up-tempo music to keep the crowd moving. Some people went round twice!

That night was "the night of nights". It was more than anyone expected. Guru Maharaj Ji arrived in his Krishna costume and we all cheered. The band played and Guru Maharaj Ji sat there, smiling. It was like sitting in heaven. Then the Krishna Lila dancers came on, and created a magical fairy tale. Then Guru Maharaj Ji gave Satsang ("All I can do is sit here and look at you, and all you do is sit here and look at me, and we all realise Knowledge and bliss out.").

We were all flying so high we thought we could go no further, but we kept going up. We sang Arti to Guru Maharaj Ji as Durga Mata Ji swayed before him with the Arti tray. The band played again, and then Guru Maharaj Ji got up and danced with Durga Ji! All I can say is, the mind was out. It was Bliss with a capital B. When Guru Maharaj Ji left, the Mahatmas danced in a circle to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm", and threw cushions into the audience.

Everyone danced and clapped and stamped and cheered. We linked arms and hearts and sang. It was the best night of our lives. As we left the hall, the full moon seemed brighter than ever. That night the Spanish dancers took their guitars to the Divine Residence to serenade Guru Maharaj Ji. He came out on the balcony.

The following morning I got on the plane from Copenhagen to London. As I boarded, I saw Guru Maharaj Ji in the first seat; he was on the same flight as me! I pranamed in a daze. At the other end of the plane, Bob Mishler told me that Guru Maharaj Ji wants to come to Australia. That he is coming very soon.*