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July 6 - 27, 1974

Soul City Sites

On his fleeting visit to Australia, Mahatma Satyanand Ji made a remark that has had cosmic repercussions throughout the premie community. Soul City Sites

He suggested that Hans Nagar (Soul City) could be built in Australia. Naturally enough, enthusiastic attempts have been made in all directions. The original Mullumbimby project, D.O.V.E. (Divine Organic Village Exhibition), was regarded as an impractical foundation for a city by Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, Bal Bhagwan Ji, who inspected the site during his interstate tour. However, more feasible proposals are now under way. Which community, if any, wins the title of Hans Nagar is of course up to the Perfect Master himself.

In Tasmania, near the capital city Hobart, plans are inderway to set up a pottery on farmland. The premie )otter has received assistance from an Arts Council ;rant. The first step will be to fix up and equip a small louse and workshed near the land. From this rough vorking basis, the existing house on the land will hen be repaired, followed by the cultivation of regetable gardens and orchards and the construction of a kiln. During that time, the facilities of a local college vill be used for firing pots.

Further plans include the addition of other creative centres and the building of a Divine Residence. Owing to the close-knit nature of Tasmanian society, the establishment of an international standard pottery would have a favourable and widespread impact on the general public and provide an ideal form of propagation.

On Queensland's popular Sunshine Coast, a small divine community is already in operation. Two farms have formed a co-operative to supply food to Brisbane ashrams and a shop called Wholefoods. In the main street of Noosa Heads, a gallery is being refurbished to display and sell high quality paintings, sculpture, candlework and leatherwork. One of the gallery's neighbours is a premie-run interior design shop, known as The Design Joynt. In the local area sixteen premies and an equal number of premies-to-be spend a day each week doing heavy labour on the farms, while the rest of their time is devoted to establishing the crafts centre.

Other ventures on the drawing board are a sculpture centre in Cairns, Queensland, and perhaps a pottery in Adelaide, South Australia.

At first these centres will benefit the Mission and the public through the marketing of craftware made with the primary motive of love rather than money. It is also hoped that one of these projects will serve as the nucleus for Soul City, an exemplary community where life is lived in a spirit of harmony and co-operation.