July 6 - July 27, 1974
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Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji at last year's Guru Puja (1973) in Alexandra Palace, London, July 13.

Dear premies, we have all assembled here for some reason, for some purpose. Now I am going to say a very funny word to the world, and this word sounds just very very strange to this world, but for that purpose we have all assembled here and that's "peace". You see peace in this world has become very strange for people. Peace in this universe has become a antique. It has become unique. It's like a antique thing that uh was there thousands and thousands and thousands of years ago and if now somebody sees it he says "Wow, you got a ???" This is what it is peace has become into this world, and always a Perfect Master has come into this world to reveal this Knowledge, to reveal this peace. I'm not talking about one saint, all the pictures you see. I think even more have come into this world to reveal this spiritual Knowledge, to reveal this peace that we have forgotten. And if we want to today receive and achieve this point of peace, we have to go to him who is known as Perfect Master.

Now when we say the words "Perfect Master" let me tell you this, it just sounds very strange to people, news medias, it just sounds very strange to them and one of the questions they put before me or before premies, people who have received this Knowledge, is that why do you call him Perfect Master? Why do you think he is Perfect Master? Well, according to them what they presume is that those people who say that I am Perfect Master they're trying to say that I am just very perfect. But the point is that they are not realising that what is the real meaning of Perfect Master is. Why do they call me Perfect Master?

And as a matter of fact, I am the Perfect Master because I can reveal them this peace. I'm not saying that I am bodily perfect, I am not perfect because of this reason or that reason, but because I can reveal them this Knowledge, which is perfect.

See, if someone teaches you Maths, if someone teaches you English, if someone teaches you Science, you call him Maths master, English master, Science master, respectively. Same way, I can teach people peace. Again, I have to tell this to people, that I am not prophet, I'm not a prophet, I am just an ordinary human being with two legs, two eyes, and I work, and I voluntarily put myself here, so that I can reveal this Knowledge to people I think because people need it, people have forgotten what this Knowledge is, and I am just teaching them perfectness and that's why they called me Perfect Master. And as a matter of fact, I am Perfect Master, because I can reveal them this peace. Not saying that I am bodily perfect, I'm not saying I am perfect because of this reason or that reason, but simply one reason because I can reveal them this Knowledge, which is perfect.

This Knowledge is within everyone. That is the primordial vibration, vibrating within all human beings, making them alive, and that's the Knowledge, that's the perfect peace that we have to realise in this world.

The Holy Family at Guru Puja '73, London

Lord Buddha

There was a whole drama before you that these people played, and that was about Lord Buddha. When He was born, many priests came and many people came and many predicted that either He is going to be the emperor of the whole universe or he is going to be the Lord of the Universe. And the king realised that if he becomes a saint, then who continues after me? So he trapped Him in this huge castle, and there was just like pleasure and pleasure and pleasure in this castle, nothing else, just all the things of pleasure which existed in the world were there in His castle, no suffering whatsoever.

But when Buddha came out one day and He took a ride in this chariot. He saw a cripple and said "What is this?" and his charioteer said, "He is sick, he is ill." And Buddha thought "What is sickness, what is illness?" and the man said that "This is a thing that happens, it can also happen to you, this is so that happens to everybody, and it can also happen to you." Buddha said, "Really?" Because He had realised in his life that this could happen to Him and then He saw an old guy and He said "Who is this and why is he like that?" The man said, "Well, he is old, you have to also become old one day, and you will also become sick one day". Then He went further and saw a dead body. He said "Well, what is that? Why is he lying down?" The man said, "Well he is dead." Buddha asked "What do you mean, he is dead. What is death?" And the man said "It is something that comes to everyone, it is also going to come to you."

What good did that do to you? We read all these examples about these things receiving this perfect Knowledge and getting blissed out, but that's not it, because it does no good to us except it relaxes us for some time, because it's a story, we just feel good. But we have to receive that salvation, otherwise there is suffering and suffering and suffering and suffering in this world. That which seems to be pleasure today can turn out to be suffering within no time. People go to church very happy, they are going to get married, and they are extremely happy, and the husband says to the wife "You don't know how happy I am". And then they come back home and the bride is drinking coffee and she spills the coffee over the bridegroom's suit, she freaks out. Next day they go and get a divorce.

That love, that pleasure was divorced, was separated. You buy a car, you say, "Wow, I bought a new car and I feel very happy." Then you are driving it and maybe you hub cap spills out. Your love spills out. So what is true love? It is not in these material things, is not in these materialistic things. You see if you get a pen, you want to use it. Pen is one of the things that business men greatly require, right? But when you get a pen, if I bring you a golden Parker pen, you don't eat it, do you? No, you don't eat it. You take it and put it in your pocket. Because you think that's the space for it, and you want to keep it limited right there, and you pin it to your suit pocket or something. This is the world. And this world has to be limited, so far as you are concerned with this world.

The Farmer and the Jeweller

You see, there was this farmer, and he was passing this huge desert and he sees this big rock shining very beautifully and I don't know how many thousands and thousands of rocks he has seen in his lifetime like that. So he picks it up and he throws it out, and he starts walking again. But then there comes a jeweller, and he takes up the rock kisses it, kneels down, and says, "God, thank you

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July 6 - July 27, 1974


so much, you have given me a fortune. You have given me a diamond." Because the jeweller realises the value of that stone, it's not merely a stone, it is diamond to him. But that farmer did not realise it. He threw it away, and it was just a rock to him.

… you imagine, you might have seen western movies when there used to be cowboys, shooting people, just caring nothing about life, and it was a time when there was no law, and you can just imagine, people being shot. And then the law … in, few people realised that life was important … it could do something good for people. They came out with an idea, but they couldn't relate to those people. And still the same thing was going on and they became outlaws. But today, in 1973, … people would call a very civilised world, still … and murders are going on. Still people are killing people, still people are being assassinated. … what's the simple reason for that? Why? That means … do not understand the aim of this human life, do not understand why this human life has been given to people. It's the same case of the jeweller and the farmer. The jeweller does understand the cost of it, so he keeps it, loves it, respects it, and the farmer does not, so he hates it and throws it away. This is just an example, but it means something, it means something to me at least.

I Love Them, They Love Me

People come up in this hall, and they see people holding hands, and the premies shouting, and people getting blissed out and they probablyI came in 1973, and this press reporter asked me "What do you think about that great mob that is standing outside, for your reception?" And you see, I knew why they were there; it was not because I had told them to, it was simply that they loved me and I loved them. And people come in and they see all this going on, and they don't understand why this is going on, and they try and assume different things. But it's nothing, I love love them, they love me, so they do it. They do it in love.

… understand what real love is, real love is not in materialistic things, real love, real peace is inside of us. And that's what I promise. I can't promise you money, the one thing I can promise to give you is peace of mind. I don't say I am a Messiah, I don't say I am a prophet, I just say I can give you peace because it's within inside of you, I can reveal it, because I have that capability. I am not assigned to this by anyone, it's voluntary act I am performing to give people peace because they need it in this world.

Lord Krishna even says, that "whenever there will be a decline in true religion, I will manifest Myself in human form to protect My devotees, and destroy evil." And see, He comes, He has manifested Himself and He always comes. We are having so many, so many different religions in this world, they prove this! that people have not been able to get peace. Why? Why is it that there are so many different religions in this world today, what do they prove? The people have not been able to realise what they wanted to, … there have been new religions coming up, people coming up with new ideas.

But there is only one solution to perfect peace in this world. See, perfect peace does not come from war. War brings war, war does not bring peace. Always a war has followed war, and always, peace has followed peace, World War I, World War II and I don't know, it's a big question, World War III, it's a big question, so I don't know maybe it'll be there. Most probably not, most probably there will be time and people will realise, people will understand the aim of this human life. That is what our whole Mission is working on; to tell the world about the aim of human life.

You see, in this world we do so many different actions. … perform so many different actions. But which is the superior action for you to perform? This is what have to find out. This is what man has to find out, amongst all which is the superior one? That action is meditation and I cannot speak it. It's the action that

Prem Rawat: The King of Hearts: Valentine's Day in Denver Krishna revealed to Arjuna, Ram to Hanuman, Jesus to John, and the galaxy of saints came and revealed this superior action to their devotees. And this is it. This is what gave them peace, this is what gave them satisfaction of mind.

In the beginning of this world there was this Knowledge, and when man wanted to have peace he had to receive Knowledge. That's what he had to do.

He had to get it from the Perfect Master. And now, in this 20th century, if we want peace we still have to receive Knowledge. Now there might be many people who say "Why, why do we have to receive Knowledge to get peace?" You might say, what is this all going on? What is this Divine Light Mission? It is just a trip. Mind you, come here, understand what's going on, and then you will be able to know what we tell you. Maybe you are not understanding, because this Knowledge is of course practical experience. That you have to realise and only then you can understand this Knowledge. So now, I think the period has come when people have to receive this Knowledge. And people have to receive this Knowledge because there is so much crisis going into this world. There is so much suffering in this world, and there is only one solution to it. The solution is not money.

They think India is very poor, and that's why people are suffering. But let me tell you this, there was a time when India was called the Golden Bird, and every nation that knew India had eyes tacked upon her. Because they knew that there was an enormous amount of wealth in India. And that's how invaders originally came to India. But mind you, at that time when there was so much gold in India people were not satisfied. So even now, if that much gold goes back into India, people will not be satisfied. There was this emperor and this artist built a beautiful building. It's made of white marble. And this building was built and when the artist finished, the emperor had his hands cut off, to gain the monopoly of the building, so that he shouldn't build anything better. And so to get the monopoly, he had his hands cut off. Now do you call that peace? Suffering, it's total suffering, still having all that amount of money.

God is something that even these eyes can't see. Because these eyes, were made to see this whole huge world and God is in a dimension which is beyond this world.

Inside Us All

They had everything possible, only one thing they missed. One thing they didn't have, and that was this Knowledge. This Knowledge was missing and I think that's the only thing that can give people peace. I have tried it and it works fine and it brings peace. Because it is within inside of us. It's not -to be brought from outside somewhere. Peace is within us. And if we have this Knowledge then peace is with us.

And to receive this Knowledge we have to go to a Perfect Master, to someone who can reveal this Knowledge. We have to go back to the source which shows us the Light, within inside us all. And that's the whole procedure. It's instant. How much time it takes to see yourself in the mirror? You just turn yourself around, there you are - instantly. Maybe it takes some time to find a Perfect Master, and maybe it takes some time to receive Knowledge, but it doesn't take time after you get Knowledge. It doesn't take time to get peace. Because it is right there. If there is a big tank, you take a nail and make a hole under it, takes no time. Maybe it takes time for the hole to be there, but it takes no time for water to leap out of it.

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July 6 - July 27, 1974
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Prem Rawat aka Maharaji in 1973 Your experience has been limited to the world, and then suddenly you come here and start figuring things out about peace and you won't be able to make it. I tell you that. Whatever you will presume about it, it will be wrong. Because until now people have figured out that God is an old guy with long white beard and big nose, sitting on a highbacked chair with light all around Him, and clouds, and beautiful big pillars. Other people figure Him as a big, bright sun, you know, shining. It's got a couple of eyes and nose and a mouth and ears, and smiling to people, so some people figure it out.

People are trying to figure out God in different ways. But 1 ask you, who saw Him, really? Who saw Him? Nobody. The mind, the mind thinks this is God. See, because your experience has been finite. And when they come with that experience wherever they are, that's what they try to figure out. That's what happens. And we try to figure out God always by these experiences, and we never make it. We never make it. Because God is not like that. God is something that even these eyes can't see. Because these eyes were made to see this whole huge world and God is in a dimension which is beyond this world. Beyond any limits of creation and destruction.

And we can realise that form He is in, sure we can. And that is what realising this Knowledge is because that is something that can bring peace to us, that can bring bliss to us. That's the real bliss. Taking drugs and tripping out is not bliss. It's tripping out, you see, and you are totally confused because you cannot make up your mind. People sometimes see light, and they say, "Wow I saw a light." They aren't saved. And if you are driving, alright? Driving very fast and suddenly you slam the brakes on. You don't have seat belts on, and the whole dash board is made of wood. You are going to see a very bright light. Call that salvation? That's not salvation.

You see, that Lord we are searching for is right within us. It's right here. We are seaching for God,aren't we? If you are searching for God, God is right here. Everywhere, within our hearts, it's everywhere. It's omnipresent. It's in these pillars, and these lights, and these bolts, and in this cloth, and our bodies. So everything that you see is a vibration and the vibrations have been collected together and formed into shapes and at one time the whole thing just disintegrates and the vibration is released, and you don't see that anymore. And that is God. And that's what we have to realise. See in this world, you've got a lot to do. Right? We are sent to this world for some purpose. We don't complete it.

And that's what God is thinking about us right now, probably. That I make a perfect being, self-propelled, self-everything self-generated, make a beautiful, beautiful world for him, give him everything he needs, and then he comes here and starts relaxing. He makes his aim "eat, drink and be merry" - what kind of guy is he? And that's what happened. And there is one time when this went to such an excess that God had to destroy the world. You know the story of Noah's Ark? When those people who crucified Jesus, saw disciples of Jesus, they said, "They are insane." And the disciples of Jesus knew that those people were insane. So now, I have nothing more to tell you. I have nothing more to say to you, except realise this Knowledge.

That is why we are here in this world. To know, realise and to understand this perfect Knowledge. Come and listen to what we want to tell you because it's not a religious thing, you see. We're trying to tell you face, trying to preach you a fact. The Knowledge that is within inside of us. That's what we are trying to tell you. That's all but it's just so far out to listen to this because this is about something that is spiritual. So realise this was meant for you. Thank you very much.