Questions and Answers, Fernbank, London, February 28, 1972.

Maharaj Ji, can you get Knowledge from smoking pot?

There is only one way to receive this Knowledge and that is not by hashish or anything like that. Because hashish is a physical thing. You smoke it into your body and you smoke it our of your body. Its effect is a physical effect. It affects your mind after affecting your body. And any process that must be applied through the body will not take you there. You can't find yourself with hashish, you can only lose yourself.

You don't smoke and you still love? Maybe you're special.

It will be far out when you get this Knowledge, because it will give you a greater experience. It will take you higher than hashish. These plants come from nature, but this Knowledge is nature. By smoking you can experience something, but with this Knowledge you will experience everything, and you don't have to smoke anything.

But Maharaj Ji, I heard that when Shiva came down, He was supposed to hold some hashish in His hand.

So you also do that. Get some hashish and take a parachute. Shiva was perfect. There was a Master once, I think it was Govind Singh, who ate some fishes, so His disciples also started eating fishes. So He asked them, "Why are you eating fishes?" And the disciples said, "Because you are eating them." So the Master took the fishes alive from His body. So please don't ever compare yourself to the Perfect One.