Saturday, June 8, 1974
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Prem Rawat aka (Guru) Maharaji places the ring on Marolyn Johnson's fingerA MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN


Preparations are going ahead for Guru Puja '74 in Copenhagen. Work has already begun at the campsite and the final plans for the stage at the Forum have been worked out.

Very important news of another sort is the co-operation we have been experiencing, both within Divine Light Mission International and from the outside world. Guru Maharaj Ji's Love is really flowing through the city of Copenhagen, weaving everyone that we come in contact with together in a knot of friendship and understanding. The town officials here have donated such facilities as gas-fired ovens for the campsite kitchens, mechanics' workshops, some storage space for food and tents, and garages, while we, in our turn are setting up the campsite which will be used all summer long to house students and travellers visiting the city.

Even the press reaction has been very good. A press conference was held recently in the restaurant at the Forum in Copenhagen, and all those reporters present expressed a great interest in what we are doing here. Already, three excellent articles have been written in major Danish newspapers about the upcoming festival.

Everyone who comes to Copenhagen quickly sees Guru Puja '74 is a whole new dimension in festivals. It is so much a manifestation of love and co-operation that it already is a shining example for all future festivals around the world.

Guru Puja Logo


Meanwhile Copenhagen being so far away, the premies have secured a new Divine Residence, to make more practical our invitation to the Holy Family to attend Australia's Guru Puja '74 on July 11, 12 and 13!

Situated in the almost pastoral suburb of Rosanna, it is a large, white two-storeyed house with a garden and swimming pool. Upstairs consists of the Divine Suite: bedroom, bathroom, living room, and balcony, plus three more bedrooms and a bathroom.

Downstairs there is a large living room, adjoining dining room, kitchen and laundry. It is only fifteen to twenty minutes from the State Headquarters in Fitzroy and is being rented, all pressmen note, for the extravagant sum of $75 a week.


Mahatma Padarthanand Ji

June 2      BRISBANE
June 8-14   SYDNEY


Ashram: "shelter", a spiritual community of Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees who have dedicated their lives to spreading Knowledge of God.
Darshan: the physical presence of Guru Maharaj Ji and/or members of his Holy Family.
Knowledge: the spiritual experience gained through practising four meditation techniques (Light, Music, Word and Nectar) revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.
Mahatma: "great soul". A disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji empowered to reveal Knowledge.
Premie: "Lover of God". A disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji.
Satsang: "Company of Truth". Discourses about the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.

'Mahatma' PadarthanandMahatma Ji on tour

Mahatma Padarthanand Ji has been touring in western and northern parts of Australia for the last few weeks. He spent a fortnight with the premies in Perth, giving five major outside programs, a radio interview and Satsang to an anglican bishop who visited the ashram. Then he flew overnight to Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, where he was received by the media with great publicity. In fact the local television station was so attracted by Satsang that they invited him back for a second interview!

After four very successful days in Darwin Mahatma Ji returned at last to National Headquarters, Sydney, to the great relief of premies who had not seen him for two months. Mahatma Ji, who has been propagating spiritual Knowledge in Australia since July 13, 1973, has received agya (command) from Guru Maharaj Ji to fly to America on June 15 for the Guru Puja in Massachusetts. However there is time for him to be back in Melbourne for Australia's festival on July 11, 12, 13, if Guru Maharaj Ji allows.

Meanwhile Mahatma Ji's arrival in Sydney meant the cancellation of his scheduled appearance in Cairns, northern Queensland. Nevertheless premies report that by amazing Grace 150 persons packed the hall to see the films Satguru Has Come and Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji? Whereupon by popular demand Satsang continued until 11.30 p.m.

But Sydney premies enjoyed saintly company all too briefly, for after one memorable two and a half hour Satsang Mahatma Ji took off for Brisbane. However his final week before departure for America will be spent in NSW.