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Thursday, May 23, 1974


Although most of us regard New Years as the time for resolutions, this New Moment is the only time we have to dedicate our thoughts, words and actions to something higher. Below are five resolutions the substance of which should have a familiar voice to premies:

I will not put off until tomorrow what I can do today.
I will constantly meditate and remember the Holy Name.
I will leave no room for doubt in my mind.
I will never delay in attending Satsang.
I will always have faith in God.

In an Age when Guru Maharaj Ji has given us so much freedom of action, surely these commandments have a great importance. Unless we see them pinned on a wall, all of us are inclined to forget these basic, fundamental duties. Of course we cannot fulfil them ourselves: we need the Grace of the Perfect Master. But first effort, then Grace. First deserve, then desire.

There is so much service to be done to propagate this Knowledge that tomorrow is too late for anything. And service is pointless unless performed from the stronghold of meditation. Meditation will not grow if there is doubt in our minds. Doubts can be easily removed by Satsang (especially discourses and the company of Mahatmas and Holy Family). And the value of the other four commandments cannot be realised unless we have faith in God. Guru Maharaj Ji is so compassionate to give us five simple guidelines to make our lives complete. Yet our crazy minds still rebel against the Master of Knowledge, the only One who can teach us perfection. If we understood fully the importance of every breath. we would stop treating Knowledge as a parlour game and practise it sincerely.

As Divine Light Mission grows in numbers, as our individual lives widen in scope through our new awareness, it becomes easier to overlook the fundamental reason for any activity, whether it be direct propagation, worldly venture or domestic chore. A premie is a lover of God. Our destiny is complete devotion to the Perfect Master. Whatever enjoyment we have in life stems from our attachment to Guru Maharaj Ji through meditation. Anything else is shadowplay. Anything else is so far below supreme consciousness that it is laughable. It is our duty to serve mankind with impartial love, to propagate Knowledge and to remember always that devotion is where it's at. As Guru Maharaj Ji said in Denver recently, "Everybody should get straight; shape up, or ship out". We should dedicate every thought, word and action to our Lord.



Guru Puja As July draws closer, preparations step up in Melbourne for Guru Puja '74. An extra week's grace has come with the change of dates from the 4th, 5th and 6th to the 11th, 12th and 13th, in a bid to draw a member of the Holy Family to Australia after the festivals in Copenhagen and America. Guru Puja '74 has been subtitled "a real life festival", manifesting practically the peace brought by Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge and creating an exchange of ideas and love among premies from across the country. Guru Puja is the meeting-point of our devotion to the Perfect Master, the One who has given us real life.

Most of the festival will centre in the suburb of Fitzroy, with valuable co-operation and assistance from the local council. Accommodation will be provided in ashrams and premie households for the 500 to 1000 devotees expected to attend the festival. Special nursery facilities will be set aside for mothers and children.

Highlights of Guru Puja '74 will include a Peace Parade in the form of a Peace Train, led by the Rhythm in Bliss ban. A "sixpenny fair" will be put on for the local residents, with Divine Sales organising toffee apples, fairy floss, clowns and fancy-dress tigers as well as treating the Fitzroy children to a Saturday afternoon film feast of Yogi Bear and the Marx Brothers.

On a learning exchange level, meetings are being arranged for teachers, doctors, naturopaths, parents, farmers, builders, artists, writers and so on. It is hoped that from these meetings new ventures will begin as part of Divine United Organisation.

It has also been suggested that we follow the example of London's recent Peace Festival and go door-to-door, asking the local residents if they need our services, their cars cleaned or their gardens weeded.

Preparations will also involve the services of nursery, security, stage, altar and flower arrangements, kitchen, silk-screening and so on. Anyone who has further suggestions or services to offer should write to Guru Puja '74,322 Brunswick St, Fitzroy 3065, Victoria.

Brothers and sisters who celebrated Guru Puja '73 in Adelaide last year will remember the blissful arrival of Mahatma Padarthanand Ji, to end at least nine month's wait for a Mahatma. They will also recall how we learnt the need for co-operation and organisation, and how we experienced the incredible harmony that exists when a large number of premies are gathered together. Guru Puja '74 promises to be an event of even greater love and devotion. A real life festival.


After the visit of Bal Bhagwan Ji, Guru Maharaj Ji's eldest brother, the 300 Indian devotees in Fiji have been inspired to propagate throughout their Pacific Islands community.

Fiji itself is a very beautiful cluster of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Divine Light Mission has a strong following in the main city of Suva, and the support the Fijian Minister for Labour, Mr Jonati Maeoa. Most of the devotees have a cultural and family background related to the Indian states of Gujarat and Maharast from where the British brought many labourers to work the canefields. The islands gained independence in 1970 and a reputation as an international playground. Because of the large tourist population, Bal Bhagwan Ji suggested during his visit to Australia that devotees travel to Fiji in order to propagate Knowledge to th English-speaking people.

The Fijian premie community began with a handful devotees travelling to Suva from India and South Africa. Then in October of last year Guru Maharaj Ji's mother Mata Ji, sent the lady Mahatma Durga Ben to Fiji, where she propagated and revealed Knowledge for two months. After Millennium '73, the festival held in the United States in November, the islands were graced with the presence of Mahatma Satyanand Ji, who gave satsang there for one and a half months. At the request of the premies, Bal Bhagwan Ji has agreed to send a permanent Mahatma. Fiji is now certain to awake to Guru Maharaj Ji's message of love and peace.

Subscriptions Words we use

Ashram: "shelter", a spiritual community of Guru Maharaj Ji's devotees who have dedicated their lives to spreading Knowledge of God.

Darshan: the physical presence of Guru Maharaj Ji and/or members of his Holy Family.

Knowledge: the spiritual experience gained through practising four meditation techniques (Light, Music, Word and Nectar) revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.

Mahatma: "great soul" a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji empowered to reveal Knowledge.

Premie: "Lover of God", a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Satsang: "Company of truth", discourses about the Knowledge revealed by Guru Maharaj Ji.


Mahatma Padarthanand Ji

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May 27-30   DARWIN

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