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Raising Consciousness


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People are tired of words. An increasing majority of people are becoming less and less interested in politics as we know it. And as people realise more and more that a government is not going to be able to solve the problems that really matter, they become aware that the only way to solve a wide spectrum of individual and personal problems is to change the individual person.

Consciousness-raising, as it has been termed, has been an esoteric occupation since man was created. The history books are scattered with references to well known exponents of creative and intuitive thinking and the occasional mass upheaval that topples empires and changes the course of history. Unfortunately these movements have not been able to stop mankind from arriving at his present situation. What is needed is another mass upheaval that will not only steer mankind away from the brink but will rest on such a reality that will keep man from the brink forever, and by continual application actually direct and motivate him into higher levels of awareness. Such large scale consciousness-raising or cognitive restructuring is a very rare phenomenon, and those fortunate beings who have been able to do it for themselves and show others how to do it have been hampered in the past by short lifespans and insufficient communications to reach the masses.

And so untimely death has robbed mankind of its source of truth and dragged the original message and method into falsely based rites and rituals, theories and concepts. It is therefore very interesting to note that in this time of aeroplanes and television, another attempt is being made to elevate mankind above politics, pornography, money and mental illness towards the age-old mystery of consciousness-raising on a mass level, enlightenment for the people - or a saint in every street and a disciple in every household. What was an ambitious task in every previous age is making its last ditch attempt in this one. If we cannot pull it off in the next few years, mankind will undoubtedly destroy himself and the whole cycle of generation and destruction will have to start again.

Higher Level

Now this analysis is accepted by many people on many levels in many guises, but only one organisation is making its offer open to everyone. The Divine Light Mission is not trying to change an unhappy Gay into a liberated one, or a depressed woman into a free one, or an uneducated person into a literate one, but rather is trying to take mankind from a level of material imbalance, suffering and hopelessness on to a higher level of existence irrespective of colour, class, creed, sex, education or opinion. A raising of consciousness for everybody who wants it, not just for particular and limited self-interest groups. The Divine Light Mission is beyond the material level of limitations because the sole cause of its existence is a form of meditation that is infinite in itself.

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People from every walk of life and every situation around the globe have realised that there is one ultimate reality that is the same for us all, a reality that produces continual and increasing love, harmony, peace and contentment in those who are able to experience it. It is not an intangible concept or unworkable theory, nor is it a temporary phenomenon. It is a practical experience that can be easily attained by all.

So all that remains to be seen is if mankind can be wooed away from his lemming-like rush to destruction and into a desire to raise his consciousness before it is too late. Will the blind continue to lead the blind, or will the universal answer appear in the nick of time?

New Knowledge?

We are completely convinced that Guru Maharaj Ji holds the hope of the world in his Knowledge, an experience so powerful and attractive that thousands of people around the world are already living in the love and the brotherhood of man that governments halfheartedly promise. The people who have this Knowledge are not only already saved from the depressions, suffering, loneliness and despair that plague modern,life, but are working with strong dedication to arouse their fellow men from the apathetic slumber of ignorance that seems to have enveloped the world.

If you are really serious about the benefits of raising the individual level of consciousness, we humbly request that you test out the Knowledge that Guru Maharaj Ji is giving. It is only be raising our own consciousness that we are able to help others to know themselves.