Thursday, May 9, 1974
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GOLDEN AGE INSIDE "Mahatma" Padarthanand

Interview with Mahatma Padarthanand Ji, disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji, in Melbourne Thursday 17th April, 1974.

In your search for the Knowledge of God, I know that you tried many gurus, that you tested many spiritual paths. Can you tell us the way in which you came to Knowledge?

Yes: I was interested in this thing from my very infancy. I heard the story of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama. I was seeing rituals in society, and in my family, and I was doing those things. I was doing all different types of worship, reading all different types of scriptures, fasting, and after all that I followed so many saints. I even went to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and I received his mantra. He revealed that mantra which everyone knows in India, that is of no importance. He even asked me to be a teacher, but I was not satisfied.

So I did so many things to search for this Knowledge, so many things, and really, I was searching so hard that my whole family and all my friends thought I was totally crazy: Really mad! This news was spread all around, that I was mad, because I was searching so hard, leaving school, leaving university, leaving my family. To leave the family in India is a very hard thing. I performed every ritual and everything to search for this Knowledge.

How did you first hear about Guru Maharaj Ji?

First of all, I was in Patna, which is the capital of Bihar, and I was crossing a lane, there was a beautiful poster of Guru Maharaj Ji wearing a crown. That was for the first program of Guru Maharaj Ji in Patna, in his childhood. When I saw that picture of Guru Maharaj Ji, that pierced my heart, just that photo of Guru Maharaj Ji. In my heart, I heard for the first time about Guru Maharaj Ji.

How long did you wait to take the Knowledge afier you first saw that poster of Guru Maharaj Ji?

After seeing that poster, I tried to go to Patna Junction. I saw that poster in Patna City, and the program of Guru Maharaj Ji was at the Ram Lila Ground in Patna Junction, but I was unable to even go there. It was seven or eight miles away, but I had no transport and I was so tied in the commandment of my father and my family, that I had no freedom to go there. The next year, I was already there and there was a program of Guru Maharaj Ji in the same Ram Lila Ground. Then I attended the program of Guru Maharaj Ji.

When you first heard satsang, did you instantaneously recognise it? Did you never have doubt once you have heard satsang from a disciple of Guru Maharaj Ji?

Satsang was not new for me. They were talking about Knowledge, and I had been reading about Knowledge for a long time, but when I came to them, they were talking about a practical experience that Guru Maharaj Ji was giving, so there was no question of doubt. It was firm belief, because they were talking according to scripture which I had been reading.

When did you complete your University studies? You obtained your degree after you had received Knowledge, didn't you?

Yes. After receiving Knowledge I completed my University degree by the commandment of Bal Bhagwan Ji. Otherwise, after receiving Knowledge, I was going to leave the university. Bal Bhagwan Ji told me 'no', that I should complete it. Then I went back, sat for the exams and completed it in Philosophy Honours. I had very little time left at University. I had already filled out the form for the examination, and there were only a few months left until the exams. Bal Bhagwan Ji said that "you have spent a lot of time for that, so it is good that you should fulfil that. You should not leave this incompleted."

What was the form of service that you performed before you became a Mahatma?

First of all, I dedicated myself totally at the ashram. which was already in Patna. I just surrendered. They were making more rooms for the Holy Family at the Residence and they were constructing a building, so I was doing service as a labourer. Whatever Mahatma Ji, Dayalanand Ji (who was the head Mahatma there), whatever he was asking; to bring cement on my head, or carry bricks, or anything else, I did, because service was service and it was so blissful. So I was doing that service in the construction of that building. After that, another Mahatma Ji came from South Bihar, and Dayalanand Ji offered me to him, and so I began travelling around with him. I was doing service directly to him, and whatever he was asking, I was doing. There were so many responsibilities, to look after magazines and medicines (which are made in Prem Nagar), whatever my responsibility to him was. I was distributing all the medicines and magazines, and I was also giving satsang.

Many premies find it hard to give satsang after Knowledge.

That was my own condition. Mahatmas were asking me to give satsang, but it was very hard for me to do it. It was hard for me, but this has become my job. I was enjoying doing service more and more, but I never thought about giving satsang. Why? Because I had one idea in my mind; that I should not tell anyone something. I had read so many scriptures and books that I thought that it is useless to listen and useless to ask someone. But no! Whatever I hear, I should do. Everyone in satsang is asking you to do something, I have to do and not tell someone ….

What part does a devotee's desire play in one becoming a Mahatma?

There are so many different types of service. So many types of service are related to propagation, and thinking is not enough. Guru Maharaj Ji decides whether one can do it or not.

This is such a responsible job, such a responsible service that everyone can't do this service. For this service, he must be totally faithful to Guru Maharaj Ji, totally surrendered.

Many premies in the west have some trouble in becoming devoted and realizing that devotion is the key, whereas in India, devotion is a way of life: Devotion to parents, devotion to family. How can western premies learn devotion and how can they be taught?

Guru Maharaj Ji is teaching them by giving them the I example of a Mahatma. A Mahatma is not a ruler or a boss, but Mahatma is a servant, a devotee of Guru Maharaj Ji. Guru Maharaj Ji is teaching everything about devotion through the example of a Mahatma. you want to be closer to Guru Maharaj Ji, then be closer to Mahatma, and see that the Mahatma is a living example before you. See what he is doing, how he is talking, what he is asking to be done.

Saint Kabir has told that "Whenever I see a saint, at that same moment, I remember my Lord". There is no existence of saint without Lord. A saint is always at the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

So it is right for premies to desire to be closer to you?

Of course. This is the way. I become a Mahatma by the blessing, by the company of Mahatmas. This is the middle-man. If you want to call Guru Maharaj Ji or Mata Ji, or any member of the Holy Family, you have to phone through the operator. Without the operator you can't get them on the line. Mahatma Ji is the middle man who can unite you. This is his duty; to help you and to bring you to the 'Lotus Feet'. One who has practically devoted his life can teach you something. Others can give you more and more and more theory, but Mahatma is practical. He has done satsang, service, meditation and Darshan, all things. Then he has the power to talk about that, and every word is effective, powerful. A Mahatma asks you to do that thing which he has done already.

I have spoken with several people who are concerned with so called spiritual matters, and I asked them if they considered that Australia would play a special part in the dawning of the New Age. Each of them considered that Australia would be the continent when the coming Age would first be apparent.

The first place where the Golden Age is seen is in the heart, our hearts, not Australia. First there is Golden Age inside, then it will manifest outside, or anywhere. Really, those who have received Knowledge and are following Guru Maharaj Ji implicitly, then really, they are in the Golden Age, and those who are following their mind are in the Age of Darkness.

Follow the Master

Man is a sun.and a moon, and a heaven filled with stars
- Paracelsus

See, this kingdom of God is now found within us. The grace of the Holy Spirit shines forth and warms us, and, overflowing with many and varied scents into the air around us, regales our senses with heavenly delight as it fills our hearts with joy inexpressible
- St. Seraphim of Sarvo

Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be; but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is
- 1 John

For no creature, howsoever rational and intellectual, is a light of itself, but is lighted by participant of Eternal Truth
- St. Augustine

The flute of the Infinite is played without ceasing, and its sound is love
- Saint Kabir

For with thee is the fountain of life: and in thy light we see light
- Psalm XXXVI

To breathe is a beatitude
- Amiel

Now you must know, God loves the soul so mightily, he who should rob God of loving the soul would rob him of his very life and being: would kill God, if one may say so; for the very love wherewith God loves the soul is what his Holy Breath is blowing in
- Master Eckhart

The world's scriptures, and lesser-known texts now coming to light, describe the experience called Knowledge revealed by great spiritual Masters. The quotations presented here illustrate this universal truth common to all scriptures; the universal truth that Guru Maharaj Ji reveals today.