Thursday, May 9, 1974
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In 1957, three very interesting things happened. The Space Age began with the launching of the first satellite, the Russian Sputnik. The first horror comic book, Famous Monsters, was published in the United States. And at the end of the year the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji, was born in Hardwar, India. The Sputnik was the forerunner of the T.V. satellites providing the communication through which world peace could be advocated and discussed. The horror comic was a graphic illustration of the petty craziness of man's mind that prevents pure, peaceful communication, and the birth of the Perfect Master heralded a practical solution to this craziness.

But what can end war? What can move us from our apathy? Guru Maharaj Ji's father, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, once explained, "Peace is not simply the negation of war, it is the negation of the warring tendencies in man. War originates in the mind of man and it is from there that it must be uprooted."

Guru Maharaj Ji has the power to uproot war and restore peace in the mind of every man. Through four simple meditation techniques he can concentrate the mind on light, music, taste and vibration within the human body, raising consciousness naturally. This is called spiritual Knowledge, a direct, practical experience that can be received from his Mahatmas - great souls. When we have achieved this inner experience of peace we want to reach out to help the rest of humanity. Peace cannot be established by political consciousness, national consciousness or even global consciousness. It can only be attained through contact with infinite consciousness, the source of peace and love. That is the offer of Guru Maharaj Ji's knowledge.

If all of, us dedicated to peace and sanity work hard, global disaster can be avoided. Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge gives us the mind control to carry out our work for peace without distraction. Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge takes us to a consciousness beyond thoughts where the problems of war and suffering can be tackled objectively, in the detached manner of a surgeon operating for a patient's life. All of us truly dedicated to peace should surely investigate such a claim if it can be of any value in saving our planet.

And what is there to be dedicated to in our lives? On one level, we can be dedicated to keeping our best suit of clothes in order, but if someone is drowning in front of us in a muddy pool, it is our duty to forget our former dedication and to dive in to save the person's life. Similarly, our brothers and sisters are suffering. So we must sacrifice some material and mental ease to help .establish peace. The Knowledge of God makes such a sacrifice easy. Through our dedication, the physical communications system and the Knowledge of the Perfect Master, Guru Maharaj Ji, we can change this horror comic world into a Garden of Eden.