Interview with Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Guru Maharaj Ji, 8th March, 1974
Tasmania - by Rob Love, ABC announcer

Bal Bhagwan Ji
Develop a Superhuman Nature

Shri Bal Bhagwan Ji, why have you come to Tasmania?

I am here because the devotees of Guru Maharaj Ji invited me here to give satsang, which means holy discourses.

What exactly is a holy discourse, what exactly happens?

Satsang means, the word "sat" means truth and "sang" means company, a lecture or maybe a holy discourse by which a man understands truth and he gets the explanation of truth by which he becomes more and more closer to truth is satsang.

And what is the end product of going to satsang?

The end product is that a man receives Knowledge and Knowledge is the experience of God.

Can anybody take Knowledge?

Yes, anybody can take Knowledge, everybody.

What is the restriction then? Why hasn't everybody got Knowledge?

The thing is that people are like guarding their philosophies and their limitations just like a bird is caged, in the same manner people are caged and because of this, people are not open to Knowledge. They are not understanding that there is more to life. People think that they are wanting dollars and driving a car and having a beautiful house is everything and, when people will understand that there is more to life, it is just like the consciousness expands. It is like a quantum leap in consciousness. When people are aware of other spiritual phenomena in existence with paranormal things, then automatically they will understand that there is something in the spirit and they must know it.

How is it then that some people have Knowledge and some have not?

It is just like the consciousness is not developed.

How do people develop their consciousness?

It is by just like understanding that there is more to this by absorbing because this whole world is a big, like a big university, where we are studying. The human being is constantly studying in this universe and by understanding, like absorbing phenomena. Just like many people first of all they believe that plants don't live, then later on they observe and observe and now they are understanding that plants do live a bit like human beings or just like in understanding that there is some energy in plants, also there is some energy in the sun that makes everything move, all the solar winds and everything.

What is the difference in this Knowledge to other things that other people have offered?

This Knowledge is the shortest distance between God and Man. It is a direct experience.

Do people actually experience something? They are not sort of put off for years and years and years that they have to wait?

No, no. They really experience something. It is a direct experience. It is just like you switch on a light and the light is in the room.

What do they experience?

They experience God. Energy.

How is that? How do they know it's God?

How do they know it? It's just like for instance if somebody brings a cow into the room and there are many people sitting in the room and the question is asked "What is this", they will all say "It's a cow" Because there is nothing to identify light. Light is self-evidence, see, you can see light and you can see this light and this light is the light of God. In Vedas, there are two proofs to prove a thing. First is called pratyaksha and then it is called anuman. The first is when you see something directly and second is scriptures because scriptures define God, like the Bible says "God is Light and in Him there is no darkness". So, if you see light, then you understand that this light is God. Like the Word is God, God is Truth, God is Spirit and Spirit is something nonmaterial so that you have to experience and if you experience something that is non-material then automatically that is God.

What happens to people who take Knowledge?

When people take Knowledge, it is just like they have a path along which they have to walk, a big road.

But what do they do, do they go around saying nasty things to people, do they feel something for other people differently, do they understand things differently?

They have a different understanding of things, phenomena and different things and they act differently. It is just like everybody is dominated by human impulses, human nature, but still the devotees are fighting against that and they are trying to develo a super-human nature.

What is the purpose, what do people get out of taking Knowledge? Why do they take it?

Their life becomes much happier. Their mind is peaceful, tranquil.

And how do they react towards other people?

You can just see that if a man has peace, if a man's mind has peace, then definitely he will react in a different manner, totally different manner.

Do they feel that they are better than other people because they have taken Knowledge?

No, it is not like telling other people that you are inferior to us you see, it is not that way. But it is just like they have something beautiful and they want to share it with everybody.

How is it that only Guru Maharaj Ji can reveal this Knowledge then?

There is always one Perfect Master. It is just like people say that Christ is the Way. The meaning of Christ is "the anointed one" which means a person is anointed and he becomes Christ.

It is only Guru Maharaj Ji who can reveal this Knowledge?

Guru Maharaj Ji says that he doesn't say like I am the only person because people would think he is very egoistic, but Guru Maharaj Ji says go and search and if

Bal Bhagwan Ji in Tasmania 1974

you cannot find this Knowledge, keep me in reserve, come to me later on.

The people who ask for Knowledge, who do they receive it from?

They actually come to a Mahatma and receive it from the Mahatma.

What part do you play in Divine Light Mission?

I am just like a devotee.

Do you have any have any assigned duties, though?

No, I am just like giving satsang and I tour and inspire people. That is my job.

Then no-one can say that you were something?

No, I am not an executive or anything.

What is the purpose of Knowledge then for this world? What does it mean for this world?

See, the purpose of this Knowledge is really to bring peace in people's lives because peace is becoming more like a utopia. People are dreaming and imagining peace, nobody thinks that real peace is practical in life. But peace can be achieved. So, by this Knowledge, actually man gets control of his mind. He gets something by which he can control his mind and if he can take his mind and actually, peace is a level of the mind you see, in the Aquarian Gospel, Jesus Christ talks about peace. He says peace is a state of mind. So, if you can take this mind and connect this mind with God, that energy that is all-pervading, then automatically thiis mind becomes very cool and calm. It is not fluctuating, it is not wavering. It is just like a tuning fork. If I take a tuning fork and vibrate the tuning fork and place the tuning fork on a table, what happens? The table also begins to vibrate with the same frequency as the turning fork, isn't it? In the same manner, God, all that supreme energy, is Sat Chit Anand. Sat means Truth, Chit means Consciousness, Anand means Bliss and so this energy is vibrating and the vibrations are Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. This is why I see that you exist. It is the Truth. It is a true statement. I see people are conscious of different things. I see people experience bliss and these are all attributes of God, so, when we take this mind and place this mind on God, automatically the mind also begins to vibrate with the same frequency as Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

It doesn't sort of mean that we become mummies without emotions and feelings?

No, not at all. You become more like, you can see, it is more like a higher state of mind.

But what about feelings of love towards people, is that affected?

No, it just becomes more and more.

But we don't become robots, mindless things of Guru Maharaj Ji?

No, not at all, not at all. It is just like when a child is born into a family, he does not relate to the sufferings of his parents, then when he grows, he just says, oh my mother is sick, my father is unhappy and he relates to them, but when you get this Knowledge, you don't even relate to your family suffering, but you can relate to the universal sufferings in this whole world. You see the fellow men are suffering, the brothers are suffering, the sisters are suffering, so you do something to actually remove the suffering, to eradicate those sufferings.

Well, how is Divine Light Mission helping to eradicate these sufferings?

It is just like Divine Light Mission is a very small organisation. It is international, it is in every country and so it is like a few small hands trying our best to do that and we are more like combining energies and people are spending their power and wealth in different things. We are trying to group all these different things together, just like Maharaj Ji has this DUO plan in America and we have like a clinic and doctors are working and giving free medical services to minority groups. In India, we have hospitals and we have schools and the best and foremost thing is this Knowledge because it changes your personality and instead of fighting in society, just like fighting a big battle, you co-operate and unite with society and actually improve it.

Some people have said that taking Knowledge is the cure for taking drugs. Is this true?

It is just like people take drugs because they are seeking for an answer. They are seeking, they want to know something. They don't know what they want to know, but they are still searching. They take this drug and actually have a psychedelic experience. Now a psychedelic experience is an experience of the mind. It is like what they are imagining and seeing is mind, it is not spirit. So actually, they are searching for an experience, a formal experience, where they can see that this universe is not divided into countries, but it is one and many, many people see different things. They see light merging, they see everything turning into light, they see everything turning into spectrum light, seven coloured spectrum like a rainbow.

But how is it possible to ever bring people together, say, for example, the Arab-Israeli conflict, those people have hate for each other? There is tremendous tension there, how could that be eradicated?

Yes, now what happened in London - we had Guru Puja '73 and all the devotees from the Arab countries and all the devotees from the Israeli countries came and under the statue of Nelson in Trafalgar Square they gave satsang. They came together on the same dais and gave satsang to people. You can just see how those two people, the people of those two countries, came together with this Knowledge. Because they understood that all of these problems are of the mind, because all wars begin in mind and so the defences of peace must be constructed in mind, not outside.

Do you mean there is something more than mind that people can experience, but what is that?

That is the spirit, that is the soul. Because "S" stands for subject, "0" for of, "U" for universal and "L" for life. They really understand the Father. Like if we are the son and we really understand the father, then we have the fatherly love, it is called the Divine Love.

Could a Christian take this Knowledge? Could a Buddhist take this Knowledge?

Everybody could take this Knowledge because this Knowledge is Knowledge of the breath. Because, see, a Christian breathes, a Buddhist breathes, a Hindu breathes, a Moslem breathes - everybody breathes. And see, the common point is, the commonness in everybody is this breath and so Guru Maharaj Ji actually reveals the secret of this breath.