Bal Bhagwan Ji, Satsang, Mosman Town Hall, Sydney, Australia, 21.2.1974


Bal Bhagwan Ji

Dear premies, brothers and sisters,

It's very good to see you here and also it's very good to find that the world is not falling down. Because in America, people think that Australia is at the bottom of the earth and something which is down there must fall. But look at this creation of God: that even though we are down on the bottom, still we aren't falling, still we are intact due to gravity. Really, the gravity for the devotee which keeps us intact with the Lord is this Knowledge, the solemn secret that Guru Maharaj Ji has bestowed on us. It's very good to find we are all existing under the feet of Guru Maharaj Ji, because he's in Chicago and Chicago's on top of us, actually.

By the mercy of God we have been granted this human body and the sole purpose of this body is to answer a question; and the question is: Who am I? One philosopher said that if you can teach this world to just ask one question: Who am I? He says it will teach everybody everything. There is nothing beyond to teach a human being but to teach him the question: Who am I? Because many people are deluded. People think, oh, I am a landlord: somebody thinks I'm a scientist; somebody thinks oh, I am a doctor or something or the other; but dear friends, before you were alive, before you were a doctor or before you were a scientist, you had to be something. You were existing. And the question again stands: Who were you? What were you? So even though you have said that I am a doctor or I'm a scientist or I am a landlord this does not answer the question; again the question stands: Who am I? We have to really seek and find the answer ourselves.

Dear premies, many people think that we people are talking about a Perfect Master and telling people to go to a Perfect Master and receive this Knowledge, and many people feel there is no purpose in going to a Perfect Master because we are intelligent, we are rational animals and we can think and we can find our own way. But dear friends, we all have eyes, and with these eyes we all can see. We can see the beauty of the nature, the blueness of the clouds, we can see the ocean, we can see all these things. And with these eyes, which have power to perceive, power to see, power to do different things; still with these eyes we are not capable of seeing our own face. Because you cannot see your own face. To see your own face, even though you have eyes, you have to stand before a mirror. You have to go there, peep in the mirror and there you see your own face. In the same manner, a man who wants to know himself has to go to a mirror; and the mirror that we are talking about is said to be a Perfect Master. If you go to a Perfect Master, the Perfect Master will reveal yourself to you.

In the Gospel of St. John, St. John talks about God and he says God is Light; and I've spoken to many people and I've said, I have a question. And I propose a certain question to you people and you can go to your priests and maybe they can try to answer this question. The question is: the scriptures say, St. John says in the Bible that God is Light; the question is: How does he know that God is Light? He doesn't say that God is a chair or God is a church of God is a table or God is an altar. He says God is Light and in Him there is no darkness. Many people say oh, because we have taken for granted that we cannot see God. We all think that no man can see God and live. We are taking this for granted. But dear premies, Jesus Christ in the Bible says that blessed are those pure in their heart for they shall see God. If you are pure in your heart you will see God. And even in Genesis you can go back and open your Bible and open Genesis, just the first chapter, you can say, and you can open Chapter 32 and Verse 30 and it says Jacob called the place Peniel for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved. Now there is a direct testimony which proves that Jacob says I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved. He doesn't say that I'm dying now. He says my life is preserved. And he says I have seen God face to face. When Jacob can see God face to face, when St. John can say that God is Light and in Him there is no darkness, when he can make a statement like that which actually comes from a direct, experience, why can't we people see God? Why can't we people experience God, why can't our hungry souls find God? So many people have this answer; they say no, no, St. John doesn't mean light, he doesn't just mean light. But dear friends I also don't mean just light Because in the Bible it says if thine eye is single ihy body shall be full of light. It's just like talking about the third eye everybody has, even a blind person has a third eye.


Dear premies, many people say it is not that light; light means understanding. That God is understanding. But dear friends the same sentence continues, and in Him there is no darkness. Now you cannot say that there is darkness in understanding or maybe if the room is very dark I say switch on the light, I will never say switch on the understanding, will I? Never. It clearly points out that there is no darkness in God, whether God is understanding or anything else. But if it says God has no darkness in Him and if there is no darkness in God then definitely God has to be Light. Because any place where there is no darkness, that absence of darkness is light. So if God has no darkness which the second sentence proves and signifies, and explains, then definitely God is Light. Now the question is: If God is Light and St. John wrote the Gospel and we all believe in it; if he says God is Light, then how did he know? How did he experience that God is Light? Bal Bhagwan Ji

Many people say no, no, we all believe that God is omnipresent, God is everywhere. God must also be in light; therefore God is Light. But dear friends, God is omnipresent but still we cannot see God. Still we are unhappy. Still we do not have peace. The reason is, that, for instance, sitting in this room we all know that television waves are passing over us and even in this room there are television waves and the television waves are everywhere. But still, even though the television waves are before us, we don't see pictures, do we? No. Why? Because you'll say, oh we don't have a television set. In the same manner, people who do not have the technique of God, people who do not have Knowledge of God, how can they see God? And the point is, God is omnipresent, all of us believe that and being omnipresent, God is in me, but the problem is, I'm not in God. And everybody's problem is that. And it's only through meditation, we can be in God. That's why Jesus says that I am in the Father, Father means God, and the Father is in me. So God has completed His task. His work is over and you work has started, His part was to be in you and He is in you. Now your part begins and your role is to be in God.

So, dear premies, we have to start now. that's why many, many people, many, many saints nave spoken about God. With our medical knowledge, with the understanding of medicine that we have we all know that human beings cannot stay without food. This body cannot live without food. A human being has to eat bread and food and water and different things. But once, Jesus Christ took a fast for forty days and was fasting, and He was in temptation and the Devil comes before Him and says, "Ha! You are very hungry it seems. Because you are hungry, now tell your God that He should make all these stones bread. He should make all these stones into bread so that you can satisfy your hunger, you may eat it." But Jesus says no, He says no, the scriptures say that man does not live on bread alone but he lives on every word that God utters in him. It's crystal clear. It says man does not live on bread alone. But from our scientific knowledge we know that man only lives on bread, he only lives on food, but Jesus says no, he does not live on bread alone but he lives on every word of God that is uttered to him by God. He lives on every word that God utters in him. You can open your Bible and read this. So what is that word that God is uttering inside us? If we people are living according to Jesus Christ, if we human beings all in this hall are living, then we are living because God is uttering a word inside our hearts. So what is that word, what is God uttering? Many people say, oh this is strange. But in St. John in his gospel, in his first line he says, "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God," Before this creation, what was existing? It was the Word. People say, oh what's that word? It's very strange. But it says in the beginning was the Word. In the beginning of what? In the beginning of creation. Dear friends, many people say the Word could be Jesus Christ. But remember, in the beginning was the Word. Which means that before this creation began, long before this creation there was the Word existing. When the Word was existing, there was no J, there was no E there was no S, there was no alphabets. So what was the Word? There were no mouths to pronounce these words. Because today we have one language which is English and in this language we say Jesus Christ and before this there was Latin and there was Greek. And in Greek we call Christ, "Christos". And before that there was Hebrew and we called Jesus in Hebrew, "Jesu" and before that there was Sanskrit and before that there was no language. So what was the Word when there was no language existing? Long before language and other things came into existence, what was the Word? And we have to know that. It is beyond all these things. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

That Word is being uttered in your hearts. So, what could be that Word? I am speaking many words now and these words are being amplified through this amplifying system but what actually is happening is that my vocal cords are vibrating and my vocal cords are vibrating the diaphragm in the microphone and the signals are being magnified and the diaphragms of the speaker are emitting the same frequency. So what is happening is, vibration is taking place. And all the words are vibration that I'm speaking now. In the same manner, the Word in the beginning was a vibration. And if you go to science, you have a formula: Energy mass equation which says E = mc2 which means energy equals mass into velocity of light squared. Which proves that all this mass is ultimately energy. All this mass, all the things we are seeing is energy but we are not seeing these all things as energy. We are seeing these things as something else. We see human being as a human being while that human being is a manifestation of that energy. We see different things and because we see not the reality, we see a mass and we say this is mass. But, actually, we don't perceive that energy which is inside that mass and because we don't perceive that energy we say we are seeing an illusion. Because you are not seeing the right thing. And that's why there are so many people all overtheworld who are searching because they believe they are not seeing the right thing. Because they are experiencing that this experience of the world, of materialism, is not going to satisfy them because the human tendency is to be saturated. They want more and more and more and more. A man who is a poor man, he wants to be rich. The rich wants to be more rich. And the other also wants to be more and more and there's no end. It's endless! So if you take your mind towards this aspect, the mind will never be satisfied. But if you take this mind and place this mind on God then this mind will definitely be satisfied.

So, dear premies, it's the Knowledge of God that is going to bestow peace and harmony on you, on your soul. So that Knowledge is the highest thing that a human being can ever get. And so, I think we should have Knowledge and we should meditate on this Knowledge because this Knowledge will unfold all secrets. It's going to reveal all the mysteries to us. Because this Knowledge is the key. Once you have the key you can open all doors. This is like a master key. This Knowledge is very important and the devotees must meditate because meditation is very, very important, specially now. Like now I'll be giving many Satsangs and I'll be talking about different things to you people but one thing is very important, because many people who come to me say OK, Bal Bhagwan Ji, how was this universe created? Or how was this world made? Or how were we made? But dear friends, once there was a shelf and on that shelf there was a bottle and inside the bottle there was some ink. So what happened? One day that bottle fell. The ink fell and unfortunately the ink fell on a cloth and the cloth became very dirty because the ink was on the cloth. A man was standing there and he saw the cloth and he said, oh my, what happened? He saw the big blot on that and said, what happened? Finally he looked up and saw the bottle. He thought oh, the bottle fell. Then a second question came to him and he said, how did the bottle fall? The he saw a cat. So his answer was the cat must have passed and the cat must have pushed the bottle and the bottle fell. Then a third question came up and said, why was the cat there? So, maybe a dog was chasing the cat so the cat came there. The fourth question comes along, why was the dog chasing the cat? Maybe the dog was lonely and he found the cat and started chasing the cat. So why was the dog lonely? And while that good guy is asking all these questions and answering them, what's happening? That damp piece of cloth is spoilt. So the best thing for that man would be to take the cloth, stop asking questions, put a full stop there and go and wash the clot! so that before the ink dries up, that dirt is removed, that spot is removed.

So, dear premies, in the same manner we can sit down and ask many, many countless questions but they all will be unfruitful because while we are asking all these questions, this life is miserable. We can sit down and talk about heaven and say heaven is paradise, it's beautiful down there. There are no energy crises in heaven, no Watergate in heaven, not at all, no Nixon, nothing at all like that. No visas, no passports, you can come and go, fine, heaven is beautiful. But while we are talking about that beautiful heaven, maybe a utopia, you can say, this present life is miserable, very unhappy. To find peace you have to smoke dope. The peace becomes the smoke and it's just miserable. Because you can smoke more and more and finally the cop gets you and you are in. Maybe you are smoking and smoking like many people, they go to India and they smoke a lot and finally the body gets saturated and they smoke after that and nothing happens to them, you see. Or maybe you get a high trip or a bad trip. So, it all depends. Dear premies, this peace is costing us too much, too much, really. Because we are not finding this peace in the right place. Jesus in the Bible says "Behold … lo here … lo there … Behold, the kingdom of heaven is within you". Because we have gone right up on the moon and many people think it's very beautiful down there but it wasn't beautiful because those people came down, they couldn't stay there, they couldn't live there. They came down finally, they came down. It wasn't peaceful there. Even if you go to the moon and different places, peace is not there. Where is peace? Peace is within us. It's right in our hearts and what we have to do is just peep in. I believe that God is neither a Christian nor a Hindu nor a Muslim. God is God. And human mind is neither Christian mind nor a Hindu mind nor a Buddhist mind nor a Muslim mind. Human mind is corrupt, is a thief. So that mind which is mind and that God which is God, what should we do? We should marry God and our minds together. We should marry God and our mind together and have honeymoon in meditation. It will be very fine, very beautiful. Really that's the purpose of life, that's the enjoyment of life, because eating and drinking and being merry is not the real enjoyment. People do that, people drink a lot, finally what happens is we have to cut a lung, we have to sacrifice a lung for that. So that's also costing too much.

Dear premies, what we have to do is, is really to know that secret, to know that kingdom of heaven which is within us. Right inside us. With this practice of Knowledge, with this meditation, we can walk on the path and with each day we are getting closer and closer and finally we are in it. It's just like a small drop of water. If you take that water and put it in an ocean, what happens? We cannot separate that drop from the ocean, it becomes one with the ocean. In the same manner, when a soul takes a dip in God and as it takes a dip in God it becomes one with God and that's called, "I and my Father are One". So, dear premies, that's very important and satsang's very important and we should propagate and share this experience we have with other people because when other people also receive it, they'll be happy. And happiness is in making others happy. Once, there was Vivekananda. He was sitting down in meditation and he was asking and praying to his Guru. He was saying, oh Guru Maharaj Ji, please give me a blissful experience. Suddenly, his Guru said, "Oh, Vivekananda, you are a miserable guy. You are a miser." So Vivekananda got a shock of his life and said "What's this? I'm meditating, I'm asking bliss and happiness for myself and my Guru is saying of Vivekananda you are a miser. Guru Maharaj Ji, what's wrong?" Guru said, "Because you are asking everything for yourself. You have to share this thing with everybody and not ask everything for yourself."

So what you have received, dear premies, you have to share this with other people. That's it, and I think tomorrow we will have satsang, so people can come and listen to satsang. Thank you very much, and Mahatma Ji will give Knowledge reviews also. Thank you very much and good night.