Guru Puja (worship), Geneva 1978

In late 1978 Prem Rawat, who was still calling himself Guru Maharaj Ji at that time, was at the height of his public megalomania. His speeches had become longer and the number of the "festivals" organised by Divine Light Mission had increased dramatically. There was so much emphasis in his speeches on his followers attending as many of these as possible that many of the "premies" became enmeshed in debt and an inability to hold down reponsible positions. He actively discouraged any aspirations towards caring about their employers' concerns.

He increased the importance of Hindu rituals and worship amongst his premies (devotees/followers) and he had begun to dress in lurid, skimpy Krishna costumes that revealed his fatty feminine breasts and podgy limbs. He overtly stressed his "divinity" and began to bring his meetings to bizarre and risible climaxes by dancing in these costumes which astonishingly enough brought his most fervent followers to near orgasmic states while making it less likely that his efforts at recruiting new followers would have any success.

Geneva has been the home of many great men, but in September, 1978 Rawat came to the shores of Lac Leman, a legend in his own mind, the Mind of God. He was short with too big of a tummy and not beautiful like his wife, Durga Ji, but to his followers he was a greater theologian than Calvin, a greater philanthropist than Dunant, more creative than Rousseau, he owned more watches than Voltaire and came with more power than Jesus Christ (not that Jesus ever came to Geneva). The sincere seekers of truth knew immediately that he was, in reality, the dispeller of darkness and illusion and the revealer of Light though the bourgeoisie of Geneva did not recognise his glory but as He said, "Guru Maharaj Ji never brings himself into this earth to adapt to you" thereby revealing more about the Mind of God than Calvin or everybody at CERN put together.

Another speech from this festival delivered on the 8th September, 1978 was published in the Austalian Divine Light Mission magazine, The Golden Age and is available on the internet as An Incredible Creation.

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Guru Puja Geneva 1978 Booklet Cover