August 1975


MAHARAJ JI AT THE HELM For Your inspirationRecent Activities

In India, Guru Maharaj Ji had told the premies, "It's time to decide … we have these four things with us -our faith, our dedication, the Knowledge and Guru Maharaj Ji - and with these on our side no one in the world has the power to stop us. So wake up … you people are my legs and you are my hands. I can sit and think and plan everything out, I can shout to the world but if I am to get this thing done, if I am to spread peace to the world, then I can't do it alone. I'll need your help."

After India, Maharaj Ji stopped in Hong Kong and Japan to tie a few more members of the premie family into his garland of love. In Hong Kong, he continued to stress the importance of propagation: "This is what our duty is. This is our job. You have to go out and tell people about it."

Upon his return to the U.S., Maharaj Ji arranged unique demonstrations of his love for his children - a Father's Day party at his Malibu, California residence, where over 1,000 premies were treated to food, music, dancing, and the casual nearness of Maharaj Ji walking amongst the crowd, playing with Premlata, and encouraging all to have a good time; and a "'cowboy" party outside of Boulder, Colorado, where about 1500 premies were invited to partake of food, festivities, and the darshan of our Lord.

Besides the western-style party, Maharaj Ji's activities while in Denver included giving more of his personal direction at DLM international headquarters. He approved of the streamlining of the organization and the strategies of local community propagation; but as always, he encouraged everyone to continue to move forward and not stagnate at any one point in growth.

"This is your skipper …
I hope you are all doing service …
keep meditating and keep on truckin' …'"

was his message over the P.A. system one afternoon. The message was a personal one for the premies working in the office building that day, but also seemed to be meant for premies everywhere.

New Mahatmas, L to R: Mahatma Satchitanand, Mahatma Param Premanand, Mahatma Gurupujanand, Mahatma Pranam Bai.

While in Denver, Maharaj Ji held a conference with most of the mahatmas currently touring the West. He also appointed four new mahatmas - the former Bill Patterson, now Mahatma Satchitanand; the former Arthur Brigham, now Mahatma Param Premanand; the former Ira Woods, now Mahatma Gurupujanand; and the former Kathy Sullivan, now Mahatma Pranam Bai.

In addition, Maharaj Ji wrote the following new letter to be inserted in Knowledge packets:

Dear Premies,

Congratulations! You have just received Knowledge and I hope you have understood it too.

You know this Knowledge is like food. It can just be there and will be of no use unless eaten; it will be of benefit to no one. It's only going to be worthwhile if you eat it. Only then can you enjoy it.

Since now you have received this Knowledge it is your duty to do meditation, service, and satsang. and understand this Knowledge through these means. Let me also remind you and caution you about something and that is your mind. This mind is really going to be freaked out because Knowledge is its antidote. And therefore in the future this mind might really begin to bother you. But do not be bothered, just keep on truckin', just keep on going. Believe it, it will certainly go away. Further, keep in touch. Love is everlasting.

Happy meditation, satsang, and service. Yours.

Guru Maharaj Ji

To continually oversee the operations of the Mission, Maharaj Ji plans to make regular stops in Denver between festivals and other engagements.