Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang in Denver, 8th July, 1975.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Run Out of India in 1975 What we are trying to make people understand is that Truth is within inside; it's not outside. I want to teach people Truth, not divert their attention into this false, false world. So premies should be involved in giving satsang to people and making people realize what's happening here, that the Knowledge is revealing itself and everything is getting more and more beautiful. This is what should be done. This is what's most important that should be done.

I just wanted to clarify this, because we've seen the mind play some weird tricks on people. You know this is what mind does. It's like, you receive Knowledge and the mind starts freaking out because it's got no chance. So you fight it, and it fights you. Then it comes to a point where the mind just can't do it, so it dies off and you really start experiencing everything.

But then the mind comes and says, "Look, I can't get this guy the straight way, because he doesn't believe me anymore. So why don't I hook him up in a different way, so that he'll believe me, and then I can get him?" That's what it does.

You're feeling really beautiful inside. You're feeling just love and Grace, because mind is not working, and then slowly this thing starts going on inside of you. You know Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect, He is everything; you know Knowledge is perfect and is everything. You believe it because you know you have experienced it at one time. But then, bingo!, things start happening. To convince you of something, mind will do anything. It manifests in any way it can. It will come in your dreams. It's like the unseen demon in the book 'The Wizard of Earthsea'. If you get time, you should read it; it's really beautiful.

The unseen demon has no shape, nothing, but it follows this wizard everywhere he goes. The wizard knows that this demon can't come to him over water, because it is afraid of water, but finally it even comes there. So this is how this demon is. It will come to you anywhere, the most unexpected place. And it's something you can't define, because you haven't seen it. Really, you don't even experience it as something else, it's so smooth. It doesn't possess a quarter of your body, or one half of your body, it comes and possesses your whole body.

That demon is within inside of everybody, and this is what you are trying to fight. We have really got to watch it, and that's the time when meditation becomes so important. Say I am the skipper in a ship, and I am guiding the ship. I can let go if the water's smooth. I can sit back and steer with one hand because when it goes off course, I can still steer it back again. But if a really big storm started coming up, and I started doing the same thing, I am bound to get lost. I can't take a chance at that time. I have really got to sit down, hold the steering wheel and really steer. I mean, no kidding, no jokes. It's like, "This is what I want to do, this is my determination, and this is what I have got to do."

The waves are hitting the boat, trying to drag the boat the other way, totally against where you want to go. But what really takes you out of the storm? Grace, which is the wind that's coming behind the sails and is whooping you out, giving you your firm determination that, "I have got to fight this. This is not what I want."

The mind manifests the most simple things to prove to you that this or that is right, but this is where you really have to have the firm determination that, "No, I don't want the mind. I want to realize for myself." Though it sounds very selfish that we should only realize this Knowledge for ourselves, and try to understand this within our hearts, it's not. Because if we can get into it, and merge into perfectness, we are one less thorn in our Master's way. One less thorn is one less problem, and then it's so beautiful because the speed with which the Perfect Master is coming through this world becomes faster.

So though it sounds selfish, it's not selfish. Really, what I want everyone to do is to understand what this Knowledge is. And you know, getting into something other than Knowledge is just something that the mind puts up. To me, I can never even imagine any premie doing that, because this is not the reason why we are here in this lifetime. All those things are there, and there is always somebody who is going to get into it and take care of it. But we are the ones who are going to take care of ourselves and that is with the Knowledge, which is going to do it. The Grace is what is going to manifest, and that's what we should understand and realize.

Everything in this world is going; nothing's stable. But one thing is. And if we find that one stable thing, if it is in our life, and we leave it, we have no right to call anybody else 'stupid' or 'dumb'. It's like, if I am a lame person and I am walking along and find a stick, and I throw it away, I don't have to go around saying how dumb anybody else is. I, myself, am very, very stupid, because I found the support that I was looking for, I got it, and I just chucked it out the window.

So realize the Knowledge and the Grace. Because Knowledge has always been there; what we want to realize, our goal, has always been there, but sometimes in this world, two things are missing - Our Lord, our Master, and His Grace. It's like the ship is always there, and the destination of the ship is always there, but sometimes the wind and the skipper aren't. When they aren't, it can't go anyplace. Grace is what blows the wind, and the skipper is what guides the ship. So now it's very lucky for us that here we are sitting in this age in the midst of the whole thing, where the worst is worst, and the best is worst. Because if we really look at the whole situation, we couldn't have asked for Him any other time. This is when we need Him, and this is when we need the Grace, and we've got them both now.

Just try to understand how beautiful it is because everything's here. That's what this world needs to understand. And learn from experience. Learn how strongly this mind can manifest. You can't even imagine. This mind is that very same thing that puts the oasis in the desert, and you see it, it's so realistic, but when you come up to it, there's nothing there. We look around, and physically, we don't feel that we are in the desert, but we are. And it plays some of the weirdest tricks on us. Tricks that we can't even put our fingers on. But it's so beautiful, because the answer is right there.

This is what people should understand, if anything, and this is what people should do: you can do more service to humanity by realizing this Knowledge, propagating this Knowledge, giving people satsang about this Knowledge, than by doing anything else. Even if you become emperor of this whole world!

Because who is Guru Maharaj Ji? Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect. And this perfect Lord doesn't come down Himself one day, grab everybody by the throat, and say, "You better realize Knowledge, otherwise I am going to chuck you out into hell." He doesn't do that. He even comes down into this world, bears that physical body, bears the pains, bears the suffering of this physical planet, and gives Knowledge. But if you look at Him, He is the ultimate. He doesn't need to come into this world. He has got so much power, He could manifest Himself in front of everybody in this world and ask everybody personally a question, He wouldn't even have to come down into this world. All He would have to do is come down out of the clouds and speak loud one day, and say, "People who are not going to receive Knowledge are definitely going to hell." He never does that, because that's just the way it is.

You know, what's more beautiful, to be in a lap or to be walking? Definitely to be in a lap, where you're safe and sound and have that warmth, that most beautiful, beautiful warmth that everybody in this world is searching for. That's why a baby wants to come to a lap, though he can walk. He needs that warmth. He understands that it's more significant to have that warmth and to be just sitting in one place, than to be walking around. It's like, we have two options - we can walk, but we know that by walking ourselves, we aren't going to make it, because we can't cross the waters, the depth of this world, the craziness of this world, by ourselves. But somebody can, so why don't you sit in His lap, and He will take you.

The Grace is there, the Knowledge is there, everything is there with us. So just give yourself. If we stand up by ourselves and fight the mind, we can never do it, because there is always something the mind can cling to. Do you know about sucker fish? Well, if a shark is there and a sucker fish is around, he is going to cling to the shark. But if there is no shark around, then the fish can't cling to it. In the same way, if we stand out like a sore thumb, there is always something that can stick to us. So just take away that sore thumb, give it in surrender.

Surrender is not only something that I talk about and mahatmas talk about, it's something that was being talked about in every age. Every Perfect Master said, "Surrender. Give yourself to Me. You've got the human body, you've got everything, but still, just surrender to Me. That's what's really perfect."

I think that's about it. Just understand how strong the mind is. That mind can not only come and play tricks on somebody else else, it can come right at your door, knock, and be standing there. If you don't have the wand, the magic wand of Knowledge and Grace, there is not one thing you can do about it. Just really understand. Experience what this Knowledge is. That's all.

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji Run Out of India in 1975