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For Your Inspiration is the international premie newsletter. It will be published periodicallyto keep us all in touch with the activities of Guru Maharaj Ji and His Mission around the world.

If you've been wondering why you haven't been getting the Divine Times lately, maybe it's because you didn't know you now have to subscribe. Over the last year increased costs and the growing number of premies has made it impossible for us to send out free papers as we used to. Yet many premies still don't know this: Divine Times is available by subscription. Once a month, a paper will come to your door, keeping you in touch with Maharaj Ji the Mission, and all the premies in the U.S. and around the world. To order, send your name, address and $5 (12 issues) to: Shri Hans Productions, P.O. Box 2997, Denver CO 80201.

In Canada, "Divine Times / Les Temps Divins" can be obtained at your local DUO/DIC community.


Maharaj Ji's schedule for the remainder of this year and for the start of 1976 continues to reflect his plan to have more and more direct involvement in the life of the premies and in the activities of DLM.

One of the ways for Maharaj Ji to be physically with his premies is through festivals, so this year, in addition to Holi, Maharaj Ji is attending the Latin American Guru Puja festival in Caracas, Venezuela, to be followed by a short stop in Mexico, a post Guru Puja festival in Essen, Germany, August 29-31, visits to England, Australia and New Zealand, andthe Hans Jayanti festival in Orlando, Florida, on November 7, 8, 9, to be celebrated with all the North American premies.

Although Maharaj Ji has said that the Hans Jayanti festival in Florida should "garland" this year's propagational efforts, his plans for spreading Knowledge and peace in this world will continue to keep him on the go after the festival as well. Plans are already taking shape for him to go on an extensive tour of the U.S.

And to pave the way in advance of Maharaj Ji's '76 tour, Raja Ji and Claudia will be touring U.S. cities in September and October of this year. Details of their tour are now being arranged.

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Hans Jayanti Festival is a time when all premies are given the opportunity to gather together with Guru Maharaj Ji to share in his love and celebrate the birth of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Guru Maharaj Ji's own father and spiritual master.

It is because of Guru Maharaj Ji's devotion to His Guru Maharaj Ji, that each of us came to receive Knowledge "In this whole life there is_ no one I can give any credit to except my Guru Maharaj Ji, because he has taken me away from all the confusion and put me into such a beautiful spot. Right now, I am doing service, but this service is so minimal compared to the Knowledge he gave me."

And Hans Jayanti is one of the times when that love between Perfect Master and devotee is truly celebrated. As Maharaj Ji said at last year's festival, "We have been having this celebration for such a long time now. No matter what circumstances we have this function in, it's always so beautiful… it turns out to be the most blissful thing for all of us premies."

Festival Events

This year's festival will be held in Orlando, Florida, and it promises to be a larger and more intimate gathering of our spiritual family than ever before. We will be spending three full days together, with four nights accommodations. In the ballrooms and auditoriums of the hotels surrounding the main festival site, will be performances of the best of PLA: theatre, dance, and music. Continuous showings of films, slide shows, and video tapes of Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang will also be available. In addition, satsang programs are planned for each of the afternoons, with special programs geared specifically for aspirants. Each day's events will culminate with Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang and darshan at the evening programs.


In order to finance the festival, it is necessary for everyone to register in advance. Preregistration this year will be handled regionally by local DLM/DUO offices and Divine Information Centers.

Pre-Registration ends on October 5th. If reservations are not made by then, registration and payment must be made at the festival site in Orlando. There is no guarantee, however, that accommodations will be available at that time.

For more information about Hans Jayanti, contact the DUO or DIC office nearest you, or write Hans Jayanti '75, Divine Light Mission, P.O. Box 532, Denver, Colorado 80201 (303) 623-8280.


It's obvious from the amount of media coverage given to Maharaj Ji's activities in the world that he is creating limitless opportunities for premies to speak with people and to give satsang about the Knowledge. His darshan and explicit direction make it clear to all premies what our service is at this time. Although it is Maharaj Ji who is really propagating Knowledge, he is allowing us all a chance toparticipate in his effort, by doing service in Divine Light Mission. The invitation is out. Maharaj Ji has called all of his premies to him to be his "arms and legs" in carrying the message of peace to the world. What else can we do and still call ourselves devotees?

Jai Satchitanand!