Knowledge Centers

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1997 "Everything that happens happens because people want to make it happen. The joy of helping comes back to each individual. It is an investment that you make for yourself. Anything you do in the realm of Knowledge, whether it is coming to a program or helping out in some way, your heart will be touched. That is just how it is. And there is the joy. That will be its product."

Knowledge Center, Kathmandu, Nepal Regional Knowledge Centers are becoming increasingly important around the world. They benefit the national organizations which promote Maharaji's message and invite him to events. They provide permanent and customized venues.

A case in point is the Ivory's Rock Conference Center, near Ipswich in Queensland, Australia, where Elan Vital Australia has staged international events throughout the 1990s, most recently Amaroo '97 in September.

A permanent Knowledge Center is planned at the Shri Sant Yog Ashram in Mehrauli, New Delhi, which first staged an event in 1980. Currently, a huge tent with a capacity of 3500 is being used for Knowledge sessions.

National organizers, committed to spreading Maharaji's teachings in their own countries, are in search of likely sites to develop more Centers and thus provide greater opportunity for people to hear about and benefit from Knowledge.

A new Knowledge Center was opened in Kathmandu, Nepal, in November 1996. And during his last India tour, less than one month ago, Maharaji gave Knowledge to 1,527 people there.

There is also a Knowledge Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In England, Europe, Africa and North America, the search is underway to find suitable venues for Knowledge Centers to which Maharaji will be invited as they start to come on line.

As of 2011 these searches have not succeeded, there have been no new Knowledge Centers