Record Events In India

More than 75,000 people gathered at Shri Sant Yog Ashram in New Delhi over the Easter weekend to hear Maharaji speak on each day of the annual Baisakhi Festival.

Prior to the event, Maharaji gave 7,286 people Knowledge at the facility and presided over the largest Knowledge session ever: 3,656 people.

A total of 1,236 overseas visitors came from 50 countries to hear Maharaji speak. They joined the record numbers attending from all across India.

At the first of the early evening events, he told the audience: "If somebody has any question about why this Knowledge exists, it is because it is the one thing that a human being should experience."

Moving together in Tokyo

Maharaji speaking at Tokyo's R'n Hall Maharaji's spring visit to Japan focused on propagation and team effort. It began when he addressed 465 people at Tokyo's R'n Hall on March 30. "Knowledge is the medicine that removes the ailments of ignoance," he told a mixed udience of people with Knowledge and aspirants.

The following day he gave Knowledge to 25 people. And later that day he spoke to 364 people at a participation meeting, where he screened a multimedia presentation charting the growth of the activities around the world and the potential for '98 and '99.

Maharaji encouraged everyone to help others get to know about Knowledge, but stressed the need for synchronised effort.

"There are four very important aspects that anybody who is going to help in any way needs to remember: synchronise, synchronise, synchronise, and synchronise."

He also dwelt on video events, telling the audience that by organising them they were inviting his message to their communities, as it was not always possible to invite him in person. "Because of the time constraints, that video event is as close to inviting Maharaji in real terms as you can get."